Top 10 Arcades Games Every Year From 1980-1989 (100 Games) -

Top 10 Arcades Games Every Year From 1980-1989 (100 Games)

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We have combined all our lists to bring you the Top 10 Arcade games every year of the 80s decade. We hope you enjoy the 100 great games contained within. Thank you for watching and if you like what we do…

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  1. I want to thank you guys for all your feedback. These videos were made a long time ago before I was an experienced Youtuber. This rankings also reflected my opinions at the time but I have also expanded my knowledge and taste since then. Maybe some 2.0 versions of these are due in the future.

  2. Thank you for this, some of these games I didn't even remember until now. Time Pilot was a real favourite, but my absolute favourite was Robotron. I actually played at a fully-operational console of Robotron a couple of years ago in a mall in Syracuse. What great memories of years bygone!

  3. Loving how un-PC the old school games were…super interesting seeing the origins of all the genres still being used to this day

  4. Memories!!!! Actually are several I never saw back in the day

  5. My favorite game of the 80s was Hustler Magazine.

  6. Frontline 1982 and Gladiator 1986 were a couple of my favorites that didn’t make the list.

  7. Green Beret was called Russin' Attack. And what?! No Time Pilot?

  8. Complete fighter Stages&Music in Ultimate Smash Bros.

  9. Here’s my Top 50 classic arcade game’s of all time

    1. Galaga
    2. Donkey Kong
    3. Pole Position
    4. Pac-Man
    5. Zoo Keeper
    6. Bosconian
    7. Centipede/Millipede
    8. Dig Dug
    9. Punch Out!!
    10. Missile Command
    11. Vs. Super Mario Bros.
    12. Gaplus
    13. Super Pac-Man
    14. Tron
    15. Mario Bros.
    16. Donkey Kong Jr.
    17. Donkey Kong 3
    18. Defender
    19. Joust
    20. Vanguard
    21. Track And Field
    22. Rally X
    23. RadarScope
    24. Robotron-2084
    25. Jungle King/Jungle Hunt
    26. Q-Bert
    27. Frogger
    28. Space Invaders
    29. Moon Patrol
    30. Tapper
    31. Asteroids
    32. Pac & Pal
    33. Jr. Pac-Man
    34. Galaga-88
    35. Pac-Mania
    36. Space Zap
    37. Pong
    38. Berserk
    39. Ms. Pac-Man
    40. Qix
    41. Galaxian
    42. Marble Madness
    43. Super Punch Out!!
    44. BurgerTime
    45. Mappy
    46. Asteroids Deluxe
    47. Star Wars
    48. Mr. Do
    49. Frenzy
    50. Xevoius

  10. Decent list, but where is Joust, Zoo Keeper, Jungle Hunt, Millipede, Vs. Super Mario Bros.?? Also, I’d put Galaga at number 1 for 1981!!

  11. I'm really surprised that Afterburner didn't make the cut. Great video though, definitely took me back to my childhood!

  12. 1:00 Wizard of War. I had this on my Atari 800 and finally beat it. It played just like the arcade. Good fun.
    1:20 I must have been the only person in the world who was lousy at Defender. Dunno why.
    2:13 I loved Bosconian. They have a home version on this mini arcade looking box but it can't shoot diagonal. No good.
    2:50 Anyone else remember that Galaga cheat where you could disable the enemy's ability to shoot at you?
    3:00 Scramble. That was my jam. I made it to level 8 one night. The fuel goes so fast at that speed.
    3:21 After a certain level in Ms. Pac Man, the ghosts don't turn blue. They merely change direction when you eat the power pill.
    7:05 Dragon's Lair was epic, as anyone who played it knows.
    11:05 That Green Beret game was called Rush'n Attack. That was a fun game. If you ever see it on one of those "play 100 different games" arcade consoles, don't play it. The mechanics are different. You will die if you try to stab someone off-screen.
    13:06 I was the second best I knew of at Gauntlet. I'd play the Wizard. There was another guy I knew who played Elf and he was amazing. Never re-load a quarter into Gauntlet. If you do it divides your high score by the number of quarters. You're almost guaranteed not to get on the leader board.
    15:26 Outrun was a blast. Never got old. Other than that yo-yo car at the end if you mess up in the last turn. It doesn't matter if you're 5 minutes ahead of the pack. That car will come out of nowhere and steal your victory.
    16:40 Twin Cobra was neat in that you had power-ups and a weapon select. You could shoot lightning, or have other weapon options. Each was amazing with enough power-ups. They accumulated.
    18:50 Contra was one of the funnest side=scroll shooters.
    24:37 I don't know what game that was, but it's not the Golden Axe that I played.

  13. Surprised Asteroids didn't make the cut. It was way more popular than Missile Command. Born in '67 and plugged many quarters into Asteroids, Galaxians, Missile Command, Galaga, Track and Field (with the buttons not the trackball), Tempest and others (Moon Cresta was a bitch).

  14. Spy Hunter Arcade, Is A Great Driving Experience

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