Top 10 Arcade Games Of The 1990s -

Top 10 Arcade Games Of The 1990s
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With the dawn of the 90’s, Arcade games started to become more competitive, innovative, and yet still awesome. Join as we continue our series on the Top Arcade Games per decade with the Top 10 Arcade Games Of The 1990s. Subscribe►► Facebook►►. Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re looking at the best arcade games that the 90s had to offer in terms of commercial appeal, critical acclaim, and lasting legacy. While most of these games eventually saw ports to home consoles, we’re focusing mostly on games that gained popularity in the arcades.

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  1. Good job, but missing a lot of classic games, King of Fighters, Street of Rage, Fatal Fury. Very good list though, was smiling like a kid… thanks

  2. My favorite Arcade 90s, even though I'm a child of the 2000s :
    1.Daytona USA
    2.Daytona USA 2
    3.Scud Race
    4.SEGA Rally
    5.Dirty Dash


  3. Daytona USA will never die off, it’s immortal

  4. Best game of the 90's was MK I released in 1992 by Midway. Don't take my word just google the history.

  5. Simpsons arcade shows Marge has bunny ears too

  6. The house of the dead series were asweome

  7. TMNT Turtles in time. Oh man I spent all my allowance on that game

  8. CBR guy: sports do really bring the money
    Me: No

  9. I think ki should of been in the top 5. Way better than mk.

  10. Going to the arcades!! My favorite past time event! Great days!

  11. Oooo, the disrespect to Marvel Vs Capcom 1 and/or 2. smh

  12. I used to work at an arcade and played Time Crisis 2 whenever I got the chance… Off the clock of course. I still play it anytime I can find it in an arcade

  13. 1. Sunset Riders <——- BEST ARCADE GAME EVER!! (When u got good at it, it was orgasmic!)
    2. Samurai Shodown
    3. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
    4. King of Fighters
    5. NBA Hang Time
    6. NBA JAM
    7. Metal Slug
    8. Street Fighter
    9. Mortal Kombat
    10. TMNT

  14. For me

    1..Tekken 3

    2 Cadillacs and dinosaur

    3.. kof 98

  15. With arcade 1 ups for 1990 here are some top picks in my opinion first top street fighter 2 actually prefer MortalKombat but if you want a family friendly fighting game like no blood this is a top pick next up golden tee this is my personal favorite arcade game because it’s so fun to play I was a pro at it I will consider it and my final top pick you may have guessed it that’s right MortalKombat this is my overall favorite fighting game people will get interested in this game I highly recommend that’s it for my top picks just to remember these are my opinions if you like it

  16. The 90's is Street fighter 2, then pic any other games you like.

  17. Wheres "Hard Drivin" driving simulator? Though I can def agree with most of you pics! Spoiler alert, I just Googled it and Hard Drivin came out in 89 :p

  18. 0:18 anyone knows the name of ghe game? Been searching for it in years

  19. Street Fighter is a game people barely even remember? Makes sense seeing as how you were probably 6 months old in 2000.

  20. Daytona USA still holds up surprisingly well to this day IMO. I wouldn’t wanna play it all day but a few quick go’s would be fun.

  21. Online gaming today was like arcades back in the day.

  22. It’s funny how the sequels are the only ones you ever see

  23. Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior!!!!!!

  24. My fondest memories of the 90’s was going under the washing machine at a local laundry mat searching for quarters in order tonplay even 1 arcade game there.

  25. Cruisn USA needs to be on this list. So many tokens and time spent on that game at Chuck e Cheese

  26. So many great arcade games from that decade: the first Mortal Kombat (sorry, but the second game cheats), Final Fury Special, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, The King Of Fighters '98, Warriors Of Fate, Violent Storm, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, Virtua Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Aliens Vs. Predator, D&D: Shadow Over Mystara, Metal Slug X, Tekken 3, Samurai Shodown, Soul Calibur, The Last Blade games, Die Hard Arcade, just to name quite a few.

  27. I did remember playing some of those games, sorta

  28. Carn Evil? House of the Dead? Hydro Thunder? Jurassic Park Lost World???????? Ive lost countless coins to these. MvC2??????????!!!!!!!!!! COMON!

  29. Lucky and wild should be an honorable mention.

  30. Dude,Metal Slug was freaking awesome.
    I play the crap of the first two arcade games and managed to play the other Metal Slug games (3,4,5 & X) on my phone and i freaking loved it.


  31. I would have included Alien vs Predator, the game I put more quarters into than any other.

  32. Cool as Street Fighter 2 was, it was topped by Marvel vs Capcom in 1998. Same basic game but with much cooler characters.

  33. Oh yeah… Street Fighter 2. Masterpiece. It transcends video game. It’s a cultural phenomenon of the 90s. Not exaggerating.

  34. Maybe random but I do miss area 51 and cruising exotica so much

  35. Mad Dog McCree? Sunset Riders? Where is the cowboy love?

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