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Top 10 8-bit Games

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We look back upon the 8-bit generation of gaming and pick our favorites from a long list of classic titles.


  1. Growing up with the Nes and recently catching up with Sega Master System games via emulation. I call this top 10 complete bullshit.. Shinobi is not the greatest SMS game not by a long stretch. There's at least 20 games ahead of it. Oh. Wonderboy 3 in the dragon trap is the by far the best 8-bit game i've played and its not even on your top 10 list?? Lol

  2. The sega master system had some far better games then what is listed. Phantasy Star, Wonderboy III, Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex Kidd in Miracle World are worth playing the system.

  3. Dragon warrior 4 was awesome!!!!!!!! And wow I never appreciated before how much Mario 3 was improved from Mario 1 (not gonna mention Mario 2, although I enjoyed it, it’s kind of irrelevant) but like if you think about Mario 1, and then Mario 3 which is like its sequel, think about how much was added! It’s gotta be like the most heavily improved sequel ever (improved from its previous entry in the series, though I’m sure you all knew what I meant.)

  4. no, just no… megaman 2 sucks some hard fucking cock, all other megaman games (except for 1 and & bass) fucking blow it out of the water

  5. OMG. The omission of Commodore 64 games completely undermines this list.
    The C64 is hands down the best 8-bit gaming system ever made. It smokes everything else with awesome games like The Last Ninja/Last Ninja 2, Creatures/Creatures 2, Turrican II, Stunt Car Racer, Speedball 2, Winter Games, Midnight Resistance, Elite, IK+, Barbarian II….

  6. Нет русских субтитров, жаль)

  7. I'm pretty shocked that a game like River City Ransom could make a top 10 rather than Double Dragon II.

  8. Obviously mega man songs can't stay under the top 10 🙂

  9. This list doesn't include any game from Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, MSX computer system, Amstrad CPC… it doesn't make sense: Metal Gear Solid 2 for MSX is the best 8 bit game ever made, hands down!

  10. Didn't we see this kind of video back in … 2010? Why the repost?

  11. fuck you wher are you undertale fuck you bitch

  12. @0:44 what game is this?????? Memories are popping off in my head but I don't know the name

  13. 2020: most popular 8 bit game
    Free fire

  14. I just remembered River City Ransom is LITERALLY River City Girls!

    They even include the main character as a guide in RCG.

  15. Zelda 1 in stead of Link´s Awakening???!!!!

  16. "let's go back to the 80's, where arcades were DEAD.." seriously fuck'd up on this one, Arcades were rockin' the 1980's..

  17. Excellent countdown brings back many memories

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