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Top 10 1970s Arcade Games

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The 1970s was the golden age of the arcade industry and included such classics like Pong, Galaxian, Breakout and many more. Why not tell me your favourite arcade games of the 1970s in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more Top 10 gaming countdowns on the way.


  1. Music at the start sounded more like mid eighties Nintendo.

  2. Defender, missile command and Galaxian is where my dinner money went 🙄

  3. Have most of these (including Lunar Lander and Sea Wolf!) on my AtLegends Arcade Ultimate machine! Lunar Lander had a cool thrust level on the original arcade machine. Oh with asteroids you're meant to leave a couple of asteroids flying around but not clear them – just keep shooting the spaceships/UFOs and get lots of points.

  4. always loved that Galaxian sound….many good memories

  5. I had a Galaxan 'ex rental' tabletop pub game as my kitchen table, in 1981-82 got it for £60, my Dad loved it too.

  6. Atari apparently brings out a crypto currency or it is already on the market. Did anyone notice anything about it?

  7. I have seen that Atari is now also active in other areas. Has anyone ever read or found out anything about it?

  8. Kids these days "I'm not gonna play those dumb boring outdated games"
    Parents "Fine, you can do the dishes"
    Kid "Like I said, there's nothing like the classics……………….how do I turn this thing on?"

  9. Good video, and nice selection of games. I think Sea Wolf may have been the first coin-op I ever played. I'd also suggest Space Wars (1977, Cinematronics), an improved Computer Space type game. It was 2-player only, unfortunately; but a lot of fun.

  10. I really liked the video. I played a lot of space invaders. Congratulations.

  11. Can you pliz make top 10 16bit open world games.Awesome video

  12. Class x Breakout is one of my favourites from this time. Had Alleyway on GB as a kid and didn't lnow it wasn't the original for ages

  13. Love Sea wolf back in the 70s. I was a natural then, now I can easilyget to the second block from the top on Stacker sometimes the top but there is something fishy about the last block.

  14. I didn't know that there was arcade games in the 70s thought it was only for 80s and 90s

  15. Asteroids is #1! Space Invaders, Pong, and Breakout are classics

  16. I appreciate your videos, but your transitions are garbage. Fix please.

  17. I really loved this game.could anyone please tell me,the cheapest way possible how I could get it and what game console vintage to buy.thanks

  18. Completely unrelated, but what's the name of the song at the end of the video (6:07)?

  19. 2020 now,these bring back a flood of memories of a great time in American history.Very good post

  20. Can't believe i forgot about super breakout. That was one of my favorites

  21. Need help with the title of an F1 arcade game in the 80's, it's a top down racing game like Road Fighter but probably much older and it's back and white as far as I remember. In the arcade you play it with a steering wheel and one gas pedal. The arcades here used to lined up with these in the 80's, can't believe that I can't even find a photo of it in Google image.

  22. I have played them all. If you mastered the Lunar Lander, you could include it in your resume to join NASA.

  23. I played all of these, except the Lunar Lander one, which I never saw….

  24. 1:30

    Let me see whether I can trade some folded movie posters for that game!

  25. I liked all those games but I would have to have a top 15 to include starship1, Boot Hill ,star fire ,space wars and star hawk, and I was surprised that none of the driving games where there like lemans or fire truck or night driver just to name a few

  26. The crazy thing about Space Invaders is how it is a deeper superior game than all the games it inspired. Galaga would set a new paradigm which emphasized memorization of enemy attack patterns. But the original Space Invaders had something the successors lacked – an excitement level that ramped up do to speeding up as the level progressed. You had to strategically plan how you were going to deal with that. The way the game made you think about the interaction of speedup and the width of the attacking formation … you just didn't get any of that from Galaxian onward.

  27. I lived in a rural area and arcade games did not get there till around 79 or 80. It was the Table Tennis game. But the early 80s the bowling alley got Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.

  28. I remember playing lunar lander at science museum in San Francisco. Loved the sub game at locals Fiesta mart. Also had many versions of the home pong and breakout/super breakout.

    Now I have Moon Alien cocktail. Love playing it.

  29. I'm glad that someone finally gave Radar Scope some love. I loved that game.

  30. Lunar landing was a fave for me. That galaxan style program found on 3 of the top 10 was lame for me after a while.

  31. #5 : "It attracted a great deal of controversy".
    Me : Sees it for the first time… " YA THINK?!???!? " LOL

  32. Reclusive Hermit With A Long, Bushy White Beard says:

    My favorite was Space Invaders & then Galaxians. I never liked Asteroids.

  33. Space invaders at first place ? Like, of course.

  34. Great vid pal and some nice nostalgia. Obviously Space Invaders set the benchmark for all arcade games to come, but still my favourite even to this day is Galaxian.. 😁

  35. The true classics here, all "easy to play, but hard to master".

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