Tokyo video-game arcade - June 1979 -

Tokyo video-game arcade – June 1979

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From June 1979, here is raw news footage of a video-game arcade in Tokyo, Japan


  1. 8:24 Donkey Kong seen spying on the competition in preparation for his game's launch.

  2. Wow I was playing "Super Space Invaders '91" yesterday

  3. This is awesome. Do you have more raw video game store or toy store footage? I’d love to see more!!

  4. What a time capsule. Video games must have seemed so insanely exciting and new. The dawn of a new media that would change Japan forever.

  5. Those kids would be in there 60's now. Time happens to us all. Sadly I still listen to music from my youth. This video made me see how old it is.

  6. Imagine having been there and being able to find this footage of you back then, this clear and clean. Amazing. Me…I was 4 months old at this point.

  7. The reporter is Steve Bell – a news anchor with ABC who had experience in Asia, which is probably why he did this report. He covered the Vietnam war in '67, was held in detention in Cambodia in 1970 while investigating an alleged massacre, broke the news of the Challenger shuttle disaster in '86. Glad he got to do some more light-hearted stuff as well, such as discovering arcade games at age 43. Sadly, passed away in 2019.

  8. Even in 1979, Japan looked more futuristic than many places today.

  9. The sound & image quality is amazing, I'm guessing it's 16mm film ?

  10. The Triple Alliance in Bellevue, Washington. It was a hobby store that also had an arcade, and it was only a short walk from my high school.
    Good times..

  11. One of worse things about living in Japan and not speak japanese is the chance to talk with people who lived this period. I can imagine how insane were those Game Centers between 1980-1990…

  12. 10:35, Girl is thinking – "God, when am I going to go home!!! If this SOB doesn't leave in the next couple of minutes, I'm going to ram my head into the damn arcade screen!"

  13. Oh My !!!! How was i be killed in that time if i wish a such place like this. Rock , Video Game , Coke , and Light !!! Why can we do not this today ?? Neon , Connected table (Nfc tactil, cloud computing, …) , and charge for mobile and more … ??? Common Let's Create this after Covid Pandemie End.

  14. From many days,I wanted to see alike this stream! Most game was TAITO's "Space Invaders".Does "Break Out" ported from USA.I cheked time guage printed right up of screen.And then if you have other films,please upload others!

  15. 懐かしいなあ、名古屋撃ちとかあったよなあw

  16. I'd kill for the life in this era. I just wanna live in the golden age of tokyo. I'm so tired to living in tokyo that everyone addicted to smartphones or social media.

  17. Space Invaders was my life back then. It never got old. A quarter back then was like a dollar now, yet the game seemed a good value, and newer and more elaborate games cost two sometimes three quarters to play. In the US Space Invaders was in black and white with colored gels over the screen. I never saw one with color monitor until much later, when you had the game packaged with two or three other games in the same machine, often in a cocktail table like in this video.

  18. I like how the reporter puts it as "careful journalistic investigation" .Also, the guy from Kunio-kun series at 4:48.

  19. Why do they play those games awkwardly with the control panels down instead of having it sitting up??? I cannot imagine there backs hurting overtime

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