To Make These Pinball Machines More Complex, They Just Added More Relays! - 1973 Bally Circus #4 -

To Make These Pinball Machines More Complex, They Just Added More Relays! – 1973 Bally Circus #4

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  1. Just had a funny problem with my 1954 Gottlieb Lady Luck – had to ask myself "What Would Ron Do?" The 10,000 point stepper was locked on, because the N relay was locked on. After some digging in the schematic, it turned out that a Series Relay P could hold the N Relay on if it was malfunctioning. The problem was that I couldn't find the P relay anywhere – most of the Relay labels are long gone. So I checked in with my Inner Ron, and started tracing wires – not easy as the colors have faded. Finally found a little relay tucked away on the underneath of the playfield, and when I unscrewed it to examine it, a little piece of paper with a "P" printed on it fell out. I think I found the problem. Thanks Ron!

  2. Is that Flight 2000 sitting next to this up for grabs? Probably not, it’s not on your website. 🙂

  3. Pinball machines are so complicated (even the SS ones) that maintenance on them must be a nightmare.

  4. You're absolutely right not to use contact sprays. They always leave a residue and though they might seem like a quick fix, they only cause more problems in the long run because the spray doesn't go anywhere, it just becomes part of the dirt. The extra work with a nail file or sand paper is the difference between 3 months or 10 years until the next repair. Well worth it.

  5. The game turned out better than I thought it would

  6. First: I didn't think it was possible for that to happen to the ball. Second: if I was shown that ball, I would have assumed it was found in a junkyard amongst the melted remains of a pinball machine.

  7. One of my close friends had this machine in his bedroom in 1985.. wow great childhood memories with this table!

  8. The goat is at it again, thank you for the content

  9. So far I like what you’ve done to this machine it’s a very interesting machine with the clowns so have a good day bye-bye

  10. Still amazed at how clean that EM is! usually so much black dust from arcing of contacts. Must be a pleasure to work on! great vids Ron.

  11. Hey who would sell parts for the old Hollywood cranes like if I had bad parts on the board like relays etc. off subject of the video I know but I’m not sure where to look as I’m going through this crane. Loving this series on circus!

  12. I wonder how many times the rats urinated on that ball

  13. I wonder is the unit haunted or is there something that only shows up at midnight.

  14. The points actually arc weld together. Seen it on pins and high horse power electric motor starters. It will happen when there is solenoid coils that induce a electro magnetic current

  15. Great job, looking forward to the next one.

  16. Damn clowns,, Stephen King was right! (You can make a fortune writing a scary novel about an evil clown).
    More importantly you really went the extra mile with the internals of this pin ball machine. I really liked the way you marked the relays. I never thought that all the original information on the relays would eventually fade away, it’s hard to imagine what a technician, 40 years from now, is going to have to deal with.

  17. I noticed there’s a screw backed out on the TB relay (you have probably already fixed this)

  18. Great video as always Ron. I was thinkin! (maybe i shouldn´t) If the plate on (for example) the alternator relay stucks on again when you power up a gameplay, is there anyway to de-magnatize the thing? May be a stupid question, but what a heck! And by the way! We "almost" saw your face in the reflection in that pinball that was inside the machine.

  19. Enjoying the series. Watching all your videos made me want to play pinball so I found an arcade I never knew existed, by my house. They only have new fancy pinball game. Mandelorian and Stranger Things and others. Tv screens and bright LEDs, shaking tables. Too much for this old man. Lol I need to find one these old EMs.

  20. Hey, Ron is it worth resurfacing a pinball or is it cheaper just to buy a brand new one?

  21. That pinball looks like the mice that chewed up all the labels were using it as a urinal.

  22. In regards to the rusty pinball… usually the pinball isn't solid stainless steel, it's just plated with chrome or stainless. If there's a contaminant during the plating process, or if it's punctured or defective (and especially if water gets in through a puncture), that's what causes rusty balls. (ROFL! That just sounds wrong on so many levels, as if "rusty balls" is a sexually transmitted disease.)

  23. Lol I've got the same fingerprints under a few of my playfields.

  24. If I remember correctly, your bingo machine has a lot of relays. Fun to work on. lol

  25. Certainly come a long way! A little more teething and a tidy up.
    At the end you say, "What do you think? Think this thing's gonna come together", Ron, we know you'll get it sorted! (if you hadn't, you would've incinerated this footage) 😂😂

  26. What in the world?! ….. i was looking at that pinball, thinking it was a nail with a rather unusual large head. Don't touch that, you don't know where it has been. 😀

  27. a) rats
    b) rusty pinball
    Has this machine been left in a damp basement or an unheated shed?

  28. That pinball probably got corroded from mouse urine. Probably made a nest in the ball return. Nasty.

  29. I clean lots of point’s contacts. I’ve found that lady’s cheap fingernail files work very well. Also, the seam splitters the gals use works really well for opening taped up wiring harnesses.

  30. I really do prefer the EM's with chimes over the Solid-State machines. This one looks like it will be hell fun when it is finished. It was pretty good how they could make the logic work. It works exactly like a computer, binary code. Computers work on ones and zeros, so do these machines, on and off. Just something special about EM and the way the click and buzz that you just don't get with solid state.
    The pinball looks like it was stored somewhere damp for a long time. I wonder if it was stored separately to the game until you got it. The Pinball really is awful compared to the rest of the machine. Either that or at some time someone sanded the pinball to clean it up and removed all the chrome coating……
    On the cleaning of jones plugs, Brasso does work, but you have to make sure you clean all the residue off or the Brasso becomes an insulator. I still prefer abrasive cleaning, though I use a fiber-glass pen rather than sand paper, but it does virtually the same job as the really fine sand paper. Or should we say Sanding Paper lol.

  31. just loving watching these. i do restorations but not like this. just brill

  32. The pinball looks like a planet from a sci-fi movie.

  33. Did you finally get sick of hearing Sonic? It's been the background sound of your videos for as long as I can remember!

  34. JOES CLASSIC, What turns ON the alternator relay? What is the special adjustment just a jumper wire or a variable resistor or what it is?

  35. These relay machines are so awesome! My only experience with them is broken down worn out machines that were gone by the next time I was 'there'. Are there any relay machines that get very complex, like with tick tack toe or something? I want to build one with too many relays and flip dot displays one day.

  36. Hey Ron, have you ever come across some juicy big spiders (dead or alive) in some of the machines? 10/10 for this vid…

  37. Fantastic work Ron. ….I’m with you, … leds make your game look like it was made in Coles Supermarket… incandescent (old style) globes look much much better. PBR sells colored 47s and 44s, which add the color you may be looking for in the lights.

  38. After seeing all those shredded paper, I would suspect that it was the rodent’s urine that destroyed the pinball ball. I enjoyed your video and I am glad you are one of those folks who must have clear voice because the YouTube auto generated captions were able to converted it into almost clean subtitle for me to enjoy the video. I am Deaf since birth so your video is one of the few I could enjoy watching.

  39. Great video, Man that pinball looked liked its been thou the war. I need a tetanus shot just looking at that one. Great series Ronnie, see you on the next one.

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