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#TMNT2 #TurtlesII Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES – ULTIMATE GUIDE (Deathless)

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The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the NES was the best selling game on the system that wasn’t published by Nintendo themselves! Despite it being such a huge success, it was never as popular as the incredible arcade game that was released in the same year.

So how did Konami bring the successful arcade game home to the NES? We’ll find out in today’s episode, then we’ll dive deep into the game where we’ll learn:

* The best way to do your devastating SPECIAL ATTACK consistently!

* How to CRUSH all of the game’s basic enemies easily!

* The SECRET to farming enemies for EXTRA LIVES!

* How to avoid the dangerous hazards in the NES EXCLUSIVE levels!

* AMAZING strategies for STUN LOCKING the game’s challenging bosses.

* SECRET CODES for extra lives, a stage select, or BOTH!

* The ULTIMATE strategy for defeating Shredder without taking a single hit… AND MORE!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ok I swear I used to lose a bar of life every time I used special move, Mandela Effect?

  2. I used to slide my thumb over B A to do special attack. How to get blisters 101.

  3. Bringing me back to better times bro! And im learning things! love it

  4. When I was a kid I gave my older bother his first black eye playing this game. I had made it all they way to the end playing as Mikey using the 1 hit foot solder knock out technique. I had 9 extra lives and hadn't take a lick of damage all the way to the Shredder. When he then accused me of using the Konami code and cheating and unplugged my control holding me down till I died. As soon as he let me up, I busted him right in the eye.

  5. 2:59 All these machines were part of my arcade experience as a child. Am I'm the only one who that remembers the Captain America and the Avengers arcade game?

  6. Brah this Game anyone can finish and its an AWESOME 😎 Game. If you never played it u better put it in the bucket list.

  7. Oh yes! Once I discovered how to use the special move effectively, I was able to beat the game. I also used the quick AB method but I still used my thumb. What I did was quickly use the back end of the flat part of my thumb on A and then immediately pressed A with the tip part of the same thumb. With a little practice, you become quite the expert thumber.

  8. I Remember when i played i lost life every time i made the special atack, i lost 1 health point every speacial atack, and if you do it all the time eventually you only have 1 red square life, so only in that case you can spam the special atack all the time without losing life/energy, (cuz you cant kill yourserlf), but was to risky cuz if you get 1 hit, you die, so i learn to beat the game without using the special atack, so i dont lose energy at all by myself, i wonder why in your game you dont lose energy doing the special, cuz in that way is so much easier and you can spam the special all the time.
    I love this game so much, i have so many good childhood memories n.n

  9. "How many Foot Soldiers could one fight off be before you succumbed to their attacks?" Well, for starters the fact that they're robotic in nature is incredibly impressive. However, considering the cost to make just one I honestly don't know where Shredder and Krang could get their hands on that much capital. Further, hiding that from the US government while they terrorized people in the streets would be nigh impossible. Honestly, you probably wouldn't have to fight any because our military would cut them down in seconds. However…

    Even if we say the US government is in on it and we'll say…they're allowing Shredder and Krang to test their capabilities in a city they would still lose. If a Ninja Turtle can beat one to death with a wooden stick (bow staff) utilizing only turtle power the robotic Foot Soldiers would be in a world of hurt. I'm not going out in the streets to fight robotic Foot Soldiers with anything less than an AR-15. There are a few dangerous ones like the machine gunner and dynamite thrower but unless there's thousands of those I like our odds. 😉

    Addendum- Sorry, I just thought it was an interesting senario. This was a good video and you have a nice night my friend.

  10. I beat both the arcade and the NES home version when I was 10 back in 1995

  11. I got whacked with that door general traag comes busting out of many times that does not tickle

  12. Ah yes, the most sacred of Ninja weapons: the sledge hammer and big betty bomb. ninjitsu

  13. I’ll never forget bringing this game home when I was a kid. Such a fun two player game. So different from the first one too.

  14. What if I told you that you have one of the best gaming channels?
    Keep up the great content man!

  15. There are a few games that you've made videos on that make me interested I subbed more to see some of the games you do in the future. Keep up the good work.

  16. I play Tekken on Playstation holding the controller that way. Works great.

  17. Couple tips for anyone playing this that Kylo didn't specifically point out, but did utilize:

    Destructible stage objects aren't just damaging – they're outright instant-kills against ordinary foot soldiers. The cap off a fire hydrant, as well as flying parking meters, road cones, road signs, candles, and exploding barrels will instantly take out any foot soldier they hit. This even applies to the ones that leap out of sewers and chuck the manhole cover at you – you can smack the cover back at them with a well-timed melee attack to instantly take them out with their own weapon. This also works against the foot soldiers later who toss monster truck tires at you.

    You can actually use normal melee attacks or your Special Attack to destroy almost any projectile roughly the size of a Turtle's shell or smaller that non-boss enemies throw at you, with the exceptions of lasers, dynamite, bombs and bullets. Shuriken, knives, boomerangs, spears, and snowballs hurled by Foot Soldiers are all fair game for this, as are the missiles of Frosty the Hit Man. Just don't try this with a jump kick – when you're jump kicking, your hitbox and hurtbox overlap enough that trying to destroy a projectile will get you hit by it instead.

    Excellent Guide, and well played!

  18. Apparently according to the manual Tora and Shogun are alien bounty hunters that Shredder recruited during his teleport matrix beam trip around the universe to get rid of the turtles. Cool story to add 2 additional stages to the game. Theres an Extended bor version and recolor of this game made by fans that adds moves and specials from TMNT 3 and 4, a huge amount of stages and 3 more playable characters: April, Splinter and Casey Jones. Also adds loads of more bosses like Pizzaface, Ratking, Mutagen Man, Leatherhead and Chromedome.

  19. So many games I struggled with and they seem so easy once you break em down!

  20. Let's go Brandon! Love this game

  21. I would have loved if they had made a proper RPG to play as all turtles at once.

  22. me in my recliner watching youtube videos…. 28:56 "he will just stay in this position until he dies"

  23. stage 2 you can hit the manhole covers back at the foot. timing has to be perfect but it is possible.

  24. Level 2, not only can you take out the foot with the fire hydrant but you can also hit the thrown manhole covers right back at the foot soldier who threw it (& take out all caught in it’s path).

  25. Totally would love to see remaster similar as duck tales remastered on this one for every platform 🙂

  26. I blame the Turtles and Mikey for my love of pizza lol

  27. I used to have this game back in the day, the farthest me and my brother got was to the snow level and we were about to beat the boss until the game/system did the infamous green/purple screen when the game would freeze. We were so angry that we made it that far only to lose the progress

  28. This game was great because instead of living my day behind a desk in Junior High OR preferably the 7-11 directly across the street (the school really haaaated this)with it's 4-player TMNT cabinet – I could now live my life in front of our television at home 🏡👍

    And people say gamers are lazy shut-ins who are addicted to escapism of the highest quality possible in order to squeeze some measure of pleasurable emotions from the seconds they burn each vanilla, reality-burdened day. 😳😬

  29. I tend to rack up points from missiles in the sewer.

  30. I wish they had action figures for Tora and Shogun. they look cool in the game

  31. Just ONCE can I get a giggity after you say "Alllright"🤣🤣

  32. Omg, the turtles look like cyclops during their idle animation! 😳

  33. The codes dont work on any retron system by the way it has to be on the original systems. They don't work on my retron 6 anyway.

  34. This game had the most ballin' character select music.

  35. hello U Cant Beat Video Games, you make secrets of the simpsons bart vs world. Please. Thanks.

  36. This was the first nintendo game that i ever got so hyped for, i couldn't eat, sleep, or focus in school. I would beg my dad to take me to the arcade every day. When i found out it was coming to the nes, i was a mess. There's only 3 games in my life that I've been this excited for. This one, Mario 3, and MK 2 on snes. Awesome video my man!

  37. There were actually 2-player cabinets of TMNT, as well as other Konami beat-em-up/side-scrolling brawlers, as well, and TMNT II NES/TMNT FDS also had a 2-player Nintendo Play-Choice 10 arcade port as well.

  38. You know, I find it odd that Pizza Hut used to have the logo that is in this game, then they went to a new logo that no one really liked, and now they are rocking the old logo again. Also, in the movies, Domino's Pizza was ironically their pizza of choice. Domino's Pizza also used to ironically be horrible, but now they are actually pretty good.

  39. I just want to say that with the manhole cover foots that YES there actually IS a chance you will be hit when they throw it at you
    IF you know what you're doing You can get in the path of those foot soldiers and actually DEFLECT the manhole cover back AT the foot soldier destroying him with his own weapon
    The same can be said for the foot soldiers that throw the tires at you
    Though you ARE correct about the bomb foots

  40. Can you also play
    TMNT III: The Manhattan Project
    I would LOVE to see you beat that game as well

  41. Another great episode bringing back some awesome memories

  42. man, Krang was my nightmare boss as a kid. Good thing his theme is so catchy.

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