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Tiny Arcade – Playable Mini Arcade Games

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A look at the tiny but fully functional collectable mini arcade machines.
Available from Amazon US:
Ms Pac Man
Space Invaders
Pac Man
***LINKS: All Amazon/eBay links are Affiliated where possible.***

Pac-Man & Space Invaders can also be found on Amazon UK.

Note – if you are thinking of importing to the UK – not all Amazon resellers send outside the US. I used a store called -importcds (if it doesn’t default to them, look in the ‘Other Sellers’ drop-down box in the right-hand column).

Be careful not to confuse these with the various non-playable replicas and inferior games from other manufacturers. These “Tiny Arcade” machines are made by a company called “Super Impulse” and as yet they only make the four machines shown

I anticipate I’ll get lots of comments stating the 8-Bit Guy did videos on these and whilst he has done a video about mini table top arcade games – they are a lot bigger than these and are made by a different manufacturer. He’s a patron on my channel as am I on his, so we get to chat about these things sometimes, and I checked before I started making this video that I wasn’t repeating something he’d already covered. Here is a link to his video

UPDATE – I have been informed (in the comments) that these are also available in the UK through the retail chain Menkind. – They also have a website that shows they stock two of the range of four machines (Pac Man & Space Invaders) – here’s a link to PacMan
You can also find them in the store Red5 in the UK (which MenKind owns)

Update 2 – all four games are contained within each cabinet and can be activated by soldering the appropriate points. Here is a guide

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  1. They cost almost 2000 rs in India😭😭

  2. Where can I buy them,they look so amazing and cool to play

  3. 5:36 what is that device? i had one as a kid any idea the name?

  4. I've got the Space Invaders, I love these little arcade games. I wish they would make many many more. Including berserk, and Battlezone.

  5. Love these little things! Made sure my family got one for Xmas last year. 😁

  6. The person who invented these actually worked for my father at some point. I found this out last night and wanted to see how he was doing.

  7. can u get super speed and invicibility in pacman in a tiny pacman arcade?

  8. I have the galaga one, I don’t think it existed at the time this video was made. It does not work… the ship moves on its own, but I can control it a little bit… it also automatically shoots… is it because of where I got it? I got it for 5.99 at Cracker Barrel. I don’t know if I did something wrong or if it’s just broken… I’d like if someone could reply and help me out.

  9. I personally found the joystick to be somewhat stiff and hard to operate. On the other hand, as someone else already mentioned, since the motherboard actually contains all four games, if you have a bit of soldering skill you can open it up, and hook up a slider switch so that you can choose which game to activate on power up (you just have to make sure that you buy the model that has the fire button, in my case Space Invaders). It certainly saves you the money of buying the entire set.

  10. I saw one of these at an arcade in the prize place and I did everything in my power to win it

  11. Excuse me it’s not working for me the batteries not working late left

  12. My miss pac man still restarting after 20 seconde of gameolay :(.

  13. There's a tetris one! I really want the pac man and the tetris

  14. Anyone know how to turn the sound off on these things?

  15. All these games are in one of the cabinets. So buying all of them is a waste since one unit holds all 4 titles

  16. I got one for Galaga at a cracker barrel, it works beautifully, doesn't save that high score when turned off though.

  17. The Only Tiny Arcade Keychain Games You Have Forgotten To Make Is Star Wars Trilogy 1998 Machine & The House Of The Dead Arcade I Want To See These Get Made & Released Here In The Uk United Kingdom

  18. Can You Make A Tiny Arcade Machine Of The Game Called Bank Panic Made In 1984

  19. I have one and the screen is a bit bigger then my thumb 🤔

  20. I got one of these, and they’re pretty cool. Only complaint is that they don’t have a usb micro port so you could keep them in idle mode.

  21. I just completely want to make a mini arcade room-

  22. They should make a ice cyclone tiny arcade game keychain

  23. I got 2 at Cracker Barrel!!!

  24. The marquees being lit was a nice surprise.

  25. I’d imagine those would look appropriate with gi joes??

  26. I can occasionally find them at my local Barnes & Noble for $25

  27. I got my mini pac man arcade machine from David busters from winnings in america

  28. First place I saw these was from a bird meme.

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