This Mini Dragon's Lair Arcade Machine+LaserDisc Player -

This Mini Dragon’s Lair Arcade Machine+LaserDisc Player

LGR Blerbs
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Setting up and enjoying the 1/6 scale Dragon’s Lair Replicade cabinet from New Wave Toys. Which has a TINY LASERDISC PLAYER INSIDE IT, AHHH

Here’s the site for it:


  1. that game is easier than you think… PS4 has it and it didnt take me long to beat it in one day…

  2. So sick. Loved Dragons Lair arcade even though I only played it a couple times.

  3. That's a beautiful little cabinet and the laser disc is exquisite 🙂

  4. It's not really a game is it, it's a bunch of cut scenes that you just select…

  5. I one day hope to be worshipped in tiny arcade form.

    Clicked entirely because of the tiny laser disk, good call on that thumbnail. Awesome, thanks for displaying.

  6. So you're going to talk over the intro of the game? Jeez

  7. im getting the Dragon's lair Puzzle,.. so great

  8. If sony made a mini ps2 that ran on discs like this would be epic

  9. Epic the coolest siht ever nothing compares

  10. If I have got stuart little on my house maybe it's fine with me.

  11. I want this now, even though I don’t recognize the game, it’s so cool!

  12. Haha it's nice, i played this in a arcade hall

  13. I play this one on my PSP and sometimes I have to restart the PSP because it gets frozen ??

  14. I see that you are also a Man who appreciates quality pamphlet grain.

  15. Super cute! I recall that the original only gave you 3 lives, and it was impossible to play.

  16. $120 for that, they saw you coming a mile off. Can tell it was made in China as it looks like it was put together in a back alley sweat shop.

  17. I find this replica fascinating. In this day and age, you can do full-motion video with computer memory and a tiny LCD screen, so the electronics no longer have to be in a big arcade cabinet. When I was a kid, I had a dream that I had a small-scale replica of a TRS-80 Model II computer, but back then such a computer replica couldn't be made because the electronics had to be as big as they were.

  18. where is the plug in chord tho? not realistic…

  19. haha. better quality than the PSX mini and Sega Genesis mini for sure….

  20. I remember playing this once in the arcade when I was young…. I lasted about 30 seconds, mainly as I didnt know what I was doing but it was just mind blowing, also I remember it being very loud. At the time I was just in awe of it. Nearly 40 years later, its just meh now and I still have no idea how to play it.

  21. I have no idea how you are supposed to play Dragon's Lair. There are zero things designating an interaction or choice….

  22. The model referenced for the laserdisc player was the Pioneer PR-7820 DiscoVision. The real thing is stupidly hard to find and I want one myself..

  23. Do they make a little KVM so you can plug one controller and one TV into all of them? Then you can sit back in your mini arcade and play on a big screen.

  24. And now it's scalpers gonna scalp!
    I hope they are going to produce more at some point in time.

  25. I could never afford to play this in the arcade!, it cost two quarters!

  26. I loved watching people play this game when it was in arcades but was soooooo bad at it I never personally played it much.

  27. Excellent stuff as always, Clint – well done!

  28. The only thing missing is the 📺 that was on top of the cabinet.

  29. I loved this game as a kid! Never knew how they did it, always thought it was a 📼. I got so good at it that I could finish it with only one life so I would purposely die near the end to rack up the score. People at the arcade would crowd around and would get angry when I would make it to the final stage but didn’t slay the dragon 😂

  30. Rr😇😞😇🤡🤑👨‍🏫🤞🤞🤚🖖💄👱‍♀️👶how do you do you only want what do you are you are you audio Royal Royal do you daddy mummy mummy mummy mummy yeah yeah EE her leg is it is it mum love you millions happy birthday

  31. The detail in this whole package for just $120 is pretty wild

  32. This was 50 cents while galaga was 25 cents. Who's got that kinda money?

  33. I stick my stickers on a fishtank full of JP toys. 😎

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