This going to be the Next Generation of Portable Arcade Machines ? -

This going to be the Next Generation of Portable Arcade Machines ?

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Retro Game G1000 Aiwo / RetroGame / Android / Emulation / N64 / Mame / Capcom / Bartop / Neo Geo / Retro Gaming / Sega

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Naughty Skipping:
Unboxing – 1:57
Overview Arcade – 3:33
Menu Overview – 5:20
SD Cart – 6:20
Quick Save & Load – 7:28
Mame Testing – 8:04
NES Testing – 11:06
GB Classic Testing – 11:35
GBC Testing – 11:55
Sega MD Testing – 12:01
SNES / SFC Testing – 12:44
GBA Testing – 13:18
NeoGeo Testing – 14:00
PS1 / PSX Testing – 15:10
N64 Testing – 16:17
TV-Out HDMI Testing – 16:45
Conclusion – 20:47

G1000 Retro Arcade Video Collection:

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  1. Can it play pc engine? And if so, how does it play it?

  2. When you can't Aiwa you use Aiwo

  3. Searched the web for system specs. Not a single website listed it. Typical China product.

  4. When playing street fighter games. Is the top row punches and the bottom row kicks?

  5. its like watching Mr. Bean Unboxing! 😂🤣😆

  6. How can I install more games on this device please?

  7. Hi, is there some news about a CFW hack? I've just received mine(because of you lol), and the 16:9 stretch is really annoying, I found the screen better on retro arcade than on this one.
    And I need to play Sega CD 🙂

  8. How Much Games Come with it 🎮🎮🎮🕹️🕹️🕹️ ??

  9. Great video I am a new subscriber just wondering do you sell memory cards preloaded with games I’m new to this I would like to buy one for my son don’t know how to download the games you look like you have all the cool ones

  10. Were all the games even like MK1 and Crash included in the system already? Or did u have to add those on yourself?

  11. I dunno. It doesn't look like an arcade but you don't have the versatility of a Switch either. Don't see a big demand.

  12. Johnny Liu is putting real joysticks in these things now!

  13. Does it have capcom vs marvel? Does it have another slot for another controller?

  14. So, does this run MAME games on it, like the Mortal Kombat games?

  15. When you examine an SD card for an unknown device using something like Minitool partition software or DiskGenius so you can see all the partitions on the SD card. Android is a Linux variant and may have partitions that are not accessible from Windows. Also, you can make a disk image of the whole card in both those software and also Win32imager. Then you can take a LAGER card and write the disk image to it with all its partitions and then extend the ROM partition to get all the capacity that is available. It is always a good first thing make a backup of your SD card every time as when it craps out YOU ARE SHIT OUT OF LUCK if you do not have an image to install to fix your system.

  16. All these type of machines have the mini arcade sticks instead of a dpad and from what I've seen no one really likes them and they seem really unpopular. Well I can't see myself liking it that much either, looks just awkward and uncomfortable. Thing is as many complaints I've seen I Haven't seen any remedies, I would like to buy one myself and I was thinking about undoing it and taking the joystick out so I can saw the top half of the round bit off and then sand it so it is smooth and also so it dips in the middle a little bit so it would be something more along the lines of like an Xbox analog stick. Anyone think it will work? Could even fit one of those PlayStation analog stick grip covers on top when done. In theory I dont see why that wouldn't work and end up with a much better control.

  17. What about cps3, naomi, dreamcast….
    I love me some sf3 3rd strike and mvc 2

  18. So weird game console, but cool… 🤓👌🎉👍

  19. Any loop hole to n64? Love the reviews by the way!

  20. Be carefull where you buy I had issues making first purchase on aliexpress due to not being verified account But every other site I found this item on did NOT include the two controllers only the Ali express linked here includes the controllers other sites make sure to ask if you go else ware to buy as many just come with the power cable and game unit.

  21. Is Marvel vs Capcom included with the arcade machine?

  22. What's the best portable arcade machine on market right now? Also, what was the second joypad you used to play 2 player on this, I noticed they only sent one with original package, is it possible to connect a dual shock controller as second controller?

  23. well. you could put inside some powerful rasbery pie and that's it

  24. Can you tell me where the list of games are for this

  25. Hi! Great video! Is "Legend of Zelda" included? And it is possible to include more games? Thanks!

  26. 1 player mode oh dear if you knew arcades back in the day I’d know beat em ups on the Neo geo

  27. No need to do a face reveal I just see your face

  28. Do you recommend this retro arcade console? Im interested in purchasing your review on this looks good

  29. It looks like something you'd find in a baby's crib. Would really like to see a console like this only with much better artwork and design, much better construction materials and higher quality joysticks and buttons. That's exactly what you get with something like a 2 player Pandora's Box arcade console, and their full size joysticks and buttons offer a way better arcade experience. And as far as portable retro gaming, the GPD XD+ is still my overall favorite by far.

  30. I dont know why as soon as you wiggle the joystick i press like button

  31. How can i install PS1 games? Extension file? Links? thanks

  32. Your right everything is 64 bit???! Is this a Atari Jaguar type deal lol

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