These Mini Arcade Machines Are Pretty Cool! Pi4 Or H3 CPU -

These Mini Arcade Machines Are Pretty Cool! Pi4 Or H3 CPU

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This Pandora’s Box Mini Arcade can be upgraded to use a Raspberry Pi 4 or you can leave just like it is and play your favorite retro arcade games. In this video, we take a look at the SUPRETRO portable battery-powered Mini bartop arcade machine. With around 4200 games, dual stereo speakers and a 7” 720p display this little portable mini emulation arcade machine makes for a pretty cool little setup.

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  1. found the same thing for $160 on aliexpress
    bit of a mark up they are doing for $240

  2. Quick question. Can you connect 2 of the same machines to each other for like 2 players to play with each other with that ethernet port?

  3. Good review! Nice machine. I guess there is no HDMI out in standard config?

  4. Are they missing the sample files like other Pandora box games do? I have one and older games are missing the samples like Galaga and Donkey Kong.

  5. It looks OK I suppose …………. although that screen is too small for it ………….. inglorious stretch-o-vision in widescreen doesn`t count

  6. Those make my nostalgia level implode. If only they weren't so expensive.

  7. Did the lcd controller board worked with the pi or did you had to change it?

  8. I believe I saw you pressing the lower row of buttons to throw fireballs and the upper row of buttons to throw kicks. I thought the original Street fighter control layout put punches on the upper row and kicks on the lower row…? 🤔

  9. Would be good to get it powerful enough to run PS2 and even PS3/Xbox 360 and AAA PC games.

  10. You mention it can upgrade with a Pi4. How about a Pi3B+? Will a 3 fit also?

  11. Hey ETA,the UNDERSIDE of your Controls Board is TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN Wicked's!

  12. Great video. I have a retropie build from acrcade punks on a Pi 3 I built 3 years ago. Are there new Pi builds that play games in widescreen like what you are showing on this video?

  13. Did you play any games? No, after I scanned through 4000 games I ran out of time.

  14. Still didn't fix the 4:3 Aspect Ratio, Pass

  15. 250 bucks plus like 100 bucks shipping. Hahahaah. What a joke!

  16. it's a cool device but there's no way I'd pay $250 for this

  17. I've got one, it came with no documentation. Pinball Action uses the left most buttons for the two paddles. Makes no sense. How do you remap the buttons? Likely I'll end up swapping in a raspberry pi, but are there any options or configuration for the built in system?

  18. In 0:26 the box mentions hdmi input function and in 0:44 the box mentions gamepad support. My question is that if it is possible to hook your pc/console through the hdmi input and use the joystick and buttons as an external controller to use on the pc or maybe to a console (using a sort of adapter) for controlling a game running in an external system while having the video signal on the screen of the device?

  19. On the front it's called 'SUPETRO' but on the side it's called 'SUPRETRO' LOL
    They don't even know what they're own system is called….

  20. Marvel vs Capcom 2 I really miss playing on arcade machines and Sega dreamcast

  21. ETA, this is such a dull Emma now! I’m loving your video and that you and “Wicked” had different luck with these, I’m torn! Could you maybe follow up with the Pi4 install process? I’m sure it’s easy but was didn’t know both the stick board-maker and the Pi4 have the identical layout for all the ports on the back panel! Am I slow, and that’s a very common standard? Or is the back I/O panel connected to the boards by the 40-pin or some cable or other board interface? I wish there were real stores where we could actually go and be allowed to monkey around and poke around a reasonable amount to learn what we’re buying before we commit, like a “Pre-Purchase-Tinker-Test” with pros that can answer all questions, give real-life demos. But, Sir. Prime, you and Wicked and cool folks like you bring us the next best thing with your videos. It’s free education! My comprehension of retro gaming and tech, terms, jargon, concepts and how it works has expanded so much and “clicked”, made sense (not everything yet!). You should teach!

  22. Anyone remember when ETA Prime actually cared about the retro gaming community and made tutorial videos?

  23. @ETA PRIME. Got my Pi 4 in there. But from the board on the left there is a small display ribbon cable. Where and how do I plug that in? Or am I doing something wrong here? Please advise. That's my only issue.

  24. Update Heck I can't even get the screen to work either.
    I wonder if there's a converter board for the Pi's HDMI out that goes to this unit?

    : Prime how did you hookup the Pi to the speakers?

  25. Would love to see you put an x86 board in this, perhaps run something like Coinops Arcade Gold+ (and pls test Sega Rally which is in that build!)

  26. When a hand is half as big as the box. I will pass.

  27. I am confused on these portable when we have portable console what needs to be done is the actual arcade needs to come back how???? Sd cards

  28. Could you mod x2 of these to play back to back, 2 player (dual screen) ?
    Especially with the Raspberry Pi 4 ?
    If so, a video instruction would be great.

  29. Or even link x2 of these units together for 2 player via hdmi i/o and USB for 2nd units controls.

  30. What is wrong with these people??
    4:3 , 10” +…. Then I will buy one.

  31. I heard you could play Halo on this machine.

  32. How did you add your PI4 to the retro mini I'm having some issues getting it to work when trying to put my rpi in there

  33. And not ONE with a 4:3 screen. They're non-existent. I hate those strechted out images, or black bars on the side!
    Really why not? An iPad mini has a 4:3 screen so these LCD's ARE available!

  34. Picked one up based on your review. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about swapping boards, running raspberry pi software, etc or customizing- I liked the backlit buttons & how you upgraded the system but I have no clue how to change anything & will probably break it if I try. Still looking forward to playing the +4,000 games it's loaded with! Thanks for pointing me towards this machine!

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