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The 80’s were an incredible decade for gaming. Home consoles were getting more popular and from the primordial soup of the 70’s crawled the first big bucks marketing campaigns revolving around this previously niche hobby. In the 80’s crappy games couldn’t hide away in the corner of an obscure arcade hall anymore, but they had to succeed or fail in front of the entire world.

Time stamps
0:52 The Uncanny X-Men
1:48 Back to the Future
2:56 Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em
4:16 Pac-Man
5:18 Transformers: convoy no nazo
6:25 Custer’s Revenge
7:20 Friday the 13th
8:36 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
9:25 Super Pitfall
10:22 E.T. The Extraterrestrial

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  1. LJN was actually a publisher and didn’t develop anything.

  2. I had ET on the Atari 2600 as a very young kid, I still remember it sucking out loud, so frustrating and random. It was utterly terrible.

  3. Regurgitating the AVGN again I see?
    Not sucking off Zelda for once tho…. progress

  4. everyone needs to lay off her I like her voice

  5. IT was not the one there kill them, it was far more games there did it so they kill them self

  6. You all watching these zoomin videos still?

  7. Super Pitfall is a bad game but the frog-argument is very weak. In Super Mario Bros. mushrooms and turtles can kill you, still it's a great game.

  8. “If Ya Knooow What I’m Saying..” love it lol

  9. Kid: Mom can we have Pacman
    Mom: no honey, we have Pacman at home
    Pacman at home = 5:11

  10. You get paid to read???….. perhaps you should learn how first…..

  11. how many times LJN?? who many times???? lmao

  12. "We will ignore the fact that Storm's skin was green."
    Ganondorf: Is that a problem?

  13. The Transformers game looks like a repaint of Thexder.

  14. First adult game beat'em and eat'em like c&c music factory song things going make you go hmmmm lol.

  15. ONE MILLION YEARS LATER….. A new countdown from ZoominGames appears.

  16. I'm gonna research these games, if you know what I mean.

  17. There is a newer Friday The 13th game, it's good if you have friends. Let's be honest, we don't have those…

  18. Ljn never created a single game. They were a publisher, and yes they published some badly developed games, but say they made something is inaccurate. #4 transformers was not a movie tie in. Back then it was a cartoon series. Seriously do any of you at Zoomin research what I'd written?

  19. Thank God Joust and Spelunker are not on this list

  20. Where is mysterious voice over lady? Is she okay?

  21. "Pro-dank-agonist" the pronunciation is trasshhh

  22. I think it would have been better if they added all the LJN games for #1 other than putting them at different numbers.

  23. Yeah I think these are going to be terrible

  24. 10:05– (Frog hops around)
    10:0610:07– Blam! (sings) This is America…
    All kidding aside, I am glad to see a version of Pitfall on here because I never could beat the original. I always drowned or got killed by the scorpion. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had issues with a game in that series.

  25. If Custer's Revenge is on this list, I am going to be triggered.

  26. Custer's Revenge is a perfect example of perception being more important than the actual game. Take away the title, the instructions and the box art and ONLY look at the game itself and what do you have? A naked cowboy avoiding arrows to have sex with a native American woman. If you were handed this cartridge with no label and no previous knowledge of the game, what would you think was going on?

    If the exact same game had been released under the name "Forbidden Love" and the instructions said; "Jesse and Running Deer are in love, but her tribe will do anything to keep them apart. Help Jesse dodge the arrows being fired by her intolerant family, so that the two of them can consummate their love." The game would have been hailed as a landmark representation of interracial love.

    But because they called it Custer's Revenge and said that he was raping the woman, there was outrage.

  27. What happened to the British-accented lady?

  28. Am I the only one that just realized that all of these games that were ranked were on the Angry Video Game Nerd?

  29. E.T. isn’t a bad game, it’s just unfair!

  30. ET no 1 that's not a surprise. I've played and it was soooo bad that I wanted to smash my own collar bone so glad I was born in 85 instead of earlier to endure that living hell 😒😒

  31. E.T is not a bad game at all. It was just underdeveloped.
    Stop mindlessly hating it.

  32. Good stuff! I remember the LJN world domination era all too well. You couldn't slip and fall without landing on an LJN product back then. Thanks for an awesome review video. Keep up the good work!

  33. Better have some AVGN clips in here. You disappoint me

  34. Your title days hottest and in your video you say worst. Make up your mind , thumbs down for that.

  35. 1:53 what did you say because that word definstly wasn't protagonist.

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