TheFatRat mixing video game music with EDM -

TheFatRat mixing video game music with EDM

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Track list:
Skyrim – Dragonborn
GLaDos – *taste of blood quote*
Julian Calor – Childhood
Dave Winnel – Dont Stop
Diplo – Set It Off (TheFatRat Remix)
Skyrim – From Past To Present
Neptunica – Poseidon
Flosstradamus, Mayhem – Back Again feat. Waka Flocka Flame
TheFatRat – Fly Away feat. Anjulie
DOTA 2 – Main Theme
Rootkit – Against the Sun feat. Anna Yvette

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  1. Aaa AA mi oído se me olvidó bajarle volumen aaaaaaaaa

  2. space scientists doing work that one guy watching the fat rat: 1:11

  3. Is there anyway you can put this whole amazing mix you made here on Spotify?

  4. Pls do OMFG and Fatrat collab

  5. The video mixing video game music with EDM: Published in April 2017
    Fly Away: Published in June 2017
    Me: hears fly away at 3:12

    confused screaming

  6. Wish you all who are reading this comment will be happy, lucky and success in your life ❤❤❤❤

  7. I started when I heard his unity song

  8. Me: WHAT ARE YOU!
    2k people who disliked this:
    An idiot sandwich

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