TheFatRat mixing video game music with EDM -

TheFatRat mixing video game music with EDM

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Track list:
Skyrim – Dragonborn
GLaDos – *taste of blood quote*
Julian Calor – Childhood
Dave Winnel – Dont Stop
Diplo – Set It Off (TheFatRat Remix)
Skyrim – From Past To Present
Neptunica – Poseidon
Flosstradamus, Mayhem – Back Again feat. Waka Flocka Flame
TheFatRat – Fly Away feat. Anjulie
DOTA 2 – Main Theme
Rootkit – Against the Sun feat. Anna Yvette

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  1. Super Mario time!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice song/composition, love it!!

  2. OGs will remember listening back through all his songs to try and find Fly Away before it existed to find the full version.

    I know I certainly did

  3. Talvez me di cuenta tarde pero oí una canción de Skyrim

  4. I bet you didn't imagine THIS when thinking of a DJ 😉


  6. Me pregunto porque se llama la rata gorda

  7. People who aren't DJs don't get how much of a stress it is mixing like this on two channels, let alone 4 CDJs. Crazy

  8. POV: u remembered watching some gaming clips with almost all the songs here

  9. came back here after a long time shows me the good good old time

  10. If I ever got that I would die I would be so bad

  11. Me: WHAT ARE YOU!
    2k people who disliked this:
    An idiot sandwich

  12. I started when I heard his unity song

  13. Wish you all who are reading this comment will be happy, lucky and success in your life ❤❤❤❤

  14. The video mixing video game music with EDM: Published in April 2017
    Fly Away: Published in June 2017
    Me: hears fly away at 3:12

    confused screaming

  15. Pls do OMFG and Fatrat collab

  16. Is there anyway you can put this whole amazing mix you made here on Spotify?

  17. space scientists doing work that one guy watching the fat rat: 1:11

  18. Aaa AA mi oído se me olvidó bajarle volumen aaaaaaaaa

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