The World's LARGEST Timezone arcade! - Surfers Paradise Australia! -

The World’s LARGEST Timezone arcade! – Surfers Paradise Australia!

Plush Time Wins
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Hey guys, today we visited the World’s Largest Timezone arcade in Surfers Paradise in Australia! This arcade is really big and has so many arcade games. Join us as we explore the arcade!

We want to thank Timezone for sponsoring this video!

Timezone Surfers Paradise
Level 1, Paradise Centre, Cavill Ave
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

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  1. One of my favorite Arcade machines that played an important part in my childhood is there! 1:23 (Pro striker)

  2. 22 minutes and not one fighting game from the 90s in sight? this is why the scene died 20 years ago. this is no arcade give me a break

  3. Hershey Park in Pennsylvania the bumper cars are a circle shape just like that one.

  4. Can you try the indonesian timezone, please?

  5. I love you guys you are the Best arcade people I’ve ever seen in my life

  6. guys, there is timezone in new zealand were i live!!! the coolest thing is that there in auckland new zealand there is one coming very soon! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. also there is not much people in this video

  8. This is my local time zone!!!! It’s honestly so amazing and the staff so the best I love it there. Need to go again once all this Virus stuff is over 😬😬

  9. I love this arcade. Been and I travel just to go to this arcade. Prizes are realistic and not cheap nasty.

  10. Counting stars: plays

    YouTube: law and order,

  11. Imagine trying to play every game in that arcade

  12. Marathon Watching 7/18/2020… This Has Been A Mega Marathon Of Videos tonight… Good Luck Plush Time Wins!

  13. I saw you guys when I was in surfers paradise waking past Starbucks

  14. Yes. Absolutely YES! Big Sweet Land is the BEST game in the world!!

  15. OMG I can’t believe it I live in Australia and go to that Timezone so much!

  16. Where’s the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade machines

  17. It’s great to live so close to surfers paradise, I was at timezone literally 2 days ago and it got a revamp and it’s even bigger now

  18. i was just there yesterday! OMG! 😂✌️😑

  19. You should check out the one at Supermal Karawaci at Tangerang Indonesia 🇮🇩, it has a bunch of thrill rides and a roller coaster inside it!!

  20. that timezone even has a peters ice cream scoop up machine

  21. Me goes there everyday me I thought it was one of the smallest?

  22. I went there befor many times but it doesen look like it !❤

  23. You literally talk over everything she says. Lol

  24. You repeat you words two time almost ever sentence.

  25. I went to Timezone a couple of months back – it's still awesome🙂👍

    Timezone is one benefit of Surfers next to the Cat Cafe on Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

  26. Ayy guys I'm from Australia I can invite you guys

  27. your not showing us what prize you got !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. fun fact: not only is this the biggest timezone, it also used to be the first chuck e cheese in Australia!

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