The Walking Dead Arcade - Full Playthrough, Direct Capture -

The Walking Dead Arcade – Full Playthrough, Direct Capture

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– Taking a full playthrough of the (currently) arcade exclusive game, The Walking Dead by Play Mechanix & Raw Thrills, 2017. This is still available brand new from Raw Thrills and was licensed from AMC. Time codes:

Intro & Cabinet Explanation: 0:10
Chapter 1: 5:34
Chapter 2: 11:55
Chapter 3: 18:55
Chapter 4: 25:57


  1. I feel like the game would be better if they gave you a choice to save people. Ether be a selfish jerk and let everyone die with no consequences or save people and get a health bonus.

  2. Sad how in the end, He escaped but saw everything getting taken away but was finally reunited with them.

  3. After 2 years of trying I could finally finish this game. But my friend who has been playing with me all this time wasn’t there sit next to me when I finished the 4th chapter :,(

  4. I Think This Game Is Only Exclusive For Arcades And PlayStation 4 Consoles Right?

  5. This game is badass. I played it with my gurl at circus circus in Las Vegas. My gurl died but I was still goin ..I was knocking heads bro. I was in the zone

  6. Incredible good game I put on this game many tokken and I finish him many time but always I go in arcade room in Paris I play it again

  7. Will you a playthrough of Halo fire team raven the 2 player edition on direct capture?

  8. Gotta admit, ending was a bit naff I'd have thought Kara would survive with James

  9. It’s amazing how far we have come with direct captures. We used to pull out our smartphones and camcorders to get arcade game footage.

  10. Cmon dude, activate the comments on the The Ladies of Mach Storm video haha.Its funny, specially since there are a few scenes that i highly suspect were cut off as they were crashing the plane XD.
    Pacman girl got my vote!
    Cheers for the video.

  11. Those cabinets don’t come cheap. I hear they cost more than 10K easily.

  12. this thing weight 900lbs how can someone even move it lol

  13. Did you know that some parts matter about speed?

  14. If Jarvis wants The Walking Dead to be ported to the Nintendo Switch (and STEAM) first, please tell him, RAW THRILLS, and Game Mill Entertainment to take my wallet!

  15. It gets really irritating when you have to suffer a health penalty for every person you don’t save or get scratched by a zombie right behind you without warning. Even losing your health when you grab a zombie despite not being hurt in any sort of way.

  16. The only thing that annoys me is how much health you lose if you don’t save them, like why does someone else dying hurt you,

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