The Video Game Years 1980 - Full Gaming History Documentary -

The Video Game Years 1980 – Full Gaming History Documentary

Pat the NES Punk
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The Video Game Years is here — the acclaimed show that examines the fun, culture, and oddities of video game history. In this episode: The Rise of Arcades, Pac-Man, Centipede, Atari breaks out, Sierra, and much more!
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0:00 Intro
1:21 Pac-Man
7:07 Random Promo
7:40 Monaco GP
8:32 Atari Breaks Out
11:10 The Legend of Mr Atari
12:23 Pinball Games of 1980
13:00 Centipede
16:10 Battlezone
17:41 Sierra Online
21:22 Berzerk
23:05 Other Arcade Games of 1980
24:00 Broderbund
26:51 Missile Command
30:10 Rogue
31:43 Tempest
33:22 Gaming Innovation of 1980
34:10 Forgotten Games of 1980
34:46 Nintendo Game & Watch
39:65 Warlords
40:56 Zork & Infocom
45:10 Rally X
46:22 Cocktail Arcade Games
48:42 Credits


  1. Pat is such a clown with the IQ of his hero Joe Biden, LOL

  2. this is more nostalgic for all of the 2010 era you-tubers lol!!!

  3. Oh lord,look at Ian’s whoop doopdy hairdo!

  4. These remind me of all the YouTube retro game channels I used to watch. Time to set up a binge session soon.

  5. When are you going to release the 90s? We have been waiting for a long time!

  6. i remember tommy tallarico from the electronic playground show i used to see on tv 😀

  7. Everybody looks so young in this series. Now I feel old. Also, shout out to long haired LGR! What a boss.

  8. I didn't know CGR was here. Neat.

    Holy hell, Ian's hair.

  9. Looking back on the billy mitchell stuff. Ugh

  10. Could they not find anyone to interview who was over 5 in 1980?

  11. Finally Ian not looking like a junkie… More like a Beatle, though.

  12. Billy Mitchell is the best gamer of all time. He's a superior person to all of us.

  13. Informative and interesting… But dear God… Lamest group of dorks

  14. "That's pocket power!" God, Nintendo was using "power" in its slogans even before the NES?

  15. Ian's hair is just crazy. Damn I miss this series.

  16. @36:10 they are talking about the Game & Watch's alarm feature.
    Fun Fact: The Nintendo DS and DS Lite have this alarm feature also.

  17. I finished my beer when I saw Lord Karnage

  18. The end thing from Missile Command makes me think of Fast Times At Ridgemont High. They show it at the very end after telling you what happened to the characters.

  19. Except Billy Mitchell was not first and the only one who says he did it is basically himself. I'm pretty convinced that fraud has never accomplished any of the "records" he claimed to have BEFORE HE WAS DISQUALIFIED FOR LIFE FOR CHEATING. Because he's a cheater and a fraud.

  20. You know these was not filmed yesterday when LGR has a beard

  21. Berzerk is the game the Infamously 3 people that have played this game or got a high score coincidentally Had a Heart And Died which is kind of scary

  22. Combining I love the decades from VH1 and video games.. perfection!!
    Subbed yo

  23. My one wish is for a Centipede remake with Knife Party doing the music.

  24. CHICKEN FIGHT LIKE A ROBOT ,… Quarter detected in pocket

  25. This show would've done ALOT better if "Roo" wasn't so pompous and arrogant. If Lance would clear his damned throat before he spoke. Eric could learn to stop talking with his eyebrows and realized his "should be a game" segment really isn't very funny. More of Pat, Ian, John and the DEVs with longer segments for the mentioned games and accessories.

  26. The praise of Billy Mitchell in the doc has aged like milk. Feel free to clip that part out.

  27. There was a first "perfect Pac-Man" long before the Billy Mitchell. Proven in a number ways.

  28. The reason why Atari VCS Space Invaders worked was 1) WELL… it was close enough to the arcade and 2) OMG – you could play it a little different than the arcade. The fact that you could bring a game home and it felt "right" and then you could play it different?… THAT was awesome. Um, yeah… game modes.

  29. "A lot of women played Centipede"… This was the first video game programmed by a woman and coincidentally doesn't have a kill screen – you can play it as long as you're good enough to.

  30. That random promo with the Atari ad featured Leon Askin, who was most famous at the time for playing General Burkhalter on the 1960s sitcom Hogan's Heroes.

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