The Video Game find of a LIFETIME.. -

The Video Game find of a LIFETIME..

Retro Rick
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We are back with part 3 of the insane storage unit filled with VIDEO GAMES! This is truly the video game find of a LIFETIME! Everything from Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64, Playstation, XBOX and more! Today we go through in more detail some of the gems that we get to add to the collection and some of the values of other games we can resell on Ebay to recoup our money. Always on the hunt for retro games, vintage toys and 80s / 90s nostalgia at Flea Markets, Thrift Stores and Garage Sales! Thank you guy as always for coming along with me on my live video game and toy hunt thrifting adventures!


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  1. Mortal Kombat because it helped me with doing combos and fatalities

  2. If you put a hairdryer on those stickers, they should come off of the N64 boxes

  3. First of all rumor is Retro Rick borrowed all these games from a game store to pretend for YouTube that he got all this from a storage unit. You cannot trust anyone on YouTube.

  4. man i would love to buy one each of those "common" N64 carts!

  5. Why not bundle the wrestling games together for more money and sell them as like a N64 Wresting lot? 4 games for 20-30?

  6. love this channel recently been watching your videos. and by chance u found a game i have been looking for the name of and it was Omega Boost. I was looking for the intro for this game. it is and always will be the best intro for any game.once i saw it in ur collection. My memory's of the 90s came back to me of that game and the 90s. keep it going

  7. Def the ps1 X-men game and the cool spot

  8. Dude I loved bubsy too for some reason haha I used to rent it from blockbuster a bunch as a kid.

  9. I was a kid at the time of N64. There was internet and got all of my information from forums and gamefaqs. I feel Rick’s statement about guide books is extremely exaggerated.

  10. Please tell me your selling stuff on ebay or that you'll sell directly and ship

  11. My Sonic and Knuckles and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers boxes both got roached in storage.. so sad…

  12. "Toxic Crusaders they're gross but they still get girls"

  13. i found a tips and tricks that had a guide section for xenogears love it

  14. I noticed you use Duck Tales music on the background. Don't ever use Moon level music, it gets copyright claim. Just to warn you. 🙂

  15. DAMNNNNNN! the dream pick up for a lot of people… just a bit jealous 😂

  16. Mayhem sucked the graphics the commentary was weird because tony was the only voice you'd hear what's weird is he'd have lines talking to bobby heenan but bobby's voice wasn't included idk why if it was an oversight or what because i hear he was on the ps version. And if i remember correctly the game developers put themselves in the game as playable characters.

  17. I have a factory sealed Playstation 2 Castlevania Curse of Darkness I bought from Gamestop. Is it worth 200$?

  18. All i hear is value, worth so much, valuable, ebay, blablabla reseller blablabla👎👎👎

  19. are ya checking the condition of the discs of ps1 wii games at all?

  20. RIck, in one of your videos I think you talked about a site where you could download the covers of videogames in high quality to print, I don´remember the site can you tell me again , please? Thanks.

  21. Oddly my favourite thing so far is the gaming strategy guides- kids today honestly have no idea of the struggles we had back then if you got stuck on a game 🤣


  23. I can’t even imagine what it must be like digging through all those games. Cray cray.


  25. Yo Rick! Been watching you for a good while now, so glad to see you thriving in the retro game. FYI you GOTTA check that Spider-man 2 on PS1. It may end up being from the first run of the game that had the twin towers. The game was released in late august 2001. A few weeks later, 9/11 happened and they pulled the games and sent out a version w/o the towers. If it does have the towers its worth much more. I'm still on the hunt for one myself!

  26. yeah sorry even if I lived in the us I wouldnt buy anything from you putting lose discs like that on the street including rare and expensive games its just painfull to watch you might as well frisbee with them

  27. And before Guide Books, you sent an actually letter to the Video Game Developer/publisher (Sierra Online) to get hints. (yeah, Apple IIe days) lol

  28. Definitely insane pickup and definitely an awesome negotiation!!! Great job!

  29. Your channel was just recommended to me. Love finding awesome channels like this! You got my sub, dude. May the Force be with you.

  30. Please let me buy some of those guides. I got back into getting guides again. What’s your eBay again Rick?


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  32. How???????? I’m never this lucky

  33. man it sucks that can sent stuff to south africa we have a shorteg of retro stuff

  34. I am seriously jealous about how you got all those n64 and sega games

  35. I need that Sega pocahontas so badly to complete my genesis Disney collection!!!

  36. You have talked about your Nintendo 64 collection and I’m curious where you have found a lot of them. Especially the high value games. I would love to see a video showcasing your games. I’ve added a few n64 games to my collection but I really don’t know much about what’s out there for the system.

  37. Favourite guidebooks were definitely halo reach and skyrim. Never had any decent Internet when I was younger but guide books got me loving them games.

  38. All those game informer type mags, are my choice for the favorite pick-ups. Loved getting them as a kid.

  39. Why would anyone pay $50 for a rapists in a game?

  40. The finds are great and I love the way that you presented everything here but dude…that NES music in the background is wonderful! I recognized DuckTales 2, Little Nemo, TMNT3, and then I heard that Rollergames ending theme. Yeah…I KNOW what that theme was! Ha, ha. Can't wait for Part 4 man. Please give us updates on if you locate those super rare games that you found boxes/manuals for too.

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