The Video Game Crash of 1983 - Gaming Historian -

The Video Game Crash of 1983 – Gaming Historian

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Gaming Historian takes a look at the Video Game Crash of 1983, also known as the North American Video Game Crash of 1983. What was it and why did it happen?

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  1. Only if Atari did not sell the prtotype.

  2. Whow nice Graphics I’d like to get that game XD

  3. Cartoonami Network Disney Channel XD says:

    Raríssimo esse vídeo,foi feito em 2009,onde não tinha YouTubers como hoje em dia,primeiro YouTuber da história.

  4. That crash took a big hit on Chuck e cheese pizza time theater

  5. I actually had a copy of Chase the Chuckwagon game from Purina.

  6. I wonder if Atari will make a come back, maybe with an upgraded E.T game?

  7. You know your game is bad when even the PROGRAMMERS hate it.

  8. Both of the top videos about the game crash are 10 minutes and 50 seconds long.

  9. While it was failing in America, it was BOOMING in Britain. Micro computers like the BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC gave rise to bedroom coding and splendid developers like System-3, Gremlin Graphics, Ocean, US Gold, Psygnosis and Ultimate Play the Game, known today as Rare.

  10. I had both ET and Pacman on Atari. The best games I had were Haunted House, Adventure and Asteroids.

  11. Nope, the 1983 crash is a quote by Americans only, it was just a crash in the US. Europe, Japan and the rest of the world were just moving along just fine and 82-85 was a massive boom in the industry.

  12. Companies called Nintendo assholes for their publishing control but they actually saved the industry by it

  13. We're facing another videogames crash due to corporate greed, consumer manipulation and mistrust and a bunch of other reasons, and, given recent events which I wont get into, I almost want to watch it burn and see what sprouts from it's ashes.

  14. call me cray but i feel like another crash is coming. Heres why: instead of a flood of bad games theres a flood of similar games. Instead of loosing money on sales games are relying more and more on loot boxes sometime giving the game away for free. I think eventually if something like the economy crashing which will definetely happen in the next decade without a dont people won't spend money on free game and the developers will go out of business.

  15. Why the lengthy cheesy annoying intro to this video? Just get the point.

  16. Holy shit this is old

  17. One point about one console compatible with other: at that time those consoles was bare metal. No OS, no software, often even no BIOS. Cartridges was pure code that runs on hardware. Today it is not possible. I dont even mention DRM…

  18. I wish we had another crash. The culture is way out of control and over saturated with fake personalities exploiting games for social media fame and money. It’s sickening.

  19. 411th dislike. Back in the day, my father worked for a company that gave him Colecovision and the Atari 2600 adapter, and nearly every game from both console. My older brother and I played those games to death! Good times!

  20. The next video game crash will be digital content lock-out due to DRM and server closures

  21. Remake this please. As another crash may take place soon.

  22. He's gonna take you back to 1983
    To see what shitty games almost sold for free
    He'd rather haaave, to buy his own arcade
    Than play the shitty pac-man knock oooff
    He's the wealthiest gamer in the laaand
    He's the most disappointed gamer you'd understaaand
    He's the Gaming Histori… aaaan!

    What were they contemplating!?

  23. So basically, it mostly went like this.

    Company: make game by deadline.

    Producers: reads but here it says that the deadline is tomorrow.

    Company: I know what I wrote, do it.

    2 copies sold

  24. Ah I miss this video…it's so old two gens passed by now

  25. anyone here watching a 2009 vid in 2021 or later? well welcome

  26. Remake!!! I feel like you would knock it out of the park, even more so, now

  27. I watched this video when I was 8 years old and it genuinely helped shape me as a person. Because of this video as well as similar videos, I became very interested in gaming history as well as marketing and sales. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making such good content over the years.

  28. Cement is a powder, one of the three (or four) main ingredients of concrete: water, sand (usually also crushed rock), and cement.

  29. NES was successful because it was actually good console and had good games on it

  30. as Shigeru Miyamoto said, "Delaying a game's release is worth it, as long it can become the best it can be"

    Atari dealing with dumb deadlines just killed it and everything else

  31. O god them saying 20 years ago makes me feel old….kinda…..I was born in 2004……none the less it's still a crazy that 90s kids are starting to be in there 30s…..

  32. 240 p ??? even in 2009 this is garbage quality

  33. I demand the REDUX version of this video.

  34. I've never heard about a video game crash until a few years ago. That may have to do with me being born in 89 and my first console was the Super Nintendo, but I think it's all good in the end because it lead to some great quality new video games.

  35. suggestion: make a video without filming it on a potato

  36. This really should be called the video game console crash of 1983. Because the 8-bit computer game market was doing just fine. In fact I would say a lot of the crash was due to kids moving to computers for their computer entertainment. And yes, I was there, lived though it and saw that everyone I knew at the time who had a 2600, Colecovision, etc.. had moved onto playing games on their Atari, Apple, and Commodore home computers (better graphics, sound, etc.)

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