The Ultimate Early 80s Arcade Tribute -

The Ultimate Early 80s Arcade Tribute

Patrick Scott Patterson
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– I recently took some footage I had in my archives and made a video of early 80s video game factories. The vid proved a big hit worldwide, so I thought I’d take clips of the early 80s arcades themselves and do another mash-up.

Enjoy 10 minutes of footage from the early 80s arcade boom and some arcade music along with it. Every scrap of this footage is from 1981-1983.

How many games in here can you recognize? Some famous locations to arcade history also shown in here, and some champion players, too.

Post who/what you spot in the comments section below.


  1. I can still remember the feel and smell of finding a great new arcade game and being with all your friends leaning on the side of the arcade watching your mate play and waiting for your turn….you'd allways do a lap of the arcade first to see what games were in and see if any of your friends were there.

  2. I went to an arcade called "boss battle games" it had all those classic games!! It instantly reminded me of this video! XD (I got 1,400,000 points in galaga while I was there by the way XD)

  3. That was the best year. I been play Donkey kong. Mario Bro. Pac-man.

  4. What was the name of the first song in this video?

  5. Aladdins Castle Jacksonville Florida Normandy Mall Orange Park Mall.

  6. born in 1974 so i experienced all this greatness

  7. Being a kid in the 70s and graduating in ‘84…
    Arcades and the first consoles and handhelds were awesome.
    A friend of mine lent me Coleco Electronic Quarterback in ‘78. I played it all weekend mostly during the night.
    Saving up quarters to hit the arcades… and the familiar sounds as you walked inside one.
    Good memories 🙂

  8. I miss those 1980s arcades. Give me 20.00 in quarters,and I'm good for 2 or 3 hours.

  9. I own 2 arcade games. They're in my basement. I have Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Robotron 2084.

  10. Great memories. I lived that life. I did an tribute installation at an art exhibit once for Arcades.
    The 5 tokens for $1 dollar deal rocked.

  11. I have sad news for those that use to operate arcades 🙁 C.A. Robinson & Co. went out of business in 2010.. We all use to buy the machines here on the west coast. only good thing is I still have all my machines and pinballs. Pinball machines fold up nice, and i have a full room of motherboards for the upright games. " 🙁 and a garage filled with the broke down cabinets" Most people can't afford the large upright machines today. " 1400$ to 20,000$ " I do see the coin up 4ft ones selling for 200$ to 375$, I guess they are the shorter versions. I would personally be curious, if their hardware/software is identical to the original. " or is it a Mame type setup 🙁 " I miss the good old days :). one of these days, when I get a large back room I might setup a few.

  12. Remember placing quarters on the machine to reserve your spot? And people left them in place too.

  13. 🙂🙂🛸🕹️👾

  14. 🥲 Thanks for this here video! Brought great kick ass memories of playing arcades in the late 80s early 90s. #PlayLand #NYC

  15. This we're the glory days and happiness days two.😞😞😞😞

  16. Way way way way too much Defender footage. Defender was ok at best. It does bring me back however

  17. How barbaric…..there was actually a time you had to leave your house to play video games, find dates and chat with your friends.

  18. When I walked into an arcade I like hearing the sound of all the machines going at the same time as I walked through the aisles.

  19. I sure miss going out for pizza, and getting quarters from my dad to go play video games.

  20. Born in 63. I got to experience computers, video games and much more from the ground up.
    I remember seeing a video game for the first time. Pong had been talked about in magazines and TV news. Then Pong was in a store lobby. What a time to be a teenager!

  21. MY Arcade was supercool but the Hampton Beach boardwalk arcades? Man that was something else.

  22. greeeaaaat video
    nana – remember the time

  23. Wow. Brought back some memories all I need is my long hair and those nasty Marlboro`s I used to smoke and some heavy metal in my Walkman!

  24. Oh I remember these days, this was pretty much my teenage years, the arcade was where you went to find the parties to meet the girls.

  25. My local arcade was Video Roundup in Scottsdale AZ. So much fun!

  26. Great memories of blowing my Five dollar allowance

  27. People who grew up in the 80s and 90s like me are the last generation to have it so good. Those growing up now have so much to think about. For us it was all fun and sunshine.

  28. I grew up in this era. Once video games moved to PCs in people's homes this era was gone. I remember discovering that the guy who maintained the arcade games had left the keys to several games in one of the machines. We robbed all the quarters from the machines and proceeded to put them all back in one game at a time. When we had played to our hearts content, we left the keys and the quarters right where we found them. We just wanted to play the games.

  29. "What a drag it is getting old" The Rolling Stones. And all of us!

  30. Factory of Fun in Dandenong and South Yarra.

  31. I could name almost all of them and it would be a long list.

  32. im 11 but i love arcades, also i really love 70's-80's songs,i have fav bands like journey,firehouse,queen,and more they are awesome,i really love going to a cafe that have arcade in it and it's close to my house,awe man,wish i was born in the 80's 🙁

  33. i wasn't alive in the 80s but man, i would love to see what it was like back then

  34. While we have arcade 1up now. It still does not give that same feeling as being in a poorly lit arcade room with questionable stickyness on the tables, the quarters lined up on the edge of the arcade display. Or the slightly nauseating feeling from the crazy carpet designs. Slurping on a peppsi while struggling to get that high score while fighting the dry eyes from not blinking Numbing feet from standing for hours, fingering the coin return for that last electronic high.

  35. Growing up in this era was awesome, and in the 90's as we watched arcades wither and die out, so did a little bit of my soul.

  36. Arcades were like the movie theatres of gaming

  37. I really wish they would have left out some of the cheesy 80s music (which is awesome in its own right) and had more audio from the actual arcade games. There was something magical hearing all your favorite games sounding off all around you while you walked around the arcade trying to decide where to drop your last quarter.

  38. This was awesome! We had a place in Kalamazoo Mi called “star world” man it was a huge arcade and pizza restaurant! Closed in the late 80s.

  39. I'm from Ecuador, but since everyone here speaks English, I put my English skills to the test, I remember that in 2019 I went with my brother and friends to play arcades that were in a corner of my neighborhood, I had great fun there, my brother and I played everything, I still remember, but thanks to covid 19 I can't, and also because that neighborhood is dangerous, we still want to.

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