The ULTIMATE DIY Arcade Machine Guide -

The ULTIMATE DIY Arcade Machine Guide

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Gaming PC getting old? What if we told you that instead of trashing it, you could make it into a BALLER home arcade setup?

Buy the buttons and controls provided by Ultimarc: 
Order the cabinet and mounting hardware provided by Northcoast Custom Arcades: 

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Buy an arcade machine hit by a shrink ray:

Buy the Raspberry Pi to go with it:

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

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Music used:

Title: OKAY by Tokyo Machine from OKAY
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Title: BLAST by Tokyo Machine from Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1
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  1. Check out the modern cabinets I build at Umbrella Arcades 🙂

  2. As a trash collector I find old computers and old TVs in the garbage all the time. Considering the majority of the computers I find are running VGA I would probably opt to get a VGA to component converter and get one of the newer CRTs as listed as an sdtv which has component built into it for better quality

  3. I was today years old when i found out Linus's last name isn't Tech Tips.

  4. Your old computer used to build the arcade is 100x better then my main potato.


  5. I bought my first I-Pac card 20 years ago and it is still working like a champ today.

  6. No Sanwa buttons and stick?

    Into the trash it goes.

  7. Loved that intro! Everyone I know say's my theme song should be I love my computer by Bad Religion, but maybe it should be yours! haha Great work LMG you all rock!!! Linus & Anthony especially! He's the man!!

  8. Did he just call a i5-2500k coming to the end of it's useful life. Bruh

  9. Lol. Here i was thinking it would be like a diy arcade and this things better then my parents PC and the perpetuals worth more then snes and nes classic combined haha

  10. Hes asking for seeds and tools and a chance to work himself out of poverty.

  11. I still have a dell inspiron 15 from 2010! Not leaving it as it was a gift for my second birthday.

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