The Simpsons Arcade Game 4 player Netplay 60fps -

The Simpsons Arcade Game 4 player Netplay 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps (only available on HTML5 player). I’m player 1, Drakendite is player 2, vhr2121 is player 3 and Giga is player 4. Links to their channels below.


  1. Going to a retro arcade today with this in
    How much money am i spending on this?

  2. Whoever this is playing, they’re terrible at boss levels. The trick is to go up and down. If you aren’t on the same horizontal level as them when they do their attack they can’t hurt you. The only boss in the game where it’s impossible to dodge was Mr Burns, which was near impossible and done intentionally by the game developers to get players to waste as many coins as possible at the tail end of the game.

  3. Never got tired of playing this at Chuck E. Cheese or Family Fun Center as a kid. Never made it past World 1 on my own, either😭

  4. Did I see a combo attack @ 2:03? Are there any beat em' up games that allow players to do joint attacks against an enemy? If that was a joint attack of Bart & Lisa, I feel like more beat em' up games should have joint attacks that do more dmg. I know you can do couch co-op with beat em' up games but are there any co-op beat em' up games that allow you to play online with friends?

  5. My ideal arcade isn't that big. It's got the Simpsons, TMNT, WWF Superstars, WWF WrestleFest, and SkeeBall. All I need, forever.

  6. Memories playing this game with my older brother arcade games spending our money trying to save Maggie really bring me back just seeing the characters in action.

  7. Without Context, this looks like The Simpsons going on a Violent Rampage.

  8. I always thought Lisa should have a saxophone as a weapon instead of the jump rope.

  9. Bruh why doesn’t Marge use her hair as a weapon 😂 missed opportunity

  10. Why this never get a sequel amazes me, it was one of the best arcades of my childhood. It played and looked so good for the time, even better than the Ninja turtles arcade.

    I think my favorite was the X-Men arcade because you could have eight people play together, so all my friends would play the same game, but the Simpsons one was really fantastic. Thank you for recapturing it.

  11. 6:32
    Giant krusty ballon : KILLS LISA

  12. This game deserves a remake, wish for Nintendo Switch platform

  13. Músicas de Videogame ♪♬ Video Game Music says:

    The Simpsons Arcade Game – 1991- Epic

  14. I wish they remake this game agai for all platforms and every year we have new part. Will make millions . same style plzzz. Loved it soo so much

  15. I attended a bar with my uncle and cousins and we all played this game and beat it together, it felt awesome.

  16. Thinking about adding this to my growing arcade 👍👍😎

  17. This and the X-Men arcade game had me hooked

  18. So I presume Mr. Burns is dead? It reminds me when Homer knocked out Mr. Burns after he abused Homer and Homer finally cracked 😅

  19. Use to play this at chuckee cheese when i was little, was hooked on it.

  20. Lo jugaba en 1993 , hiba en 2 de secundaria, pasaba con mi hermano ala salida 😎👍🏻

  21. Everybody fighting to play this game at the arcade. Life was good…

  22. Everyone had a weapon except homer. He just threw his hands lol. Beast lol

  23. Back when pizza hut had an arcade and dine in, I used to play this game a lot.

  24. This game looked amazing at the time. I loved the visuals & sound design. State of the art when it released. Always found the hit detection very finicky though.

  25. Why do Smithers & Burns sound like Selma & Patty?

  26. As a kid, it costed me like 6 bucks in tokens ALONE to beat Smithers and Burns for the first time.

  27. Who could forget Smithers’s classic catchphrase “Welcome to my world”?

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