The Rise of Arcades (1980) - Video Game Years History -

The Rise of Arcades (1980) – Video Game Years History

Pat the NES Punk
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A look at the rise of arcades and arcade games in 1980.
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  1. I came of age in this era. It wasn't just arcades. It was the also the 1, 2, 3, or 4 machines that inhabited spaces within every pizza joint, convenience store, bowling alley, flea market, etc. Those were the best for socializing with each other because we weren't distracted by girls, adult minders, etc. Vice versa for the girls. Ditto for every social group/class.We'd play and talk, and talk and play for hours. Great fun and extremely beneficial for all involved. Good times.Arcade games were also a great uniter as well. Two social groups (Say, jocks and non-jocks, etc.) might come together in some way at one or the other's favorite hangout and play arcade games. A friendly class of cultures with friendly and competitive arcade game play at the center of it. Great fun.The 80s: Lived it. Loved it. Miss it.

  2. I miss the cocktail cabinet's. They should bring those back.. everywhere.

  3. Anybody can tell me who's that guy @ 1:50?

  4. I'll never forget walking into the local skating rink when I was like 7 years old and seeing that TMNT arcade cabinet sitting there surrounded by older boys who.were all bigger tham me. I whimpered to my older cousin who brought me, "Can I play that one?". After the place cleared out a bit I got a swing at it, and thus an obsession was born!

  5. I miss cocktail cabinet's. besides bars and stuff I remember seeing them at local fast food places as tables instead of actual tables…………….They need to start doing that again.

  6. I wish I was around in the 80s when arcades was huge. The only good arcade place that is near me in the east cost is funspot arcade. If I lived in the same state as funspot I would be going there every weekend. I just wish there was more arcades nowadays.

  7. Serious question: Are Pat and Ian like… Dating or something? It seems they spend a lot of time together… Maybe they're just good friends, but still, it makes me wonder maybe they're more than just friends (?)

  8. and holy shit!!! I just saw Norm the gaming historian in one of your videos! Dude I think I love you now.

  9. Soon after the start of arcades, parents from around the U.S. would join together to ban arcades in small towns, even to go as far as saying that small stores couldn't even have one game.  In my home town they didn't allow a game in your shop unless you sold food or drink.
    Parents and older people everywhere were so frightened that kids enjoy something that isn't work or school, or playing outside.
    I always called them PAAC, or parents against anything cool.

  10. The one nice thing about being as old as I am … rise of the arcades? I LIVED it!

  11. You know, I'm all for Pat being featured in this series because of his insights & humor, but having to watch his creepy boyfriend sitting next to him, glaring and staring at him lovingly during his segments is just.. disturbing & obnoxious..

  12. My heart cries over the nostalgia of when arcades ruled our summers! I miss the 80s and 90s…

  13. I watched this and I forgot charge back forward ended.

  14. Mannn RIP Video arcades. I never got to experience this cuz I grew up in the 90's but the closest thing we got to it is Dave n busters, two arcade bars and some Arcade revival event that comes every now and then in RI

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