The Retro Gaming Market Is Being Exposed... -

The Retro Gaming Market Is Being Exposed…

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This week massive questions are being raised at companies that grade video games such as Wata, and sites that deal with auctioning these games off for massive prices. Are they working together in pricing out the average gamer from the retro world? Let’s try and find out! Thanks for watching!
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Karl Jobst’s Video:

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  1. God of war is no Mario and never will be. Owning a ‘sealed’, new, perfect condition Mario NES 36 yr old product is just like owning the first copy of a Spider-Man, Batman, Superman comic book. Mario is generational. Gaming has now proven itself to be generational. $30,000 it’s not a bad price for owning the Grand Pooh Bah of gaming history. I guarantee you another 20 years it’ll be worth way more than that. Listing it for $2 million is not a scam, it is wishful thinking and free publicity. If it’s so common, like he suggests in the video, why aren’t other people under cutting the price.. because it’s INCREDIBLY FUCKING RARE! Condition is everything in collectibles!

    Also, you’re not scamming someone for selling some thing at a high price. As long as you have not lied or have not done anything to cause the buyer to be in an unstable mindset. It’s called personal responsibility. As a seller it’s my responsibility to get as much as I can, as a buyer it’s their responsibility to do research into the product and how much it’s worth. A fool and his money will soon be parted, that’s a certainty.. so why not take part. It’s not the sellers fault as long as the seller acted in good faith.

  2. potential future xbox names:
    xbox 720

  3. I'm surprised he didn't show the new 3d All-stars being sold on eBay for thousands when I can go to my Walmart and buy five copies if I want

  4. You are using the term "retro" incorrectly. When you are saying "retro", the term you should be saying is "vintage". They are non synonyms.

  5. I remember when mums would sell their games in bundles for dirt cheap. They are the absolute MVPs.

  6. I never saw the point of collecting games.I'm perfectly happy playing ROMs. They`re free, take no physical space, and are just as fun.

  7. As a SNES collector I can agree that some of these prices are WAY off..

  8. Just like the comic book crash the same will happen to these retro video games in time. Youtubers haven't helped either with all the clickbait videos like "top 10 rarest games" lists. now EVERYONE Thinks they are either sitting on a goldmine or they will get rich quick. This is the main reason i stopped game hunting. its just not fun anymore now that EVERYONE is doing it. The prices are just to damn high

  9. It is bizarre to think the investment of a current gen system is cheaper than trying to obtain retro games.

  10. Imagine paying 1.2 million for something that wont work when the internal battery dies

  11. Didn't know there was a grading system for retro games. Complete waste of time. What a waste.

  12. Games are worth whatever someone’s willing to pay, if you pay 55,000 for a sealed Haze you possibly just set the price if you want to flip it to 60k people might see that it’s sold for 55k and value it higher… might

  13. If you're paying megabucks for old Nintendo games you deserve to be separated from your cash. Things are only worth what people will pay for them. Stop paying silly money and they will soon come down in price, regardless of what WATA say.

  14. See, it's all speculation, of course, because it is fairly impossible to obtain proof. But some of the people involved have a history. In the 1980s, coins were being rated and sold at way higher prices than their actual value, creating a bubble (that came crashing down eventually), and Heritage has been sued before for shill bidding, which was later settled out of court. So, nobody is saying that these people are doing this on purpose, but they have a shady past, which doesn't help their credibility.

  15. Yeah it doesn't make any sense as to why it's so expensive when I can do all of it on my computer easily

  16. Where do y’all find these collector markets???

  17. You can grade anything! names cards 3 times lol

  18. i noticed all of this when i saw the news articles in my feed, and then saw the same bs on pawn stars…

  19. Read the title and thought I was about to be told some sensation or something. But it's just muricans and their greed. As usual. Nothing new. Meh..

  20. I really wish I could buy ROMs online. I want to play old games for reasonable amounts of money, have the flexibility of an emulator, and not rely on shady pirating. There is so much money to be made, yet shitty companies such as Nintendo still refuse to give us a good option. They aren't getting any money from the resale of legit N64s or NES carts, it's no different than rom sharing in that way.


  22. Another odd twist to this story is that the Halperins are now invading the VHS collector scene trying to buy up sealed tapes

  23. The shill bidding is to show the game has sold that high in the past , not to hopefully trick someone into bidding on it.

  24. the speculative resale market and scalping going on with relatively mundane products irritates the crap out of me, whether is retro games or sneakers, its rich people co-opting normal people shit for more profit.

  25. Great video , I love collecting and playing and it's sucked alot lately.

  26. Nobody mentioning that these high prices are probably linked to money laundering, the same reason a lot of modern art sells for ridiculous money..

  27. you're not correct. SMB had 420 million in sales as the majority of those sales were part of the original bundle. While that sales was a scam, the initial thought was that SMB was sold because an inbox version is more expensive, as they weren't sold in the same volume as SMB3 for example.

  28. Emulation isn't my first choice, but if i literally can't afford to buy a loose cart I'm not gonna feel guilty. I'm not throwing money away because a game is "rare".

  29. Muta there is this website that sells fake signed guitars and albums

  30. I got a game that was like only $144 back in 2014 and sold for $1k. I actually support this as a collector and a reseller. EAT IT! ROFL!

  31. like corporations, these epople only care about the money
    the games? even if they're the only copy in existence? donating the rom is allegedly bad, and doesn't make you money

  32. The gaming crash is coming. With modern and retro games. The greedy suits like last time will be pushed out. Only a matter of time.

  33. Yeah, I feel the inflation myself, bought a Pokemon game with box and the trading card it came with for around $10ish dollars or so, now it goes for up to 150$ with box.
    Really shouldn't have sold my collection

  34. This retro gaming market is a joke, they think they are wolf of walt street bitch we have ps store, xbox marketplace or steam 🤣

  35. If someone pays, it’s “worth it”.

    Prices are too high when a people stop paying them.

    The frustration is secretly over people’s willingness to pay. If nobody paid, nobody would care about the price that was asked.

  36. Karl released a video saying he did reach out to them and they failed to respond. He reached out to Dennis personally with no reply.

  37. These last few years I had been frequenting my local Goodwill and buying a ton of 6th-7th Gen, PC, PS1 and GBA games that would randomly come in, and I bought em for dirt cheap. There used to be a TON that would come in, too.
    But the past year or so, the number of games that have showed up at Goodwill have dried up to almost nothing.

  38. Certainly seems fishy. There are some games I own that have gone up in price, and I sort of believe it because it's gone up very slowly over the years. Like, take Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn – these games did not sell many copies, and with Fire Emblem growing and gaining new fans, it is not surprising that now there is not enough copies to go around to everyone who might want to play these games. I'm certainly not selling mine even if they are worth $200 – I have them because I love them too much – it's one of my favourite series – and I'm willing to bet most people who own them feel the same way.

    Pokemon Platinum, another game I own, has also steadily gone up. I believe that one will maintain it's value just because you can still get the gift pokemon off it.

    But Mario 64? Yeah right.

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