The Lost Art of the Arcade (Video Game Arcade Documentary) -

The Lost Art of the Arcade (Video Game Arcade Documentary)

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  1. so this is why we have no fucknnn arcades spots…FUCKN DICK HEADS!

  2. the games i most remember in arcade bad dudes,kung fu,nibbler,pac man,shinobi,double dragon,rastan (one of my favourites), then the vs era come…street fighter 2,mortal kombat,even super sidekicks 2,tekken,mace,RIVAL SCHOOLS ,KOF,and ma favorite game KI2

  3. When the arcades died,they took pinball with them.
    Great film!

  4. Having grown up with gaming since the early days, I saw the changes thru the years. In the early eighties the game cabinets were much smaller and you could fill a whole room with loads of them. They were fairly easy to maintain as well. Many were in kit form. If you wanted to change out a game, just make a few modification and you had a new title.

  5. As the years went by they went more toward specialized cabinets. Those bulky cabinets like After burner that took up more space and couldnt be changed out to another title as its "business" dropped. They also took up more space. Specialized maintenience had to be done on them as well. Soon older titles had no space in newer arcades. It was always the newest with the most impressive graphics. As time went on prices to play those games got higher. Most arcaders began to fill 75c was to high.

  6. As much as I like newer games (I still want to play Planet Harriers to this day) I wish Retro-Arcades would make a comeback. It would be better now to bring in people out of nostalgia than trying to wow people with the newest technology. Save thos high tech games for the home systems.

  7. wrestlevessel from NJ

    Aftershock from CT & NY

  8. Play Land on 42nd (catch a glimpse in the movie Taxi Driver during the driving narration scene) (and it can also be seen in Cypress Hill video kill a man) it's now a chase bank…the much larger Play Land on 47st? walk in from east & west – it was a half a block long, well over 100 games. The owners would keep one well preserved classic game from each era/decade..there was another smaller arcade on 47th (a scene from The Stand was filmed)- 52nd st. was another cool spot- Broadway City was brief.

  9. It's pretty well known that better home console games (beginning with the original PlayStation) brought about the end of arcades. Better home games meant arcades had to bring in more and more expensive machines, and they just cost too much for players.

  10. In Puerto Rico I played a lot of games in the arcades. Mortal kombat at Walmart was a hit. Played a lot of it. At restaurants every where had street fighter II. At the mall in Puerto Rico was growing up they had awesome games in the mall arcade. Primal rage. All the fighting games, time crisis and all the shooting games and driving games as well Hang on was awesome.

  11. And the movie theaters in PR especialy my home town in fajardo PR. Still to this day has arcades and they kept it the way it was. Not those crappy games where you get tickets for prizes that now arcades have now n days. They still got T2 arcade game my favorite arcade game.

  12. I miss those good old times at the arcades, shit I had my own fan club lol !

  13. That is cool! How are you building your own? Your making your own cabinets?

  14. When I was in highschool, I really kept to myself…I wasn't completely quiet, however I wasn't very outgoing…

    There was an Arcade across the street from my school, and ever lunch hour I was there…it not only got me into competitive gaming (for a while) but also got me to meet lots of cool people from my area, and others who travelled from all across Canada, and even the US to play in large tournaments…..

    God, I miss the Arcades…If I win/earn 1mill I'm definitely bringing it back…

  15. Que Dios bendiga el Time Out en la terraza en Plaza Las Americas. Cuando me entere de que quitaron los juegos buenos y pusieron la mongeria de juegos de redemption, por poco me hecho a llorar, y cuando me entere de que cerraron, me heche a llorar de verdad.

  16. The best thing about the arcades was that every time a new game debuted, it was like Christmas day, every single time. I have been playing arcade games since 1979. So I really got to see the evolution of games, from the raster stuff, all the way to Terminator Salvation. Memorable moments:Playing Defender for the first time and lasting 25 seconds, how hard Vanguard was with all the buttons. The birth of Dragon's Lair, Tron Environmental, Afterburner full motion cab,Narc,Smash TV,SF2,Mortal Kombat

  17. I remember pumping so much money on Dragon's Lair. The first time a strange girl ever kissed me in the lips was at an arcade. I had a huge crowd watching me get to Dragon's Lair end( I was the first to ever beat it @ my local arcade), and when I did, the crowd started cheering and this girl came from nowhere and planted a wet kiss on me, I was stunned!, Then I got a second kiss from another girl watching. That was the best day of my life ( at that point) And it was all thanks to the arcade. Sigh


  19. I remember my arcade tilt in my local mall (regency) and i loved fighting games so tilt had almost every fighting game in my error i was borned in 96 so i remember they had tekken 3,tekkentagtournament,tekken4,xmenvsstreetfighter,marvelvscapcom1,2 soulcalibur king of fighters 11 the biggest arcade cab but sucked to and mortal kombat series then one day i was playin mvc2 by myself andvthis fat guy was like he bet hell take all my money and i ws like sure and i had spiderman,ken,jin and i won

  20. I was born in '74 and live in London. I remember going to a great place called the Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus. HUGE amount of games. Loved playing Double Dragon with friends or people you would meet on the day. Like you said, you can't really get that interaction through a headset. Also, when the original Streetfighter came out with the massive pressure pads to hit.Amazing!

  21. Born in 1980 here.  I greatly greatly miss Arcades I spend tons of time in them from an early age till about age 20 arcades started dying after the Dreamcast

  22. FYI the downfall of arcades wasnt because of kids hanging out causing trouble.  IT started with the dreamcast which was the first console to have better quality arcade games on it then in the arcade which had not been done before.  The only reason Arcades died is money and the money wasnt there because the Technology caught up on consoles.  Had nothing to do with kids and drugs.  Business owners dont give a fuck about drugs and kids they do give a fuck if they are losing money.

  23. I hate to beat you up but you know almost nothing about what an Electro Mechanical game is.

    It didn't start with Sega in the late 60s.

    It was back in the 1930s when games were using voltage to control relays and solenoids usually using DC power.

    And the Sega game was nothing new. They had similar games going back much further than that. EM Gun games went back to the 1930,too.

    And if memory serves, pinball machines are still made of wood.

  24. I was born in 1968. I pretty much grew up with the arcade era and got to experience the golden age of arcade gaming as it boomed around 1980.

    My 1st video arcade game was Kee Games Tank, that was in the local roller rink around 1977. It really didn't dawn on me, what exactly Tank was at the time; I just knew it was different than the shooting gallery games and something different from playing pinball.

    The 1st time I'd seen Space Invaders, was at the local bowling alley. It was surrounded by shooting gallery games and pinball machines sitting at the edge of the bar and bowling alley. Once in a while I would get kicked out of that section by the bartender, telling us kids that we didn't belong in the bar. The pinball machines would eventually be replaced by the likes of Battlezone, Pac-man, Defender and Star Castle.

    My small town would eventually get a new bowling alley, with a dedicated game room outside of the bar. The local record store eventually became a full-blown arcade with 30 something machines that were often replaced with something newer or different. The arcade was the hot-spot to hang out after school and on Friday nights. It would eventually close around 1984/85 and the variety of new games coming to the bowling alley eventually dwindled. The arcades in some of the other small towns would eventually close down as well.

    The arcades of the 90s just didn't feel the same. Once the Street Fighter craze hit the arcades, it became more of a hangout for teenage boys and young male players and the amount of girl gamers was few and far between. By the mid-90's, the introduction of the Playstation pretty much took the final push that arcade gaming had and it was all downhill from there.

  25. I was born in 94 and i still remember a lot of great arcade games from that era.

    Arcades are still frequented by a lot of people from where i am. However, these establishments are usually found inside shopping malls, most likely next to a cinema.

    Sad to say arcades are also decreasing in popularity here as laptops become increasingly cheaper. Games like wangan midnight and initial d can still be found but there is an increasing amount of poorly maintained old cabinets, especially in the case of ddr, idas3, wmmt3, daytona usa and time crisis

  26. I was the type of gamer who always wanted the arcade experience at home because when I first started going to the arcade I loved games like Rampage, Double Dragon and NES just didn't cut it.  For a long time there we didn't have arcade quality games.  Once the Sega Genesis came out, it came very close with titles like Golden Axe, Altered Beast, and once Street Fighter II was announced for SNES I had to have the console.  I can still remember wearing out my EGM magazines looking at them over and over in anticipation, it was missing some things in the console version, only certain animations and background stuff, but Capcom delivered an amazing port of the arcade.

    I would of never thought the arcades would of died had you asked me back in the early 90's, but when you think about it now, it was inevitable.  The consoles just caught up, and on-line gaming I think was the final nail in the coffin.

  27. Where is the lost art? This is simply a visit and look at a collection of arcade games? I thought this video was going to cover cabinet art etc…

  28. The first Arcade game I ever remember playing it was either Sinistar at a local Chinese restauraunt or it was ikari warriors II at the roller rink, I was 4 at the time. Later, my local 7-11 just two blocks away from house had Capcom as their vendor of choice. This was during Capcom's golden age during the late 80's early 90's.
    First was Ghost's and Goblin's and some post-apocalyptic game who's name I can't recall.  Then the manager traded up for Stryder, I was in awe of the enormous mini bosses, the cybernetic dinosaurs. Then later came Street fighter II. And believe it or not some 7-11's rented video tapes two. Slurpees, hadokens and a copy of ghostbusters on VHS. Good times.

  29. your mic is complete shit
    its unbearable
    do it over again

  30. Awesome documentary!! I'm glad the Arcade/Burger king from Meriden Connecticut got mentioned. I went to that arcade in my youth when I lived in Meriden for a few months around the time the Pokémon craze was at it's peak in 1999/2000. I loved how epic that place was! I was born in 1992 so I only experienced the end bit of the Silver Age of arcades growing up. I have a lot of memories playing X-Men, Wrestlefest, The Simpsons, Primal Rage, Star Wars Trilogy, Street Fighter 2, & Mortal Kombat in local arcades in NY/CT. Where I live in NY now, there has been a random boom in arcades over the passed five years in all the local malls, movie theatres, amusement parks, bowling alleys and it makes me and my quarters really happy!

  31. Nice documentary man! I remember growing up in Wisconsin where my favorite place to go was Aladdin's Castle, an arcade game spot in a mall in Eau Claire. Had some of the best times there. But I don't think Arcades are truly dead, more like in a zombie state. Just today I discovered a new Dave and Busters just opened up in a mall in Minnesota and there was nothing but new arcades and I played the new Star Wars Battle Pod arcade and it was pretty amazing! Yea, they didn't have any old arcades that I grew up on, but still, arcades are still being made. Just not as much as it use to be.

  32. Another downfall of the arcade industry has its commercialization by big corporate arcade companies; who promised to bring the newest games but rarely did.

    In my town we had a great small arcade (circa 1982); which the small business owner put a lot of time into theming to look like an old mineshaft when you entered the arcade; then Tilt moved in, sanitized and standardized the whole thing and when they updated; maybe one new game a year; it led to less arcade goers; and eventually it shut its doors.

    I am trying to bring back the old arcade concept of a goldmine; but updating it to be a small FEC as well. I think a properly themed arcade can do very well; if you are not only concerned about profits and are willing to spend the money to keep the games fresh.

  33. Great documentary! Even if the ending is a bit blurry. My favorite games when I was at school were: Space Harrier and of course Out Run. I couldn't believe what I saw compared to the messy, slow commodore c64. Todays Call of Duty cowards ruin the arcades I guess.

  34. fuck yeah Wrestlefest 4 players simultaneous, i've been thinking about buying one. i had more fun playing that then street fighter 2.

  35. Actually, pinballs have been around since the 1700's, but without flippers, those where invented around 1940's by Gottlieb.

  36. You're jumping to Ghouls'n Ghosts skipping Ghosts'n Goblins. Unforgivable!
    Otherwise great clip. Brings up alot of memories.

  37. my fav arcade games are metal slug series, street fighter 2, contra, aero fighters, crusin series, marvel vs capcom series, and the list goes on but its sad that arcades are being over run by home consoles… but i have MAME on my laptop so im living the arcade classics on my pc but still i missed the old days of arcades and even pinball and im pissed to see arcades gone like this…… #RIPARCADEGENERATION

  38. kids today dont understand how badass you feel and are when you beat the high score in a arcade with 20 people watching. That makes you the MAN. Setting a high score online is cool, but its not nearly the same feeling as your buddies and strangers chear and clap and woo you as you enter your initials after setting a high score on a machine. Whooping someones ass on a game while they play right beside you is so much better than doing so online.

  39. I haven't played many arcade games in my life, although I lived in that golden era. I think I have played Pac Man, Virtua Striker, Sega Rally, and a rail shooter in the late 90s that I don't remember its name. All I remember was that you were shooting men with blue uniforms, probably policemen.

  40. Tablets and phone apps killed Arcades.

  41. I was born in 1962, so I spent all my teen years in the arcades. My favorite game is rarely known today, but it was called Starhawk (a 3D space fighter game that was very Star Wars like). Spending time in the arcades, when I was a teen, was some of the best times of my life….not only were the games fun, but it was a great place to meet girls….I would give anything to be young again, and go back to that time period.

  42. I'm February 1987, so we lived the same era, you being dec 86

  43. miss arcades so much 159 friends on steam and not one off them wants to play

  44. I grew up after the era of arcades, but.I played hockey as a kid, and almost every rink was full of old arcade machines. I remember me and my teammates would always race each other in arctic thunder after practise.

  45. I miss the arcades myself but at the same time I don't. Games are so much better now than the typical side scrolling beat em game. So much better now you buy your game and play much as you want instead standing on lines for your turn. I have countless memories of good and bad from the arcades. I miss the times of running from store to store to find a street fighter 2 game but now a days I just have it home on an emulator or one of the continuous resellings on every single platform… When you play mame for these good arcade classics you find about 3 different genre's mostly all the time. The arcades began declining back in the snes days when games like sf2 first came home so no more of that retarded shit of laying the quarter down and saying I am next. Now it's fuck you, I am on all night. Then other games like mortal kombat, sunset riders, and so many more arcade games came home. Then on top of that you had games like final fantasy 6, mario rpg, mario world, chrono trigger, and so much more all at home. So why go to the arcades at that point? By the time better machines came out from the ps1 and ps2 days those arcades were never gonna have a chance.I grew up in the arcades and I would never wanna go back to that again.

  46. The arcade was the only place to play. Home consoles didn't exist. If you wanted to play the best. You went to the arcade.

  47. The best times of my life was in arcades,, i was born in 82 ,, great times to be a kid

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