The Legend of Zelda (NES) - 100% Full Game Walkthrough -

The Legend of Zelda (NES) – 100% Full Game Walkthrough

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A 100% complete walkthrough for the original “The Legend of Zelda” on the NES. This video shows the locations for all Heart Pieces, items, upgrades and even every room in all dungeons.

This took me a while to make, as a lot of planning was required.

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  1. Who else is excited to get the Zelda game and watch this Friday?

  2. I beat this without dieing in less time. He missed all the early power grabs

  3. This was the title that got me hooked into gaming at the age of 6. I played this thing ruthlessly and eventually beat it finding most of the secrets on my own and a few with the help of a trusty nintendo power magazine.

  4. Use your candle in dark rooms instead of wandering around blind.

  5. As i didn't speak English this game was worst game for NES that i had, it was no fun, you didn't know what to do, it was hard and you had to kill respawning enemies

  6. The 80's were EPIC times. The music of this game takes me right back to being a kid again. No mortgage, car payment, wife, or kids…just pure wonder and magic of that age.

  7. Now that video is amazing! The way the player takes time first to win heart containers, usefull items like ring, hidden money, etc…and then go to the castles….that's a game changer! I used to go to castle 1, die, castle 2, die again, castle 3, sword, castle 4 etc…i tried this new way and its so easy now!

  8. Yeah…I have come to find out that this guide misses tons of stuff. He skips bomb upgrades, the rod, the rods upgrade just to name a few. I'm too far into this playthrough to start over but hopefully this will be a warning to others wanting a good walk through. He's also incredibly reckless in this as well.

  9. We had a map, painted by our own and marked each secret. Me and a freid of mine took about several months to solve this amazing game. This was about 30 years ago.

    While watching this video I was thrown back to the amazing moments we hab.
    Oh wow, a secret room, some stairs, when we found out that you can burn the trees, we burned each tree
    Tried to move each stone……

    In the castles we were always exited and party hard each time we beat a boss.

    Also one moment of pleasure was the moment when we found out the way out of the jungle labyrinth. Up, down down left right or something like this. 😂

  10. This Legend of Zelda game on Nintendo Entertainment System it's hard that a motherfuker try beating it without the game genie a million-to-one Longshots

  11. The first gold cartridge 🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻 Makes this game even more legendary

  12. Didn't realize there were so many secret coins, OMG.

  13. why cant i blow a hole in the very first wall? is this a fake mod or something?

  14. I got teary eyed listening to this. It transported me back to my childhood.

  15. Were you not using the candle in the dark dungeon rooms on purpose? Light those rooms up! Lol.

  16. I came home from school and started playing and suddenly it was midnight.

  17. played this on the game and watch series, i could not get the second master sword in the graveyeard, but i also did not get that heart on the iceland with the old man, is there something to do with this?

  18. Thank you for the video! God bless you all 💓

  19. the aspect ratio is squeezed to death

  20. i made it to 56:12 but by then i had like no life points (barely alive) and died by this same room (same villians) 2 rooms later

  21. Use arrows on the cat heads. You can even kill more than one with one arrow.

  22. kids dad play this game man im 13 playing these games i hate xbox and ps

  23. Which just goes to show you that a great game will beat even the most advanced graphics anytime!

  24. Who else is here watching this to see if it's good enough to buy

  25. Muito obrigado pelo vídeo acabei de zerar
    Zelda joguei quando eu era criança
    Eu baixei um aplicativo aqui que tem o Zelda e comecei a jogar tinha certas coisas que eu não sabia fazer pichei na internet e encontrei seu vídeo
    Valeu amigo

  26. I wonder how many people back in the 80's played Zelda and Metroid and said "F*CK this, I'll go outside and play".

  27. ….is the first song used elsewhere?
    I feel i’ve heard it in another videogame but can’t figure out.

  28. NOT 100%, they missed getting the wand in castle #6. So maybe like 99%

  29. yk this playthrough feels more personal when your name is actually sunny

    also ignore this im going to be watching this in parts:


  30. Who else marked the old school tv top left corner, to remember certain map spot locations!

  31. I never knew Zelda had a fuckin ending!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  32. This was a pretty disappointing play through because you literally didn’t use a single item for some insane reason.

  33. Better than Breath of the Wild in every aspect.

  34. This is much better than actually playing the game

  35. Dude, i really do commend you for finishing the game without dying ONCE.
    Goddammit this game gave me a headache, thanks for the playthrough.

  36. I was teaching my oldest son how to play this on Nintendo Switch. Beat the first quest losing only one life.

  37. every kid should play this game at some point lol

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