The LARGEST Video Game Arcade in the USA (Galloping Ghost Arcade) -

The LARGEST Video Game Arcade in the USA (Galloping Ghost Arcade)

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I love arcades, but it’s been years since I visited one that wasn’t focused on mobile ports or ticket-based games. Before my trip to Chicago I learned about the Galloping Ghost Arcade and quickly realized I HAD to go to this place. Put in $20 and get unlimited access to 600 arcade machines for a day? Sign me up!

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  1. Did you get a wrist band to return to the arcade or a stamp?

  2. An old-school gamer nirvana.

    Bringing back so many cool memories.

    Need more quarters!

  3. My friend…."real arcades" no longer existed in the 90's. They were mere shadows of what I grew up with in 1981,82,83 and 84. Arcades in that time were like clubs.

  4. Guys i been looking for a 80s arcade game that i use to play as a kid, maybe you guys can help me find it….ok i remember of the character would walk into house or castle and there was babys on the ground crying and you would save them…as you went to room to room…he would jump into the air and do circle kicks to kill the bad guys the view of the game was something like a top looking down view… not like mario bros or contra but like gunsmoke of comando… hope you guys can help!!!!

  5. Oh yea by the way, the arcade cabinet that you passed (Sega Sonic the hedgehog), Sonic Mania put Mighty and Ray in that game as a added bonus DLC so the charters are official now!

    Unfortunately for me, I live in Austin, Texas where the arcade scene is a few and far between. The more popular "arcades" (Glorified gambling cabinets and shitty mobile phone games) have some cabinets that looks very worn down to the point its fucking nasty to even touch it and parts are failing/falling off and the managers/employees don't even care. This been going on for years now and I am angry and upset that they treat there machines like utterly shit… Same goes for the poor employees who have to work there too. Dallas have Round 1 which I do like but even then it have some glaring problems too. It's such a damn shame that arcades are being abandon like this…

    Anyways after my long rant, this was a very good and impact video! Hope you can go to japan soon! Or later since you know… "Virus 19." Love to see your thoughts on arcades in japan because they are common there! Like it's in another world…

  6. I always have a great time there 🙂 its lots of fun

  7. Was just there and very impressed. We only had three hours and I already planned a return trip…the pinball machines were in another building but I plan to see those as well.

  8. Our arcades in England are crap now. No classics and even games you can get good at end before you die (i.e at the end of a level) so you need to put more money in to play. This place you went to looks like gamer heaven. I remember as a kid playing Galaga, bubble bobble, pacman etc. and just through practice and skill managing hours of fun play on just £5 (about $8). hanks for the upload.

  9. Man i wish i lived in Illinois and could go there the best arcade we have is scene 75 which is good but not like this place

  10. I was always a big fan of Mortal Komvat 4, pronbably the fastest twitchiest MK theyve made.

  11. Visiting an arcade like this is like revisiting your youth. Its a time machine in a way

  12. Arcades were my thing back from when I was way too young to be allowed in. Back when it was rough, drugs we're dealt, fights we're happening, all that. The arcade was the most magical place in the world to me. I will forever miss it. Nice vid man.

  13. YES the struggle was real back in the day! Total drug! And when you went out of quarters, a piece of your soul crashed..
    I'm 47 and grew up during this great era.
    Fortunately with my mame, I NEVER run out of quarters, AND I have around 8000 games to choose from!

  14. In the NYC we have a place called barcade that is just like this place. It is awesome and they have a website.

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