The History of Sega's Time Traveler - The world's first holographic arcade game arcade documentary -

The History of Sega’s Time Traveler – The world’s first holographic arcade game arcade documentary

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The history of the innovative holographic arcade game
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  1. Loved playing as a kid and even re-explore every chance I go to Galloping Ghost Arcade. I’m not the best at games like this nor the other Dragon’s Lair style games but they’re always amusing to me & still impress me 20-30 years later.

    So obviously it would be impossible or highly expensive to bring a holographic experience of this to houses especially in the 90s but I’m kind of surprised it never got a Sega CD port at least with the characters with a black background. It felt right up the alley as a Sega CD title.

    I see it did get a PC release in 2001, interesting stuff as I never knew there were any ports

  2. I got the shit shocked out of me by A Time Traveler unit while at an arcade at wild rivers in Irvine.
    Scared the fuck out of me .

  3. This game is funny, but the VFX/holographic image was so awesome.

  4. whoa, I remember playing this in las Vegas in the early 90's. back when it was culturally acceptable to drop your kiddo off in the arcade, as my parents did, and then go gamble. I was blown away with how it looked, but man did I suck at it. i never could get the hang of laser disk games.

  5. When I played this in the arcade as a kid, I thought that this was the future of video games and I was totally for it! =(

  6. Dhat SF2 in an early 80s cabinet! 😍

    I played Time Traveler once, I couldnt hear it either. The hologram was cool, I use watch it while waiting for the pinball machines they had it next to. Thanks for the memories and backstory, I never thought Id see the rest of that game.

    But shit, that SF2 stuck in an early 80s cab. The original side art is boring on SF2, and those early 80s Atari cabs are gorgeous. Mad Max as fuck, that thing is an art piece. Howd he get the offical sticker on the control panel? Did they sell a conversion kit with the art?

  7. I had the good fortune to see this once. The characters really do look like they're there, albeit tiny people. You can't help but reach out (if only to prove to yourself it's not real, it's that unnerving)! This was a great concept, it's just a pity they couldn't go further with it.

  8. I remember 2 things in particular about this game: 1) the gameplay felt like a cheap ripoff and 2) I use to see these machines at places that didn't have arcade machines before so their marketing people must've really been hustling.

  9. Holy shit, I've had a memory since I was a kid about my local arcade. All I knew was it was a cowboy and he looked real.
    I stumble across this video randomly and my life is changed. This was real! And I didn't imagine it!

  10. Oh my god…. this game actually DOES exist?!!! I vaguely remember being like 10 or 11 and going to the beach in the summer and playing this "awesome and realistic cowboy hologram game" but for the longest time I could not remember the name of it, nor what it was. Dude, this brought me WAY back. (I'm 40 now) Thank you so much for solving a decades old mystery for me. You totally earned this sub.

  11. I remember this game in arcades oh my gosh it brings back so many memories!

  12. Holosseum was the game I remember being at my Aladdin's Castle. I didn't think i'd ever see it on YouTube😄

  13. I am obsessed with your channel. You are seriously like the go-to expert on my childhood. I love these videos!

  14. I know I played this game but I don't remember the colours being so vivid

  15. Anyone play Xena hologram arcade game at Buck's sportsbar in an old rubber factory in akron ohio in the early 90's. It may be a mandella effect. I found in a pub crawl forum a user white or grey owl who recalled playing that game for hours after his shift working there. And besides him you'll never find a shred about it . It may of been the only one.

  16. I sucked at dragons lair but I could get far in this one. Never did beat it though. Someone needs to consider a port of this into the oculus quest.

  17. Gosh I miss Aladdin’s Castle. I still have a token in a box somewhere. There was another arcade called Tilt that I used to frequent in the 80s and 90s. 😃

  18. I wish arcades would come back. Most of my fond memories with good friends and nasty pizza come from the arcade and the local bowling alley. Let's start a movement lol

  19. I've only seen this game in one location, and that's Six Flags Great Adventure. Wow, thanks for bringing back those great memories cause God knows I forgot about that game until I watched your video. Love your channel and keep up the fantastic work

  20. The game that looked like a washing machine

  21. I remember seeing this in Vegas at the arcade of a hotel, I think maybe Caesar's Palace around 1990, when I was a kid. Never seen the game anywhere else, after that. Looked like miniature people shown in front of you. Yes I reached out to touch the holograms too. I remember the part with the wave going under the cowboy's feet. Never understood was all preset movements had to do. Wasn't much of a story or gameplay but concept of hologram was cool for the time. It beats out my Wrestlemania NES game I got for Christmas, the graphics on that.

  22. I always wondered what happened to this game. I always wanted to finish it but I could never find it anywhere.

  23. Remember playing this at the Six Flags Great America in Gurnee IL.

  24. I heard people talking about this in 94 but really it was just a myth back then ! An urban legend

  25. People still to this day think I be making this game up when I talk about it lol

  26. I first saw this in an arcade at Newquay Cornwall when we was on holiday and people were queuing out the door into the street to play and it was £2 a go which was a lot to pay back then.
    My dad queud with me for around an hour for us to have a go and it looked amazing for the time and worth every penny for the visual experience more than the game play.
    Thanks for doing the documentary its brought back some good memories for me.

  27. I remember as a kid in the nice part of nj this game was in a local bar my dad used to frequent, at the time I had an nes at home and this game seemed as if it was from another dimension and at 1$ a pop my dad wasn't very thrilled but he dug the technology

  28. I remember this in the arcade, I was around 17 yrs old. I remember though it being expensive like over a dollar, everyone would huddle around it and you could barely ever play it because so many wanted to play. it was definitely amazing to watch back then. I remember seeing actual people popping up from the flat table or game system, at the time it was crazy.

  29. Does anyone remember something like this at the Warner Brothers Studio store in the 90s that just played a loop that included Bugs Bunny? It even had those same foam shapes on the screen.

  30. Sega of course stands for SErvice and GAmes!

  31. 60s joke and song reference. In this game, you can actually breeze pass the year 2525.

  32. Time Out arcade in the Northway Mall in the Pittsburgh area had one of these games standing out proudly in front…that is until SFII arrived. They didn't bother upgrading it from what I remembered. I played Time Traveler a handful of times, but quickly recognized it as a quarter eater that wasn't skill based. The holo globe screen definitely was impressive.

  33. Looking forward to the upcoming 30th Anniversary Celebration of Time Traveler in November 2021… 😎👍

  34. "The post-apocalyptic future of 1998…"
    Wow! We really did not have an optimistic look on the future back then.

  35. I remember seeing this in an arcade or bowling alley ONCE, and then never seeing another machine anywhere else ever again. This is was in the early 2000’s, so it was probably starting to get pretty rare by then.

  36. I remember seeing this in the arcades and was really impressed with the effect.

  37. I remember our local mall had Tilt arcade and this game was in the arcade.

  38. I remember this.. it was very expensive and difficult to play. Only played a few times. Could never really figure it out. At my arcade, it was in the dining area. So I associate this with pizza. Lol

  39. I first saw this game as a kid in a arcade in Las Vegas at the Excalibur hotel. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. People don't know how long this tech has been around. I wonder how good it would be with the tech today. I also tried to touch the hologram. I never forgot this game, it was way ahead of its time. So cool. Videos don't do it justice. It looked so good in person.

  40. Thanks for this great in-depth video on a very unique game. It was fun to play. I would have watched it sooner but was traveling back in time from the future

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