The History of Narc - Arcade game documentary -

The History of Narc – Arcade game documentary

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The history of the violent arcade shooter

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  1. Classic. This is a game I play a lot. This what makes having a modded system with arcade emulators absolutely worth having.

  2. Kinky Pinky used to scare the crap out if me. That mug shot with the knife? shudder

  3. The 25 dislikes are from stupid book reader's!!!!

  4. This game was another game changer for me because it had a violent edge. And felt with drugs,drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes. I alwAys wish they made a part 2.

  5. Oh, the 80s, when murdering people for getting high was in fashion.

  6. I used to play NARC at the local 7-11 before and after school along with Robocop and Road Blasters. This game was hard to play and I eventually got through it but it’s a quarter eater.

  7. this game looks AWESOME! I dont think i ever saw it before

  8. That dictator in the Philippines has this arcade machine in his bedroom

  9. Max force & hitman. This was my game arcade and nes version

  10. Hey Patman remember that scene in the 1989 Ninja Turtles movie. When the run away kids are smoking and drinking a forty playing this arcade. In the foot soldier hide out. It's funny to see how times changed! Patman I think there fighting the last boss the giant head

  11. This game was included as an Easter egg in the first TMNT movie

  12. All I know about this game is that it made a cameo in the first Ninja Turtles movie.

  13. Every time I play this, I always wonder since it was the 80s what if NARC, RoboCop and Miami Vice all teamed up? 80s drug lords and criminals wouldn't stand a chance.

  14. As a confirmed clown-hater, whether it was hitting Kinky Pinky with the car or blowing him sky-high screaming, it would always crack me up!

  15. I just downloaded this to my GPD XD. I use to play the arcade and nes version with my brother had so much fun rocket launching dope dealers til they fly up in the air

  16. Narc nes was so much fun I put it on my smart to to play nes games the arcade ver was just as fun but did not look as good but I want to see narc 2 play just like the nes and arcade ver

  17. After playing this game, defunding the police is not a smart idea.

  18. Back in the day I was a 'Video Wizard' and could finish a large number of games on 1 credit. This game was not one of those games, even though I could get pretty far on one credit. That being said, at the arcade I used to play this at, there was a guy that could 1-credit-clear this game, and it was amazing to watch him do it because he would arrest almost every enemy.

  19. After watching this video, I'll have to give this game another try in the future as I have it on the Midway Arcade Treasures 2 disc shown in this video. Thanks!

  20. Has anybody ever done a (non-cheating) arrest run?

  21. This was another game I played when I was 5 that I could not find the name of until now… It's hard to describe a game you played when you were 5.
    Thank you so much for video!

  22. i could finish on 1 quarter… did it many times!

  23. Crazy that Narc has only shown up in that one compilation.

  24. There are three differences in the NES gameplay that should be mentioned:
    First of all, not every character from earlier levels appear on the higher ones, which can make things easier or harder depending on your style of play.
    Second, in the original, the pimps introduced on the Sunset Strip level were bustable in the arcade version, but not here, so they must be shot to avoid their tossing bombs at you.
    Third, since you have only two buttons, a double-tap on the fire button launches a rocket, and the same on the crouch button makes you jump. But on the bridge, you can't spin the car.

  25. I actually really loved Crime Wave when it came out.

  26. So put on ur gear and watch out for the crack heads LMAOOOO oh man I needed that laugh that felt so good

  27. I have one of these & it’s just as satisfying playing this today as when I was a kid. Great video!

  28. There was a 3D version where if you collected enough certain icons it unlocked the full version of the arcade game. I can’t remember the year or the console

  29. I’d love to see someone make an FPS version of this in the Doom engine

  30. Its comical how the game costs the player more money to play if he try's to arrest as many criminals as possible vs just taking them out with a weapon. It's like there's a disincentive for trying to not shoot the bad guy.

  31. Did you watch the recent documentary “insert coin”, just watching it now and it’s getting deep into the story of producing this game (narc).

  32. I thought this game was so fuckin cool when I was like 5

  33. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    Such a great game p, the arcade version looks amazing. That rocket laucher animation is wild. When I see it although very different, it makes me think of the rocket launcher animation from gta 2, the 2nd of the top down versions. Great job with the vid Pat 👊

  34. Loved Narc but my god this is a fcuking awful documentary of it. 5 stars for the game 6 billion minus stars for this shit and annoying voice over review of the game.

  35. Chiller is one of the most disturbing games ever.

  36. I remember thinking how the NES version sounded like an Atari 2600 game.

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