The History of Gauntlet arcade/console documentary -

The History of Gauntlet arcade/console documentary

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The history of the 1985 Atari dungeon crawler smash hit
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  1. Actually it was his son that approached him about making a game based on D&D. If it weren’t for his son, this game would have never been made.

  2. Best game ever. That's not the way I remember the NES version looking though. I thought the NES version was very solid and close to the original arcade version for a two player format.

  3. I am not a video game fan and this was the only game I ever played in the arcade. That said, if you are with your friends and waiting for the acid to kick in, there is no better or more fun way to spend that time! As fun as Gauntlet is, Gauntlet on acid is a whole other thing!

  4. I hold “Gauntlet Legends” responsible for the failure of my first semester in college.

  5. I wish we could get another Gauntlet like Dark Legacy.

  6. Dungeon Explorer on the Sega cd is a great Gauntlet style game!

  7. I got to say, Gauntlet Dark Legacy was my favorite game in the series. I had so much fun playing 4 player game on it. With so many unlockables and ways to play, I loved every minute of it

  8. Dandy has the same level creation system as LittleBigPlanet and Super Mario Maker

  9. Questor is the most popular character in the original Gauntlet because he’s the fastest. In Gauntlet Legends he was replaced with a female archer character and sometimes I use her in the PS1 version

  10. "Red Wizard is about to die" N64 Gauntlet Legends was awesome.

  11. First played it at TimeCon 85'… Spent all 5 days living on jolt cola, almost home cookies and playing Gauntlet in the middle of the nights in the new game showcase room… Those were the days…👍

  12. Just found this channel. This is a goddamn marvel – thanx for the maxium nostalgia overload!

  13. I grew up on Legends (born in '02.) My dad got it for the N64 because he grew up playing the original cabs.

  14. I started playing the PS4 version last year and still enjoy it. A fine example on how to flesh out the concepts established in the original with modern graphics.

  15. Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy on the N64 and Gamecube had to be my favorites

  16. The simple addition of basic drop shadows in Gauntlet IV makes such a big difference.

  17. I loved this documentary, very well done. Let's hope they make more Gauntlet games soon.

  18. Where can I find this to play on PC? And not the 2014 slayer edition!

  19. one of the first video games I ever got as a kid, was a Tiger handheld, for Gauntlet.

  20. 3:00 There was another important difference in characters – Thyra and Questor could shoot diagonally though blocks – although i think their shots were weaker…

  21. Missed is the Atari ST Gauntlet II, which ran much faster and smoother than Gauntlet. I was amazed by the improvement. Some code God must have fixed up the code to really make it shine. Otherwise, this is a good review of who made it. I enjoyed your video.

  22. I was so disappointed by the NES version. Had all my friends come over when I bought it, excitement was palpable, then the game started.

  23. The sequel is one of my favorite arcade games next to major havoc and sinistar I was born in the 1990s but I have always loved classic video games

  24. Time for Gauntlet VR edition, in first person viewpoint ! 🙂 (goggles required)

  25. honestly I think a lot of it's success came down to the absolutely fantastic sfx that would boom across the arcade 'VALKYRIE IS ABOUT TO DIE!' and the beautiful goliath arcade machine, the whole set up was wonderfully appealing. You can try and play it at home on an emulator and such but meh…it's like a salad without any dressing.

  26. Dark Legacy is the mountain peak of Gauntlet.

  27. Gauntlet 4 doesn't look like a separate gauntlet game. It just looks like Gauntlet 1 with better graphics kinda like halo anniversary or metroid zero mission.

  28. Dark legacy was the game that introduced me to the series and that strange one after it looks bad in comparison.

  29. The sound of this game are magic. Everyting from picking keys to open dors to exit a level.

  30. “magic walls which turn into enemies when touched”

    assumes fetal position 😬😰

  31. I remember playing this in single-player mode on the C64. While using one joystick, I had the other on the floor ready to press the fire button with my foot when one character was about to die.

  32. Killing? Tell it to incarcerating.

  33. I've never heard of a ZX Spectrum and from the way games look and sound on it from your videos I'm glad I didn't. I remember when I went into toysrus, kaybee toys and sears electronics dept I'd see the PC games and was always wondering what the hell is a Amiga and a commodore. Around the time Genesis came out I was amazed at the graphics of games in 1990.

  34. If you think seven sorrows is better than dark legacy you are a loon

  35. Wait… dandy came first? Awesome! I ordered that from a public domain distributor at the time. Thanks for the memories.

  36. Gauntlet 4 has one of the best soundtracks on the Genesis. Hell, one of the best of the 16 bit era.

  37. Great history on this! Love the upgrades. Can you do a review on the Arcade of Cadash?

  38. My intro to this game was gauntlet 64. The hours and hours I spent in that game with my brother lmao. I loved playing as the elf and it was super fun. A true adventure game.
    Gauntlet on the ps4 is cool too. But I much rather gauntlet 64 upgraded play style.

  39. You failed to mention the most satisfying aspect of Dark Legacy, the turbo attacks!!

  40. Hi, great videos. thanks…. Question : Gauntlet was released in Oct 1985, but Castle of Druaga in Apr 1984 so is it fair to say Castle of Druaga created the dungeon crawler videk game but Gauntlet the multiplayer Dungeon Crawler? Perhaps Druaga was not popular enough ….

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