The GOOD Altered Beast... - The History of Metamorphic Force -

The GOOD Altered Beast… – The History of Metamorphic Force

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In today’s episode we look at the Arcade game by Konami known as Metamorphic Force, an old school beat em up that takes Altered Beast and its transformation gimmick and in my opinion brings the play to the next level.

#MetamorphicForce #AlteredBeast #RetroGaming

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  1. I did get to play this on an arcade cabinet when I was young. Loved it, and never understood why it didn't any releases for consoles. It remains one of those unlicensed titles that should be a no-brainer, but no news on a port. Missed opportunity, Konami!

  2. If anyone here knows anime. This game as well as alterbeast use the same plot line of the anime/manga Saint Seiya.
    A bunch of youth sent by athena to fight a evil dark king that wants to rule the world. Greek pantheon theme. Yup.

  3. Elmer Fudd: Wise fwum your g wave, ya screwy Wabbit!!!

  4. At the very begging of that game: I don't think that there are any lizard people on this beach….Dang it all!!!

  5. Those "golden statues" = Bowling trophies and wwf Slammies.

  6. Green horse boss with scyth.
    "Hey! Why the long face?!"

  7. They destroy statue = Mr. T: I pity da fool that killed my statue!

  8. Attack trees: How would you like if someone picked apples off of you?!

  9. They saw the Xmen game "Hey! We could totally rip that off!"

  10. Looks like it also borrowed heavily from the mythology of John Carter from Mars.

  11. Island rose up again and became "Cobra Island".

  12. Them turtles were my arcade childhood fav that and the Simpsons arcade.

  13. I wouldn't call Altered Beast a "beat 'em up".… I guess technically you can lump it in the single-plane, linear beat em ups like Bad Dudes, but to me it fits more comfortably with the Rolling Thunder / Shinobi style action platformers, where there's less focus on combat + button smashing; and a more deliberate, spastic stop/start kind of flow. Otherwise, … fun video.

  14. It's a cool game but it lacks the dark Horror look and sound of Altered Beast which has a very unsettling feel, especially the giant mutated Bosses and enemies. Metaphoric force just looks like a Saturday morning Cartoon. It's too bright and colourful.

  15. Hey Top Hat. You need to do a video on the other good Altered Beast – Guardian of the Realms for the Gameboy Advance.
    Love your channel.

  16. Someone threw a spanner in me works one time, and it got really badly infected. I was off work for a week 😛

  17. This game looks fuckin awesome! I gotta find this emulator!

  18. Disagree partly, it's a lost side style, the "Platformer Beat-em-up". (See also Too Crude, others?) The problem with standard beat em ups is: You can ALWAYS side step, even to an unrealistic extent.

  19. Sounds like one of the best described battles in progress! Konami should hire you for adds or character voice.

  20. Goes to show you how good the 90s was when it comes to video games.

  21. Gaming best kept secrets that should make a comeback for sure.

  22. This was one fun game. I will say I found it via ROM. I know was fun.

    Konami really should do a collection of their beat-em ups that they can do.

  23. Thanks for this video. I have to grab this rom ASAP when I get home

  24. I admit I think my Red Earth Story was inspired by Metamorphic Force since I remember playing the Arcade Game once as a Kid.

  25. I missed this game completly. Looks amazing.

  26. Anyone else see the similarities to the X-Men arcade game?

  27. I'm a little mad that I have never heard of or seen this game before.

  28. The power ups look straight out of X-men… The Nightcrawler warp and Colossus explosions, in particular. The sprites look like the same style too.

  29. This is another one of those games I never knew existed and happened to find while browsing MAME a few years back and ended up spending a few hours just having fun with it. Gotta replay it now!

  30. when i was a kid, the og altered beast on the arcade always game me goosebumps. the soundtrack is so ominous.

  31. Anyone know who the artist is of this beautiful real life Altered Beast art @0:07

  32. Great history callback. I LOVE this title! Speaking of little known transformation games, have you played or covered Neo Geo's Sengoku series?

  33. Ok so Chuck Norris , Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) were in a game? Lol. Fun facts lol

  34. What a horrible accent and is over acting the voice or what is wrong, not coming back to the channel again

  35. I think this is the most advanced of the Konami beatemups. It is X-men but on steroids.

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