The Golden Age of Video Games Arcade Machines -
Video Games Arcade Machines

The Golden Age of Video Games Arcade Machines

The Golden Age of Video Games Arcade Machines

Real-life graphics, a breathtaking plot, and a lot of missions. First on-screen toys were anything but that. They went through an impressive evolution to turn into a virtual marvel. The era started in the 70-90s with the invention of video games arcade machines.

Bulky but Extremely Popular

The very first models had only 1 toy per cabinet. Their size was shocking. They looked like a wardrobe and weighed more than 250 pounds! One could enjoy them in covered avenues with shops. These trading areas had a passage with arches. Called arcades, they gave the name to the new type of entertainment. Which later grew into a whole genre, as adventures had a lot of similar features. Such as simple plots, killing enemies on almost identical levels, and a scoring system.

Video Games Arcade Machines: Changing with Technologies

Later, more advanced versions stormed the market. They had an advanced configuration with more than 12 adventures per machine. For example, such cabinets might have included Pac-Man, G-LOC: Air Battle, Pit-Fighter, and other titles.


Developed by Namco in 1980, it is a reaction test. Here you eat dots in a labyrinth while avoiding faint ghosts.

G-LOC: Air Battle

Released by Sega in 1990, it offered an air shooting simulator. Bombard tanks, ships, and other jets to win.


Created by Atari in 1990, it is a fighting title. Up to 3 players can enjoy it simultaneously, kicking and punching enemies and each other.

What Do We Have today?

Video games arcade machines are still frequently used in shopping malls. Both children and adults enjoy new bright models with Internet access. And an unlimited number of adventures. Better graphics, improved interface, and lighted control buttons. Such as joysticks, light guns, wheels, and pedals. For example, a 2002 rail shooter The House of the Dead. It has a light gun to kill zombies and attracts a lot of players.

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