The Debate Behind Video Game Violence -

The Debate Behind Video Game Violence

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Today, 65% of American adults and nearly all teenagers play video games. In 2018, the industry made more than $136 billion. Games look more real than ever, showing incredibly detailed violence. What do we actually know about how violent games affect us? Psychologists have been studying this for decades, but some are convinced that those who link violent games to aggression are completely wrong. Watch the video to find out why researchers disagree so strongly, and how we got here.

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The Debate Behind Video Game Violence


  1. Because males were never aggressive before vidoe games

  2. In the past 20 years, how many violent crimes were committed where a proven link was made to the suspect playing violent video games? I can think of maybe one case. The Columbine school shooting. Although both shooters were known to play violent video games shooters, it was never proven that video games were their primary motivation. Both teens were bullied and made to be outcasts in their school and it likely took a couple of years of being bullied for them to finally snap and decide to go on a killing spree.

    By contrast, in just one year, how many men get drunk and beat up their wives or gf's? How many people get drunk at bars/clubs and end up in fights, sometimes with people getting stabbed or shot? How many women drink too much and get sexually abused? How many people drink and drive and get into accidents which sometimes cause injury or even death to innocent people? The answer to that last question is approximately ten thousand people are killed every year in the U.S. due to drunk drivers. Let me say that again, TEN THOUSAND proven deaths in one year Vs. maybe one in the past 20 years. Even if there were more "proven" cases of violent crimes being connected to violent video games, the number would be negligible.

    So tell me, why are psychologists, media, politicians, teachers, religious/community leaders all so against violent video games when there is something that is thousands of times more destructive to society? I don't see any one of them standing up and trying to ban alcohol.

    Do any of those people realize that video games are the most lucrative form of entertainment, and has been for many years now? The video game industry makes more money that CD's, magazines/books, DVD's and even Hollywood movies. There are hundreds of millions of people playing violent video games (Grand Theft Auto franchise: >200M units sold; Call Of Duty franchise: >200M; Mortal Combat >50M). That is millions and millions of people, but we don't see millions and millions of crimes. Any crime that is supposedly linked to someone playing video games means that the person was already mentally unstable if they acted out something they saw in a video game. 99.999% of people can play those same games then turn off their console and have a nice dinner with their family or go to work/school the next day. Stop using violent video games as a scapegoat.

  3. Japan: plays more video games than the US
    Also Japan: has less than half the crime rate of the US

  4. I play Incredibly I mean INCREDIBLY violent games like Doom And Nothing has Happened. There isnt a Connection to violence and video games its actually how smart or how dumb you are

  5. And the only games they show are shooters and fighting games, when there are also game genres they don’t show, puzzle games, horror games, adventure games, point and click, RPG, And more, why they ignore these, because that is what Karen and the 80 year old granny watches

  6. Hey some movies have more violence and gore than games and nobody says about this

  7. I have heard about this discussion about violent video games since the 90s and all the school shootings, and I was always like bs. and I'm still not saying people turn into amok running lunatics just by playing those.
    having said that, I have realized pretty quickly that I myself get stressed out by games like uncharted, the newer tomb raiders and fallout.
    I have just gotten my first ps ever in my life (gimme a break, I grew up with ms 3.11 and commodore amiga :)) bc I loved playing tomb raider (anniversary, underworld) on wii, but it was discontinued there. I love the new graphic possibilities, but the violence is something I can't deal with. I would always set the games on "easy mode" to avoid too many bloody encounters, but at the end of the day you have to shoot people and animals all the time. I just started fallout 4 hoping it would focus on building settlements, but there's no way around the nasty stuff. after just 2 weeks of playing, I notice that my sleep has deteriorated, I am constantly thinking about stuff from the game when I'm supposed to sleep. I have decided to take a break, bc it's making me miserable.
    long story short: I wish game creators would come up with fun, adventurous games that offer the same graphic quality as those high end violent games. I can't be the only person who detests having to shoot your way through a world. this is so frustrating.

  8. jesus christ it's like nobody in this comment section watched the video

  9. Just ignore those people. 15 years ago when I was still in school, those
    people were saying the same thing. I even did a report on why video
    games do not cause violence. It started years before that during the
    Mortal Kombat 1 days. Long story short, same story different year. Video
    games are not going anywhere.

  10. "are games the reason the USA has a lot of shootings?"
    No. You guys have shootings because you let anyone with room temperature IQ own a gun

  11. The main problem in america is not videogames. Simply the gun that anyone can buy easily . Mix that with mental issue and voila ! You got your problem right there.

  12. This comment section is the definition of denying the truth.

  13. Those terr0rists/serial killers/murderer must be gamers…

  14. short answer: They don't Long answer: They don't, and there is plenty evidence to back my claim up

  15. I have played “Deer Hunter” on my iPhone a lot. In the game, you shoot all different kinds of animals from prairie dogs to elk, bears, jaguars, lions, rabbits, meerkats, nilgais, cassowaries, kangaroos, crocodiles, ostriches, zebras, deer (of course), coyotes, wolves, dingoes and others. You use pistols, rifles, AR’s, shotguns, bows and arrows. In real life, I am a vegan animal activist.

  16. Gotta love when old people say video games corrupt our youth with guns and drinking. When you can bye guns in different countries and people drink all the time. That news reporter OH MY GOD WERE GONNA DIE FROM VIDEO GAMES! Stop uploading these videos when you know 99% of the world plays video games -_-

  17. This video shows that many still live under a rock


    Media is just horrible i cant stand on it

    Ima stay as a roblox, minecraft gamer

  19. Video games don't encourage violence selling guns openly kinda does duh .

  20. Remember "rock music is corrupting the youth"? Remember "rap music made my kid a criminal"?

  21. Pffffft, Video Games and in human World; It's not about video gaames, it's about their decision they make…it's the hand and the brain they agree to do so.

  22. okay im having a hard time finding that clip of the guy saying that video games is the moral equvalent of giving a kid a gun

  23. I remember I was killing people ( playing mortal kombat with my dad since I was 4 ) I’m 27 now I have a garden . Lol

  24. If you dont want to let your kids play video games, then dont let them play! video games arent that addicting! and you state everything that you hate about them!

  25. If you have under average kids from under average parents, by their very nature-they will be allowed to watch violent stuff from a very young age and…will also be more likely to be negatively affected by these constant visceral images and reinforcement. Its a no brainer. Literally!

  26. Well its not all about violence in some clips they show red dead redemption 2 which has a incredible story all video games have violence but a good story.

  27. to those who defend violence, why is violence so important for you? why should we emphasize violence for the sake of violence? why can't we focus more on being constructive rathen than destructive? i have seen violence in real life so i don't find it worthy of glorification, the people that consume violence on media the most are young people with brains in development and i think that's one of the reasons why they aren't as disturbed by violent content as much as old people who have experienced or seen at least one violent event somehow, or to a relative, and have developed empathic abilities in their brains, specially when they become fathers and mothers, the sense of care for the young makes the person more averse to violence and more protective of their children. i find if funny that some kids that watch violent movies and play violent videogames sometimes do it to put-on a facade of toughness and maturity rather than out of pure amusement, and it's so counterproductive.

  28. Video game violence is so bad we should only play dating simulators lol. Future Debate: Dating simulators are causing disappointments in people's relationships they are so sad that their dates aren't 2D waifu/husbandos PNGs.
    P.S. It's probably a good thing to teach kids to shoot Nazi Zombies.

  29. I find it funny how these old boomers who were serving in wars think that video games cause violence XD

  30. Americans: video games cause violence

    Every other country: what's a mass shooting that barely happens in our country and we play more video games

  31. All media is manipulative to the brain , because it stimulates it through the things they depict, we respond according to the stimulus provided , video games have much more interaction than movies or news and therefore the feeling you get when you drive bullets in your opponent makes you more aggressive than seeing someone else do it like in a tv.

    All these provide Instant gratification and thus cause instant responses. When something doesn’t go according to someones way some become depressed or just fills up with anger.

  32. And people saying about the wars? all those figures had a stimuli to behave that way , they were told something was bad and should be eradicated , and what do violent video games do again?

    Same thing more easily accessible especially young children it makes them more violently competitive. Look at online multiplayers lol , it is almost funny how they react to games.

  33. My first video games was GTA Vice City. I guess I’m a crazy person according to psychologist

  34. In reality your not really hurting anyone everyone's having fun (most of the time ) shooting polygons. I've played violent video games for years and nothing has changed. Plus why they act like where idiots and will do anything we see on a screen..

  35. It's just a lot easier to blame video games than to confront real issues in society.

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