The BEST Vertical Shooters Arcade (SHUMPS) -

The BEST Vertical Shooters Arcade (SHUMPS)

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A collection of the best “vertical shooters” (Shumps) Arcade that we can find in the 80-90-00 decades. All are playable with MAME.

The list has been left out enough interesting games, not to make video so long, games like PHELIOS, TRUXTON, THUNDER DRAGON 2, SKY ADVENTURE, VIMANA, GHOST PILOTS, GUNLOCK and many more.
But if you like you could make a Volume of these great Arcades.


  1. I remember those games which I played in my childhood but there is still one that I'm so freaking want to remember and play it again I forgot the name of it and I'm just disappointed that it's not on the list. If I recall it I think it's like strikers but the bosses is big af and before you fight the boss you have to destroy the parts of the boss cuz its big af and kinda like giga wings which has a percentage of boss percentage destroyed. Anyway, Pls make another vid like this and hopefully you found the game I was looking for. ty <3 .

    Edited: nvm I think it's raiden fighters. Stage 5 or 6 boss where that big plane is

  2. I'm trying to remember a game. It's a vertical shooter but you're trying to get to hell. And I don't remember wtf the name of it is

  3. 7:22 this is twinbee Yahoo but you put the poster art from detana twinbee on accident

  4. #Question

    With Retro Handheld MAME, Can We Play Shooting Genre Arcade Like "Alien 3 : The Gun" Without Analog, Only D-Pad ??

    Please If Know Answer Me ..

  5. seriously, that guitar riff is so fucking irritating and so much louder than the gameplay shown.
    whisper whisper whisper SHOUT!!!

  6. I will never find the name of the one as I played as a kid… but if anyone knows one with a modern blue jet as the shooter character then please tell me as I use to play it on a random hand held machine.

  7. Shame Fire Shark is not on the list. By far one of the last absolute gems made by Toaplan.

  8. There are also many of them at the Playstore on Android. I really love this kind of games.

  9. For a long time, I have been searching for an Aero Fighter Special game, is there a way to download it and on which platform or emulator does it work? Please help me please and I will be grateful to you

  10. I can't remember the name of this arcade game where in attract mode a jet rises from the bottom of the sea and does a lift off into the sky upon exiting the water. (it was from round the late 90's early 00's when i saw it)

  11. 4:48 Batsugun is not playable game now. That game no Mame Rom. Unplayable

  12. Sure there was a game where at the start you chose to be a helicopter or a plane that played like these, may be 1 of these shown but not sure, been trying to remember it for over 25 years lol any help/info 👍

  13. Hmm, I think Raystorm deserve a place here

  14. There was a vertical shooter game, where you played as a spaceship. You had to defeat enemy's or survive til you got to the boss of the stage.

    You had a health bar and a energy bar (for basic attacks)

    You could replenish those by collecting a item from destroyed ships.

    At the end of a stage you could buy different base Attack weapons and special attacks like nukes etc.

    Sadly Ive completely forgotten how the game is called.

    I stil remember that the game used gangster paradise instrumental as its main theme song when you would play the game.

    Does anybody remember the name of the game that I described?

  15. Guys pls help me. I'm looking for a game that is a spacecraft or airplane but it also transform into a robot. I couldn't find it since years now

  16. Galaga 88 is was a sequel to galaga 1981.

  17. Let´s hope someone can help me out here, I played it in the 90s, very much alike Space invaders 95 in 37:18, almost the same style in graphics but in this game you got some "powers", one was that you shoot a spiderweb, wich slows or stop enemies, and, I cant remember very well, but something like a clown head… but it´s almost the same type as galaga and space invaders.

    Espero que alguien me pueda ayudar, un juego que jugué en los 90s, en arcade, muy parecido al Space invaders 95 que sale en 37:18, casi el mismo tipo de animación, bastante colorido, pero en este juego tenías ciertos poderes, uno de ellos era disparar una telaraña a la pantalla que no recuerdo bien si ralentizabas a los enemigos o los detenías en su lugar, y un poder que lanzabas como una cabeza de payaso que no recuerdo bien que hacía, es del mismo tipo que Galaga y Space invaders.

  18. Alguien sabe de un juego muy parecido al mazinger z pero como nombre algo así como vulture?

  19. I'm looking for a vertical shooter game I can't remember very well. I think the main sprites look like helicopters and the power ups are labeled as 1 to 4, with each having a different kind of projectile. Does anyone remember? Thanks in advance.

  20. hey I have been trying to find this amazing game for such a long time.
    It's Vertical shooter game when you start with skateboard with young kid then you lunch a plane it was the greatest I have been playing.
    Please if someone could help me about the name would mean alot to me and my brother.

  21. 8:13

    What an awesome opening !!! I wonder if they did it to funny, by tricking some to believe the big jet was the one the player controls. Imagine being super hyped and right when you expect gameplay to start, that little arm extends out the side where a much more normal sized plane is let out. 😂

  22. 19xx is the best! Only 1 peso to finish that game

  23. I LOVED Dragon Saber as a child. I am so glad it was in this list, it had been so long I was starting to think it was just a memory of a dream I had when I was a kid.

  24. SPACE BOMBER I finally remember it all these years ITS SPACE BOMBER!! I'm gonna cry tears of Joy

  25. For me "Xevious" was not just the inventor of this genre, it is still one of the best vertical shooters.

  26. help me find a game name arcade with description: vertical screen, C button calls superman and becomes invisible, all have 5 supermans, boss stage 1 is a scorpion, boss stage last is a giant dragon. thank you

  27. Best vertical shooters!
    Video is horizontal… 😑

  28. Armed Police Batrider is fantastic. I would add Dimahoo to this list as well.

  29. find a plane shooting game
    Description: vertical screen, dropping bombs is a large circle assembled from many small circles, when Player 2 drops bombs together, they combine to form a large electric circle. Regarding ammo, there is one that when upgrading the last bullet will shoot out like a cloud, but around that cloud there is a blue line that bends around like dragons hugging that pillar and chasing the enemy. The bullets fired are exactly the same as the Dogyuun game, but the graphics are better

  30. I need help…i am looking for the name of a game which the concept almost same as Battle Bakraid year 1989 game…as far i remember nobody can beat Stage 7 where this level the evil master is a machine which create a big yellow big buble which was hard to defeat..the yellow big buble will easy to trap your spaceship if you careless..any clue anyone? TQ

  31. Do anyone here know the name of old ninja game say hopa when do magic as he can become twice the game look such shinobi plzzz

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