The Best Retro Game Box Systems TOP 10 for 2021 🙌 -

The Best Retro Game Box Systems TOP 10 for 2021 🙌

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Super Console X Max Plus, King, Retro Station 14k or Pawky Box.
So many ways to play only what is the best way in 2021 ?
…… Here my TOP 10 ! 😎

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Wicked Chit Chat Time: 0:00 😎

Number 10 – PAP Family Consoles – 1:54
PAPI Review:
Where to find ?
PAPII Review:
Where to find ?

Number 9 – Pandora’s Box Console – 4:12
Pandora Games 3D:
Where to find ?
Pandora BOX EX:
Where to find ?

Number 8 – Super Console X Gen 1 – 7:10
Review –
Where to find ?

Number 7 – Console X Max Plus – 10:10
Review –
Where to find ?

Number 6 – Retro Station & Console Max – 11:56
Review RS14K –
Review Console Max –
Where to find ?

Number 5 – Raspberry Pi 4 -14:08
Review –
Where to find ?
Raspberry Pi 4 Kit –
Cooling Element with Fan –

Number 4 – Super Console X3 Version 2 – 16:25
Review –
Where to find ?

Number 3 – PS Vita – 18:19
Review –
Where to find ?
US –
UK –
EU –

Number 2 – Super Console X King – 20:39
Review –
Where to find ?

Number 1 – $125,- Retro / Console X PC Lite – 23:44
Review –
Where to find ?

Conclusion ! – 29:27

—— Disclaimer —–
Product / Products I show in this video have been purchased by myself.
Nobody is paying me for promoting / showing this product.

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  1. Here is from Brazil I'm on your channel congratulations

  2. Stoves only to heat the room. Some of the consoles do not overheat while playing and which one will not set the room on fire?

  3. Hi from France 🇫🇷 😁✌🏻✨

  4. They all share one thing in common. Those stinky chemical ps2 controllers.

  5. Still loving♥️my super console X pro

  6. The videos i did wait for! I still love the super console x pro – didn't pay too much and works with the games i want

  7. My dream box would be a box that played all the retro consoles and gamecube games and mame Super good …. Come on china you can do it!!

  8. Who needs to even see, you just posted your top 10 in the description. Maybe next time don't do that because now its not worth watching the video.

  9. I can't comment on systems I haven't used, but I have 2 Raspberry Pi systems. 1 for playing old games(pre-PS1, I play later games on my gaming PC so I can do upscaling) that I can easily stick in my pocket and take to a friend's house for some beers and a few games, and another as a home NAS for media sharing(just upload videos to the Pi and me and my entire family can watch them from any device connected to our network) and also a place to back up important files(family photos and other irreplaceable files that would be lost if one of our computers broke) to an 8TB 3.5" USB hard disk. The fun fact is that the hard disk cost about double the amount that the rest of the system did, but still come to under £200(approx $300 American) total.

  10. Nice video, love the list. I do not like PS TV on my market though. It was relatively cheap for a short period of time (about 100 euros at the lowest), but I didn't buy it back then. Now, the absolute cheapest one I've found is 125, with people asking up to 180 euros for these things.

  11. Hello wicked!Any recommendations for controllers for the no1 retro mini pc!

  12. Was the Console X PC Lite you had the AK3V or GK3V??, as the GK3V has better onboard graphics

  13. esto estuvo genial Yo quiero tener algunas de estas grandes mermas joyas deljuego retro wicked gamer por favor doname una regalamela por ser navidad te lo agradesco detodo corazon hermano

  14. I discovered your channel recently and now is my 2021 and retrogame favorite. Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  15. Surprised your didn't have the hk1 in there emuchicken can't say enough about it?

  16. What's your favorit Paket from China this year?

  17. Where is the Nvidia Shield? Seems like you're avoiding it? Why?

  18. bleh! nothing emulate a ps2, im stay with the retroid pocket 2/2+, odin lite and phone with snapdragon 870

  19. Yeah, the 905 is an old chipset… yet the best price/performance boxes overall on the market.
    Personally i use the Raspi 400 currently, if not on PC, also testing nVidia Jetson Nano and a RK3399 for AetherSX compatibillity.
    EDIT: would have been nice if you included power consumption vs performance. Basically the Mini PC is outperformed by an old Laptop with an i5 2nd Gen + dedicated (entry) nVidia GPU i bought for about 20€ (as broken) at roughly the same power (18-20Watts under load) and does run some PS2 games

  20. Thanks been hoping to see this. Be nice to see which one require the least power. I have a 120v adapter for my car and wanna connect a small one to my DVD player. Low power but good.

  21. I only want to play older games so I don't need the most powerful box.
    What box would you recommend for the below requirements?
    Also two questions.


    – Can run MAME (80’s & 90’s 2D arcade games) and Amiga games

    – Can use my own arcade stick

    – Can use Qwerty keyboard & mouse for Amiga games

    – No screen tearing

    – Work with my 2021 Samsung smart TV

    Config questions

    1. Is there an option to play the older games at a native 4:3 ration 'and' also to stretch the image to 16:9?

    2. Do the emulators force the console image on the sides of the screen or is there an option to just have black screen?

  22. I still use an old Orange Pi zero with RetrOrange distrib on my old crt. Still awesome and cheap nowadays. Batocera has also made a distrib for Orange Pi PC which is quite good.

    I found that mega drive mini and ps1 mini are awesome for running emulators thanks to kmfd cores. I like the form factor and the UI.

    The last thing that I use is my computer : for wipeout pure for example with additional texture from github and retroarch.

    Thanks for your best of , I was thinking few days ago that it could be useful to do it 😉

  23. Wicked Gamer, you just reviewed the Pawky Box Pro on December 14, 2021. Where would it place on the list? I ask because other than the chip getting slightly hot, you mentioned that it played even the tougher to emulate game pretty well, and the price has dropped quite a bit on Ali Express.

  24. i've been using a Nvidia shield for 4 years now, I'm probably going to go to a mini pc soon though

  25. Александр Мельников says:

    Don't buy any of them. Pure trash. They're single-board Raspberry Pi clones, with free OS, bad emulation, and stolen games. So all these crooks are trying to get rich selling pirated crap loaded onto slow running free crap. You can download the same emulators and any ROMs or ISOs for only the games you want. Then run them better on whatever home computer you own. There's nothing wrong with playing old games, but it's wrong to sell them. Please, don't make piracy profitable for toads.

  26. My wifey gave me a powkiddy a13 for Christmas, when I was unwrapping she said "it's-a-time….for a package from…China".

    I watch your vids too much maybe? Thanks for the content

  27. Que bueno..y que suerte…ojalá yo pudiera tener una de esas Retro consolas..!!!..sigue así mejorando los videos…

  28. None. I use my pc to do everything these do and more.

  29. Got one SuperConsole X King for a gift to give and one for myself. Really fun device! Your reviews earlier this year convinced me to pick one up and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks!

  30. 😃😃😃👍👍👍😁😁😁❤️

  31. Great vid man…I thought you would of had the Super console X ultimate PC as your number 1 as I used that machine every day and it plays PS2 games great and up to Wii U but it is at a higher price which makes me think why you didn't put it on the list 🙏🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  32. The fact that we can have a Top 10 of these retro TV boxes when just 2 years ago there was like nothing… incredible!

  33. My number 1 is my MSI Titan gaming laptop.

  34. The best top 10 of all packages from China!

  35. Great Review, I like the #4 reasonably priced and performed okay.. By the way How can we go back to the main menu where all the Game consoles are without restarting the system?

  36. Hallo wicked gamer

    Zou u me kunnen zeggen welke het beste us als je alleen maar

    Sega cd
    Neo geo
    Gameboy advance

    Alleen die emulators zou ik willen spelen
    Alle spellen graag met een overlay vooral voor de gameboy spellen.
    En een ps4 stick als controller ivm zo'n goedkope variant.
    En zelf spellen toevoegen of verwijderen
    Bestaat zo iets al kant en klaar.
    Ben zelf met launchbox in de weer maar ben zelf niet zo'n held in alles te laten spelen.
    Zou u me een tip kunnen geven welke ik het beste zou kunnen kopen.

    Alvast bedankt

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