The Best Mini Collectible Arcade for 2020 ? -

The Best Mini Collectible Arcade for 2020 ?

Wicked Gamer & Collector
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I have reviewed and seen my share of Mini Arcade Retro Collectibles.
Only I think this is the best version for 2020 !

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Nobody is paying me for promoting / showing this product.

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  1. I like it when the chinese people print the 'der grüne punkt' recycling symbol on it 😂🤣

  2. I have this and its so small to read text and play games, it more just for fun.

  3. Awesome mini cade it has its flaws but still pretty cool..

  4. I have the yellow one on the box. Great little unit. You can get them for under £22 on ebay. I paid £17 but it was quite a while ago. The yellow one had rhe decals i liked the most. They all look great though.

  5. 16 bit power and toilet paper instructions. Love your channel

  6. Super street fighter 2 sound is horrible because original sound iş horrible this game

  7. I have one of this, but just for collection, without an usb port (or bluetooth) for external gamepad i am scared of destroying it

  8. Street Fighter on Helium… sounds funny. But cool one for the shelf, i like the lighted Marquee.

  9. Great video but i wish i could say the same about the product, the sound emulator kills it for me

  10. Still have the one on my shelf you did sent to me 😊

  11. Tiny wiggle stick, ear-splitting audio, unwanted homebrew games.

    Collector's piece, nothing more. 😐

  12. This machine has new soundtracks for my NIGHTMARES.

  13. Isnt this the same as the one you did 1 year ago?
    I bought one based on your vid.
    But perhaps the other one was better cause I dont think it has audio issues like this one.
    But that older ones does say Sega 156 in 1 16bit.
    MK and SF both seem to play just fine on that with no audio issues.

  14. Got this exact same model, it sits on my desk at work. You're not going to play with it for a long time, so It's good enough for a quick break.

  15. This would be really cute to have on a desk or something, just mute the volume and have it playing or something idk lol

  16. I wonder if it's worth to change the screen to one ips one?
    Would it work anyone that knows?

  17. Ive had one for a while. Do your eyes hurt after playing for a while? Also the stick is pretty good, the plastic top is just loose. If you take the stick off it functions fine.
    Gonna gut this and use it as a raspberry pi machine.

  18. WOW!!! I mean just listen to that sound!! Its amazing!!! The screen….oh man. This thing will help you pick up women its that good!!! Nah in all seriousness I nearly fell off my chair with laughter when I heard the street fighter sound. Haa hahahaha. So funny, and sonic hehehehe. Thanks wicked for giving me a good laugh. We are in lockdown in the uk until 2nd dec and we just heard in my area its being extended for two more weeks so this video was most welcome. I needed a laugh! If they would only just not add the "dont cry for me argentina music", that would be a good improvement!

  19. I don't mind the prints of the toilet paper manual on my butt 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Hope you don't buy those consoles. Thanks for your reviews 😁👍

  21. Wicked why ur crazy while talking 😅😅. Just talk normally no neef any actions or craziness 😁

  22. so its basicly a genesis/mega drive emulator with shitty controls, bad sound, and tiny screen… ok got it

  23. after the review… what usually u do with this consoles.

  24. I bought two of these with the same decals by mistake, only wanted one. Nice little machine with some good games on it and for £16, its a bargain in my opinion.

  25. Is that menu chiptune "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"?

  26. i really like how this one looks even tho the sound is bad

  27. Sound is like one of those early retro-bit (atgames) firecore genesis systems

  28. This guy should change his name to "China gamer stuff".

  29. This is so cool! This deserves more credit

  30. It's like a Mega Drive version of my NES arcade machine!!

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