The Arcade Guys Retro Plus Arcade Cabinet Review -

The Arcade Guys Retro Plus Arcade Cabinet Review

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When most people think about retro gaming, they think about gaming at home. Mega Drive, GameBoy, Playstation, Atari. While many great games were released there, for those with quarters in their pocket there was magic to be found in the Arcades. Yes, while many of these games eventually got ported to home systems, it’s hard to capture that Arcade experience at home… unless you have your own Arcade cabinet. Enter The Arcade Guys and their Retro Plus custom arcade cabinet, powered by Raspberry Pi 4.

PiCade supports NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Sega CD, Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo Pocket, FBA, MAME, DosBox, PlayStation, and Wonderswan.

PocketGo S30:
Playgo V2.2:
Supbor Q400:
ODROID Go Advance:
Razer Kishi:
PocketGo V2.1:
LDK Game:

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  1. Can you tell me what size are the start and coin buttons as they are smaller than the game buttons…thanks!

  2. This is great for the price! But i will only like 2 players

  3. Is there games like Pacman Centipede space Invaders

  4. Do you have to pay any monthly fees for the games? Im trying to get a cabinet for my house and im trying to find one with the classic namco games like ms Pacman and also games like street fighter

  5. It's been about six months since you've posted this. Do you feel like it was worth it? Interested in your impressions now that you've been able to use it a while

  6. Many games they include and advertise don’t run well, or not at all

  7. Hey I ordered one about a year ago I don't play much maybe for to 5 times over the year I tried to turn it on for some guess last week and the monitor is telling me no HDMI signal the raspberry turns on an everything is connect I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is ?

  8. Amazing review. My real question is about the TV. I know you don’t like the quality, but is it to bright to sit in front of for say 3 hours at a time?

  9. Does it play Naomi or CPS 1, 2 and 3 games?

  10. How do classic arcade games with vertical orientation (pac-man, galaga, etc.) look? Is the aspect ratio correct or are they stretched?

  11. Stupid question, but does this have wii games?

  12. Great and honest review! Does it have NFL Blitz??

  13. Build your own folks if you can. As a guy who's did it and currently is in the process of making two side by side I recommend you do it yourself so you can do much more than what's offered here.

  14. Sorry didn't hear the price. Looks cool!

  15. Or you can just get a atgames legends ultimate

  16. Nice review – very informative. I just ordered a machine from them but have not received it yet. One thing I want to do is add some old school arcade game ROMs that were not included. Is it as easy as just copying the ROM's to the SD card? I reached out to the Arcade Guys but they said they cannot help me. Would you have any info and/or links on how to do this? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  17. What did you do to fix the buzzing speaker issue?

  18. Philly Catholic League Sports Network says:

    Controls sound extremely loud and clicks

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