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The ’80s Arcade VIRTUAL TOUR ||TR OldSchoolGamer

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Tour Virtual gracias al Fronted “New Retro Arcade Neon” dedicado a los años 80.

Info Años 80 ARCADE:
La edad dorada fue una época de tremendo auge en la popularidad de los sistemas ARCADE, que conllevó grandes avances y enormes beneficios. A pesar de que no existe un consenso en lo que a su duración exacta se refiere, todos los autores coinciden en la primera mitad de los 80 como punto álgido. Durante este periodo se experimentó un rápido avance de los juegos ARCADE a lo largo y ancho de Norte América, Europa y Japón. Estos sistemas comenzaron a aparecer en supermercados, restaurantes, gasolineras, y muchos otros establecimientos que buscaban una fuente extra de ingresos. Los juegos populares a menudo causaban una riada de adolescentes ávidos de probar lo último que las compañías proponían. Las dos compañías mas exitosas de esta era fueron Namco (la compañía Japonesa responsable de Pac-Man) y Atari. Estas dos compañías lucharon cuerpo a cuerpo por el primer lugar en los salones ARCADE durante varios años.

Durante este periodo los desarrolladores experimentaron con nuevo hardware, como los displays vectoriales, que producían líneas sin aliasing. Eventualmente estos sistemas fueron abandonados por su alto coste. Los desarrolladores también experimentaron con el uso de la tecnología laser-disk para mostrar video y audio similares al cine. Tras el enorme éxito inicial, otras compañías como Sega, Nintendo, Bally Midway, Capcom, SNK, Konami, Williams o Taito se animaron a entrar en el negocio. Algunos sencillamente refinaban el concepto de “oleadas invasoras” de Space Invaders, como Galaxian o Galaga, mientras que otros introducían conceptos nuevos, definiendo nuevos géneros.


  1. IT is hard to believe that no one remembers the first street fighter game and that the sequel street fighter 2 is what people remember to this day.

  2. There is a generation of people who don't know that Super Mario Bros. was originally an arcade game.

  3. One of the most important parts of the 80's Matrix is ready and operational from what I see…if the other parts are also created, we can forever live in the 80s!!! 😉

  4. Thank you, loved rally X in the early 80s arcades.

  5. Look at the quality of all these restored machines! Immaculate! What a collection!

  6. 80's kid in Chicago. 13 – 14 years old.
    I lived with mom. Pops lived and worked way out southside.

    After school, I took the bus, and helped my Pops (mechanic) at his shop a few hours a day after school (50 bucks a week).
    She (girlfriend) had an allowance and babysat a few times a week. (Guessing she averaged $25-$30 a week).

    (Every two weeks like clockwork)

    Get up Sunday morning.
    Walk 3 blocks to my girlfriend's house, we eat bowl of cereal.
    We take the L train downtown.
    Catch the matinee at the theater (2, sometimes 3 movies in the morning).
    Lunch at Burger King or McDonald's usually.
    $7, noon- to-3 special at the BIG 200 machine arcade. (My FAVs: Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Defender. Her FAVs: Ms. Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Mr. Do).
    Garrett's Popcorn (freshly made, warm, caramel and cheese popcorn).
    Subway L train back to her house.
    Eat dinner with her family. (Saturdays she ate dinner at my house).
    $34 dollars for everything. Sometimes when we had extra money, we'd bring our little brothers even though the little bastards didn't get along (10yo & 9yo).
    Whenever we happen to get in touch, this is something that we ALWAYS reminisce about.
    Damn, I need to make a MAME cabinet.

  7. My favorite game wasn't in there (GORF)

  8. 😥😪😥😪😥😥😥 thank!!!!
    Desde México gracias por dejarme ver nuevamente el recuerdo de esta gran infancia que tuve. 👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Star Castle and Asteroid Deluxe were my two all time favorites! Too bad they're not on here!

  10. This would make a great intro for "M.A.M.E." or "HYPERSPIN" !!!
    Great Job!!!

  11. Now this is one great 80's arcade, it made me feel like i was back in the local arcade in the 80's but that arcade has long gone 🙁

  12. インディージョーンズのクリア動画が見てみたいわ

  13. Bem que esse tempo maravilhoso poderia voltar,o que falta pra acontecer?kkkk

  14. Phoenix ,vanguard,berzerk,

  15. The smell of incense burning the elephant noise and you loose perfect and a woody electronicy smell I think I spelled that rite for the spelling trolls out there neon lights

  16. Galaga 8 minutes cheat. You think its finished and then cames another one and you will be shocked

  17. OmG… which emulator is this?!?!
    This is amazing! I would love to have this!

  18. hola,podría poner un enlace de un salón arcade ya configurado como este del video,me encanta el new retro arcade y new retro arcade neon,compre este ultimo y no consigo hacerlo funcionar,gracias por el video y espero puedas ayudarme a mi y a otros

  19. 39:35 Anyone remember the name of this game? I spent a lot of time playing it.

  20. I generally like these things. And it looks like a lot of work went into it. I have a hard time with the cabinets not being correct. Tapper, Donkey Kong, on and on have totally wrong cabinets and artwork. Maybe I'm a purist. The sounds are great however.

  21. Just set up my NRAN arcade, I was born in 85 but there were still tons of 80s arcade games in arcades when I was a kid, curious to find out more of them.

  22. there are still some random arcade parlors in my shitty city, but they are almost empty, I don't like to enter because I feel the parlor workers look at me like I am a kind of predator… Growing old sucks.

  23. Please transport me from the 2020 world of COVID 19, social unrest to this, the world of my early 80s childhood.

  24. hola muchas gracias por hacerme recordar hermosos años de mi infancia, me podrías decir el nombre del juego que aparece en el minuto 31:40 por favor!!!

  25. How is the input lag, while playing in this environment? Would like to make an arcade with mostly cave shmups

  26. You should put the list of the games below the video

  27. Hello and I am hoping someone can help me – I lived in Japan in the 80's on a military installation – There was a bowling alley that had some arcade machines, IE Ghost and Goblins and Rush'n attack – There was this arcade game that was a haunted house game – There was a mansion that had many windows and you could see ghosts in them – The ghosts would come out of the windows and chase you – Anybody have any idea what this game is called – I've googled and found nothing –

  28. Try searching for MAME32 at archive dot org. The Progetto collection is worth a look.

  29. If someone could build a virtual 80s world, I wouldn't leave!

  30. Can u make a how to video? I mean how to step by step. Also like putting videos on tapes an music on tapes. That would be helpful. Thanks if u could. Awesome video

  31. Great to go back to the 80's. Wish I were still capable of having Big Hair.

  32. In the 80s $5 at the Morris County mall would buy fries and a Coke and you’d still have a bunch of money left over for arcade games. Sometimes I miss being 11.

  33. You couldn’t beat the smoothness of true arcade games

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