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Testing and Playing this 1980 Atari Warlords Cocktail Arcade Game I Found!

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  1. It's almost like a cross between pong and breakout.

  2. Man that game must have caused terrible screen burn as the image barely ever changed!

  3. I have a good friend that has the cocktail version of warlords. Also has a Bally Future Spa. He has a great arcade.

  4. I played this game for hours at our small town local pizza shop. Good times.

  5. You’d never think this simple game be so addictive but man! Me and my friends would spend our entire weekend at the pizza place playing this and pinball or Galaxia. Think I spelled that wrong but you no.
    I made a visit back to this same pizzeria a few years back and was amazed that they still had a table game and pinball machine and even had Astroids arcade! Love seeing places like this keep the same decor and everything. We had a few beers and a slice and hung out with the owners son whom still remembered us from the early 80’s.

  6. Man this game is cool! I've heard of it but never seen it before. I could see how this would be a lot of fun to play with four people.

  7. Psychiatrist: When did you start having anxiety issues?


  8. I thought the story was going to say that the winner will return to the kingdom as the heir, but no, apparently they battle for eternity.
    Maybe the kingdom switches to a republic?

  9. Looks like a fun game, havent seen or played this one before

  10. Holy shit thats frustrating! 😀 That thing would eat quarters for breakfast

  11. I hav'nt seen one of those in a long time. Nice.

  12. Remember all the cigarette burns on the old defender games? Lol

  13. On the home game I used to catch it, then whip the dial of my controller all the way to the end and fire the ball. The computer never had a chance to block. Great game! Thanks for showing it off.

  14. Why is the one shield a different shape. It’s almost like the sprite is corrupted.

  15. This is one where I actually can't decide whether the arcade or the 2600 version is better-looking. The 2600 one is affected by the graphical limitations of the console, but they came up with a really slick look to deal with that. They both play great. I have them on a console-based emulator but there, there's the problem that these paddle games just don't play right with a modern analog-stick game controller.

  16. i miss playing the cocktail game at pizza hut Menand NY

  17. Never played Warlords. Space Invaders was awesome. Original box of Warlords; cool. I’d love the original box of Kaboom & Space Invaders. Thank you for this video. 👾

  18. that's a really fun one. it's time for some of these games to see a remake!

  19. The knight on the box of the 2600 version actually depicts one of the programmers at Atari at the time, Jim Huether. He wasn't the one who programmed it, but he had the right looks, obviously 😀

  20. I totally forgot about this game, but I spend a lot of time on this back in the day.

  21. I have been noticing that you have a lot of troubles with capacitors, which understandable and expected in these vintage machines. Paul Carlson on Mr. Carlsons Lab here on YT is an electronics engineer and does electronic and tube gear repair and testing, and has home brew test gear for testing caps, and forecasting life expectancy. Those plans, videos, etc are on patreon, but with a $5 subscription that's a great deal.
    So skip your Venti 1 pump caramel, 1 pump white mocha, 2 scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice frappuchino with 2 shots poured over the top (apagotto style) with caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped froufrou drink at the diabetes store for one day!

  22. Damn that game looks still awesome! Especially with 4 players.

  23. This is one of the best classic games out there and one that'll stand the test of time.
    It's especially good with a projection screen (over a rocky/medieval static bottom) or emulation with this.

    A game like this is a "Cocktail table" classic that if you have a restaurant/bar, some space near a food court in a mall will have people playing regularly for years. Places that had these tended to have customers up in arms when/if it got removed. Good attract. The game is fun to play on its own but funner indeed with other people and while simple by today's standards they made such perfect use of what they had no real need to improve/redo it.

    Another game that gets a cultish following is Joust. When I was a munchkin gamer the big boys at the bars that later became arcades or split from them – the adults shooed me away from joust. I got to kick their a– in Karatae Champ or especially Wizard of Wor – but Joust stayed in the bar area coz the customers, the regular always wanted it nearby…

  24. I can see how this would be a great game at a bar or casual eating place ! Thanks for sharing =)

  25. The best 4 player arcade imo. So much fun!!!

  26. Love it! Been to your store a couple of times, such a cool place!

  27. A good strategy when playing others, is to catch the fireball on one side of your base, quickly spin your paddle so you quickly wrap around to the other side and then release at your opponent. Can catch them off guard and you can open a hole right at the bottom of their base.

  28. Had one the legs can be stretch out so u can be standing up

  29. I used to play phoenix on the cabinets
    I never had warlord for the atari or seen it in an arcade it looks a cool game

  30. I wouldn't mind seeing your workshop, do you have a lot of testing gear such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, dim bulb testers, variacs etc?

  31. I still have this game on my Atari 2600, but this arcade version looks soooooo much better!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  32. Fun game ! Cool repair (previous vid) 🙂

  33. it's like a cross between brick breaker and Pong

  34. your channel is FANTASTIC! back in 1983 i was a freshman at edinburgh university scotland. used to play , asteroids, pacman, popeye , space invaders – i espcially LOVED warlord – which i THINK they had in "Teviot" student union downstairs in 1983 and 1984. i used to be able to "clock " missile command – when you hit 810,000 – it would go mad and give you 150 bonus cities. i also got really good at popeye – it has a technique to play all day. love MAME on the pc as all these old games are still playable. Teviot student union still exists and its totally open to the public during the edinburgh festival fringe. unfortunatley the "arcade " (in the basement near the gents toilet ) – is now a cafe. you sir are actually VERY good at what you do – your circuit analysis is spot on – you fault find in EXACTLY the right way. i love your youtube content. if im ever in south carilina – im gonna pop into your shop. best wishes from manachester uk. ps your youtube style reminds me of "ave" – he is a mad canadian youtuber who reviews tools – hes a bit adult and often says "focus you f*ck!" when his camera wont focus. i would love to hear you say that.

  35. warlord is great – you must play this game! i was lucky enough to play it in the early 80's

  36. I only remember the Atari 2600 version. Never knew it was a regular arcade game.

  37. Remember playing it at the local Pizza Hut. Amazing. I want one so bad .

  38. One of the funnest games all time. 4 player mayhem. We always called it Battle Ball hahaha.

  39. The AI was totally teaming against you. Four humans players and this game it incredibly fun for how primitive it may appear. Warloards, Kaboom , and Maze Craze where the games we would spend hours playing.

  40. Back in the day when you could sell a game cart without even a picture of what the actual game looks like on the box lol

  41. How do you create teams in warlords 4 player games ?

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