Tesla Arcade hands-on: the Model 3 is your video game console - video-games-arcade.com

Tesla Arcade hands-on: the Model 3 is your video game console

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Tesla Arcade is pulling the company’s secret video game features out of the shadows and bringing them front and center, starting today. Tesla Arcade is a new video game hub found across its line of electric cars. Earlier this afternoon, Tesla brought a Model 3 to downtown San Francisco to let The Verge try out Arcade and its newest title, developer Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Racing 2.

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  1. “You can turn your car into a mars rover”

  2. 1972: In the future, you guys might have flying cars!

    2020: Yes, but we playin'

  3. Most idiotic thing! It doesnt have feedback How you gonna play? Its so hard and makes no sence without FFB! LOL

  4. i just cliked the video to comment that this will be the new killing machine……………………………..

  5. Does this have to be performance range? Cuz i dont have it on the standard range

  6. I can just imagine someone doing this whilst using auto pilot on a freeway. I hope they blocked this feature whilst driving.

  7. Bad enough that Tesla is encouraging game playing by drivers. But driving games? What could possibly go wrong?

  8. jesus now i need to buy a telsa to play mario cart part 2

  9. I wish I could install gran turismo there.

    Wait, I don't even have tesla,
    or a car.

  10. Geez, BBR2? That game was made back in 2012!

  11. Its so cool that you can just game inside your car

  12. gas pedal, brake pedal used in the game? thanks

  13. pls tesla if ur watching this i need cyberpunk on tesla model x

  14. I wish my wifes boyfriend bought me a tesla

  15. Don't rule out that this is a disaster waiting to happen

  16. I don't think that is good idea bring arcade games to car dashboard even if the car is in parked . It is safety issue. The regulation must ban it .

  17. imagine buying tesla just to get tesla car from beach buggy racing

  18. i recently bought tesla model 3 2017 and i do not have stardew valley installed there, any ideas why? and how can i get it on the arcade list? thanks

  19. Imagine seeing some guy Moving his steering wheel in his Tesla car when it's not driving LOL And somebody is like what the hell is he doing.

  20. Unfortunately controlling this game with steering wheels also moves the front tires, so it might kinda ruin them if you play too much, especially on asphalt.

  21. Aye bro what gaming console you play?

    Tesla Model 3

  22. hi what is the start button for arcade games

  23. What game would you like to see Tesla bring to its Arcade?

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