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Plush Time Wins
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We are in a battle with the machines. How many can we terminate before we perish. Who will get the furthest before they die, Angel or Crystal? We have to bring salvation to the human race by terminating all the machines. You can call us the terminators. Time to jump in and play Terminator Salvation!

Let’s take out the MACHINESSS!!!!

We’ll be back!

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  1. Marathon watching 1/6/2020…. Terminated?!

  2. First and nice vid as always keep up the good work

  3. Wow cool vid! Wish our malls also have those cool arcades. :/

  4. lol love you two, well done angel You went beast mode lol

  5. You are awesome plush time wins your my favourite youtuber a never stop uploading videos still your awesome and I love your videos

  6. Nice vid! Also, do you know any arcade place with a game called "Jurassic Park Arcade"? If so, try it! it's kinda like the Lets Go Jungle shooters but with dinosaurs!

  7. When are yall going to Chuck e cheeses to try the trick i told ya about when to drop the coin 😁😁😂

  8. Plush time wins could you please please please please please make another coin pusher video please they are on of my favourite

  9. Are you guys going to see the new terminator movie

  10. +Plush Time Wins you and matt3756 are my favorite channel 😛😃😝😄

  11. Plush time wins I would be really happy if you replied to this which arcade game is your favourite not including the claw machine.
    I have been wondering for ages

  12. Dude you beat my score by 24 points man! You owned that game

  13. Will you ever come down to Miami and tried to claw machine at Bayside they have a claw machine from the new movie home and it's really easy to get I got two of them already!!

    Ps sometimes it riges you

  14. Awesome video if you have time, could you enter my giveaway!! Thanks

  15. Are you guys brothers? just started watching your videos…

  16. Always loved the Terminator series. Awesome video once again! Continue making arcade games, they are entertaining!

  17. I wish she knew that you could hold the trigger

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