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Terminator 2: Judgment Day arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2. Note that the number of bombs per continue was set at 99. I edited out one death each at the two parts in the game where you restart if you fail.


  1. You can't play alone.. 2 player all in..not holding back..

  2. I used to watch people play this as a very young kid in my local swimming center. You would always hear the sounds of the game walking through the cafeteria to the changing rooms. I was too small to reach the fixed gun controls so I could never play. One of my first memories playing a videogame was my dad lifting me up so I could reach the controls. Thanks dad 🙂

  3. this was the only Terminator game worth playing from the time period.

  4. Holy cow this brings back memories. I was so mad when the restaurant that had this got rid of the cabinet.

    Also, notice how there were no designers? Just programmers and artists?

  5. I loved this as a kid, this and Alien 3 – The GUN

  6. The T-800s all have plasma rifles, and yet they're chucking pipe bombs, talk about out of place

  7. Ummm, what was the purpose of Sarah Conner? She was in the way lol😂

  8. I did heard somewhere that some HK tanks did have crew compartments that housed terminators to fend off Tech-Com attackers that would try to scavenge the HK tank wreck for heavy weapons and other tech they could research to better counter the HK tanks so there’s that if anyone wanted to know why gold terminators came out from the HK Tank

  9. I grew with this and other games thinking they are naturally difficult , didn't quite gathered the intentionality behind it. I just wanted beat the shit out of it. Rip the damn wire off to then keep inserting coins jajajajaja but damn I enjoyed them !.

  10. Arcade machines have just one screen lol.. you mean the 1st level? 😅

  11. I dumped so many quarters into this thing… it was my go to game.

  12. i remember saving $50 up over the course of one summer, just to try to beat this game lol.

  13. This rip off wouldn't let you get more than 3 minutes in between quarters. What A joke seeing it with auto targeting being nearly 40 minutes long. This is the reason arcades died.

  14. I remember being a kid and watching them wheel this machine fresh into the arcade. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

  15. I Own The SNES Version Of It. I Got Through Level 1, When I Went To Level 2, I Lost.

  16. Wunderland in Gresham, Oregon…unlimited play, took me and my buddy the better part of a Saturday to get through this game, but we did it.

  17. 金色のターミネーターが全力疾走しながら撃ってくる姿は草

  18. You mean the game doesn't end with the truck exploding?

  19. Geezzz i remember playing this game in arcade back in the days

  20. I loved to watched T2 arcade game almost everytime. It's such a cool game. 😃👍

  21. Wow, I forgot just how brutal this game is. It uses a lot of the "your useless allies stand in your line of fire" trick too.

    But I still have very fond memories of this. Great sound design and sprites made everything so satisfying to blow up

  22. I remember this game from back in the day, I think this is the first time I have seen half of these levels lol

  23. Missing the "Hurry up!" when you insert coins to continue 🙂

  24. Awesome, thanks for the trip down memory lane

  25. Used to play this at Century 3 mall here in Pittsburgh when I was a senior in high school
    The good old days

  26. Is that really arnold schwarzenegger's voice?!

  27. Always great to blow the crap out of Skynet before taking out the T-1000 for some reason. Perhaps to ensure that humanity really will win the war if John Connor lives.

  28. We're not gonna make it, are we? People, I mean. 
    Terminator: It's in your nature to destroy yourselves.

  29. Does not hold the test of time this looks like shit and plays the same years later

  30. Who’s hear to check out this game after hearing Arcade1up could be dropping this Cab 😅

  31. "3 billion lives ended that day."


  32. One of the greatest things my mom’s former boss did
    Somehow got this game at his rink

  33. What version is this? I have the Mame2003 version, but the sound is not that good. Are you using a different mame version?

  34. Leather-clad infiltrators wearing sunglasses inside the human hideout? Yep Skynet, they'll blend in no problemo

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