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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade) All Bosses (No Damage)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade) All Bosses (No Damage). Boss list:
00:35 Boss 01 Rocksteady
01:58 Boss 02 Bebop
02:44 Boss 03 Baxter Stockman
03:32 Boss 04 Bebop and Rocksteady
05:31 Boss 05 Lt. Granitor
07:07 Boss 06 Gen. Traag
08:31 Boss 07 Krang
10:05 Final Boss – Shredder
12:08 Ending
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series Bosses (No Damage) playlist:


  1. This game was the shiznit! I like toytles.

  2. Playing this arcade game was one of my favorite memories as a kid. RIP Wizard's Castle in Lloyd Mall.

  3. I remember playing this game with mine best best Brother DANI.

  4. I remember playing this game,turtles in time, captain America and the avengers and x-men arcade game at major magic's it was awesome

  5. I forgot about the Simpsons game and mortal kombat as well

  6. This one and turtles in time are the best. Screw the rest of them

  7. I remember when Walmart had arcades and me and my brother used to play this game all of the time, so many good memories.

  8. Takes no damage but 1:36 it’s cut later in the level and he has 2 less lives 🧐

  9. a si quien no puede hasta mi abuelita!..con tantos créditos

  10. Man, this looks a lot easier than the NES version.

  11. Bebop is a pain in the ass when it's
    4 players

  12. I was playing this 30 years ago. It was my favorite arcade game for a long time. Pizza and a good arcade game = healthy.

  13. Love how my friends and I just messing around with each other more than messing with enemies

  14. No graphics can ever compare to even the SOUND of any classic arcade game OR arcade room!

  15. Soo many awesome memories of this arcade in the early 90’s 🥰

  16. I wonder why rock steady comes out of a drill

  17. You swing he punched you dodge good pattern!

  18. 5:33 well jeez giant bird robot guy you don't have to do a short hop and make the ground shake if your mad! That always scared me when I was younger

  19. I swear to god in the UK arcades it was Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle's I'm sure of ot

  20. Para mi gusto fue el mejor juego de las tortugas ninja y el que me inisio en el mundo de lod videos juegos x aya delos 80s y 90s saludos desd mex😋🖐️🐗🦏🐢

  21. Is the first boss taking place on the ground floor? How in the world did he drive that drill machine all the way up there to come through the floor?

  22. ok nice videogame and l when l was kid l saw tho two guys playing this videogame in the plaza tutuli

  23. They should remaster this game. It was one of the best games.

  24. I miss the arcade days… Back when I was a kid there was a mall across from the apartment complex we stayed in.. Me and my friends stayed asking our parents to borrow money to go the local arcade at the mall to play these games!! Sigh the 80s and 90s!

  25. That was an awful Master Splinter voice they used.

  26. God, all the voices are so awful in this. lol, but at least gameplay was worthwhile.

  27. You know, I wish we fought the other members of Bebop and Rocksteady’s gang as mini-bosses in Scene 3 or 5.

  28. played both the NES and Arcade version of this, and I have to say they really buffed the difficulty of some of the bosses in the NES version especially Krang.

  29. You’d think they’d make these available on psn and Xbox by now, I know there’s licensing and such but still… this era of arcades were awesome!

  30. Rocksteady knows about stand your ground laws

  31. I remember playing this with my two brothers at the superior bowl a drome which is a bowling place in Ontario Thunder Bay and the three of us beat it together and sadly one of my brothers passed away after that

  32. Bebop And Rocksteady – “Say youse prayers toitles!”

  33. What's the deal with old school games being full of typos? I guess translations were done over Konami Japan, in this case?

    Also, the lyrics and puns of this show… I don't think it gets any cheesier.

  34. If you did this on one coin back in the 90s you'd be an arcade god , everyone would've talked about you to this day.

  35. When arcades existed and were leaps and bounds better than console. It was so frustrating as a kid having to settle playing this game for nes after you played the arcade.

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