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Tecmo’s classic 1986 Rygar Arcade Game – Unique Cabinet, Gameplay Video

Joe’s Classic Video Games
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We got in this strange “Rigar” Rygar arcade game, and shot a little video of it for all our Youtube friends! This was shortly after Tekhan became Tecmo around 1986 or so.

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  1. My book on the complete history Rygar was just released! In the book I included images of the RIGAR cabinet, that Joe's Classic Video Games were nice enough to supply me. Grab your copy of the book at RygarBook.com

  2. 13:00 this game would of robbed so many kids of the pocket money, it's harder that a nuclear chuck Norris's ball bags

  3. 0:29 I've got rygar Nintendo version on this mobile phone, I downloaded a NES app that has 60 old NES games, they are almost impossible to play because the the directional control and buttons don't always work on time and these old games required timing and co- ordination, very frustrating when playing Mike Tyson's punch out, little Mac won't move at the right time and he gets flogged

  4. The remake of this game for PS2 was pretty good too

  5. Chaz's Arcade Gameplay & Restorations says:

    Digging that cab!!

  6. The FCC won't let me be or let me be me so let me see

  7. So this was what I lived on as a kid, as you can tell from my icon.

  8. Looks like that this cabinet was originally used in 1985's Pinball Action, also by Tehkan, according to this pic:


    I'm surprised that there was also a dedicated version of Pinball Action. Also, both Rygar and Pinball Action shared the same Tehkan-class pinout.

    I think that this could be an early version of the marquee, as well as the instructions for it.

  9. These game cabinet machines are like chickens teeth.. i so want to work at your shop.. i can work for credits to play on your outstanding collection of games machines.. keep up the amazing work.. #GREENEYEDMONSTER

  10. I remember playing this game at the pizza parlor when I was around 7 years old. I'm 41 now and I still love this game!

  11. Thank you for posting this. I've seen a few mentions of the "RIGAR" spelling and this is the best look I've seen at it. I appreciate you posting this content.

  12. Watching this again… I'm pretty sure this marquee is unique, 'Ligar' is the name of the boss at the end, maybe the translation went to Rigar before Rygar. Perhaps the conversion kit came with this marquee and instructions card before the thing went into mass production with full artwork. What is the serial number on the board? The Tehkan sticker. (Mine original board is 33708)

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