Street Fighter II : the World Warrior Arcade Game ! Gameplay, Artwork, Cabinet Video -

Street Fighter II : the World Warrior Arcade Game ! Gameplay, Artwork, Cabinet Video

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We got in a Capcom Street Fighter II arcade game and filmed a little video so you could remember the good times!

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  1. I played this game so much as a kid.

    I feel like every pizza place had it. I would goto a restaurant just to play it. Lol

  2. I was born in 92 so this game and MK2 was probably the first video games I ever played. I lived by a laundry matt that had a very beat up streetfighter 2 cabinet that I would frequently play. E. Honda gots them hands. lol

  3. "So close! But oh so far away!" Haha. Guile is a git with that no-charge flash kick. Such a great game.

  4. Hey Did You Know That Ian Hates Zangief He Tried To Use Every Character To Beat Him And He Fails

  5. If you stare at the boardwalk on blankas stage, it starts looking 3D. Great individuals working at Capcom.

  6. Ahhh, Karate Champ. Ryu & Ken were in that one too… I must of spent 2k in quarters on this cab back in the day.

  7. When I was a kid, I think I was scared of those beat up character screens lol

  8. It's interesting how this cabinets have not the same graphic as ordinary old TV's and the pixels kind of mix together creating a really nice look.

  9. 19:30 Guile be like "Alright, that's it! GTF Outa here you turtling prick!" 😂

  10. 8:53 right up her gravity-defying crotch! perfect counter! 😎

  11. Karate champ to jamma harness… Don't think so bud sorry

  12. whos here from street fighter 2 legacy arcade1up

  13. I remember the big draw for this game at the time was the sheer size of those sprites. It was like looking up at a huge roman statue in awe. I spent alot of time in the arcade because of this game, waiting in line for my turn to inevitably lose. 😀

  14. I bought an arcade simlar to that it was an snk cab, converted it to Street Fighter 2 champion edition, some guy in the states does a good job of the artwork for these machines, managed to get a new button overlay, bezel, side art and marquee, the machine is totally originally with a 22" CRT and even tube lights for the marquee, love my machine took me a while to get it up to mint condition, I now own all the cps original street fighters from this era and play them in me cab, champion edition will forever be my favourite.
    This game came out when I was 11 and it's been always had such a hold over me even to this day, always remember thinking I would love an arcade like this in me bedroom…30 years on an now I do only in me man cave.

  15. I first played this in the arcades as a ten year old, one thing I miss is that good old atmosphere where anybody could just come over and put a coin into player 2 to challenge you and you could have a huge crowd gathering to watch the fight. 😂 man those were the days also the audio quality on these cabinets was really good.

  16. Is this still for sale I just want to know

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