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Star Wars Arcade Game (1983)

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The Star Wars Arcade Game was produced by Atari and released in 1983. The game is a first person space simulator, based around Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’s Battle of Yavin. The game is considered the #4 most popular video games of all time! It was very successful in its day, being it was released the year Return of the Jedi hit theaters. You have to be an older Star Wars fan to have had the opportunity to originally play this game in either the traditional stand-up model or the sit-down model. (Sitting felt like a cockpit. My favorite!) To see more great videos and Star Wars content, be sure to visit Galactic Voyage at .

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  1. Used to ride my bike across West Palm to play at the Stand Up console and drink Dr. Peppers with my buddies at the old Stop 'N Go on Northshore near 45th street.

    God, those were the days… oh to be 12 again…

  2. Aw crap. Seeing this is bringing back the voice that's telling me I have to take a multimeter to the test points and find out which caps have gone bad on my board. I miss late night shooting Tie fighters after a night of drinking…

  3. We had this game in our junior high cafeteria! Used to steal quarters from my dad's piggybank and got "corporal punishment" for it. Loved this game.

  4. o man i remember playing this when i was little at the corner store…

  5. ATARI has a new console coming in November and it includes all the classic Atari games as well as whatever else they're gonna release.

    Can't wait for 4K Pong.

  6. This was AWESOME in the eighties. I stood in line waiting for the cockpit version in Ocean City NJ back in the day. The line was LONG!!

  7. 11 years old, greasy Pizza Fingers, Amp'd up on Mountain Dew, Show Biz Pizza Birthday Party.

  8. This person is a LOT better at this than I ever was…..

  9. Weirdly, I had no idea this was an arcade game until way later, but I played the crap out of a really good port of this game on my old Tandy 1000SX. So many memories.

  10. Takes me back. I can remember sitting inside this game. Walmart sells a version without the enclosed seating.

  11. I spent all my money on this.. What a game!

  12. My favourite! Played it many times in Whitley Bay, UK. 20p per go.

  13. Youtube is not capable of presenting low-detail graphics, it is distorted. Is it possible to change the encoding?
    Is there a site with authentic presentation of gameplay of old games?

  14. I LOVVEEEDDDDD this game as a kid!!! Used to play the upright original arcade. Pumped many a quarter into that machine at the local grocery store. Would love to find a working one!!!

  15. Man great memories playing this at the arcade in Charlottesville, VA back in the 1980s

  16. Hell yea i remember playing this when i was in Junction City KS back in the day .

  17. Imagine they remade this at the arcade with better graphics, voices, and overall better gameplay. That would be like the budget version of battle front 2 Vr.

  18. looks like this was recorded from the Mame arcade emulator. the orginal arcade was a vector based arcade and the lines where very crisp. you can see the aliasing in this which is why i think its mame based. none the less very cool to see this game. I too spent allot of time at the arcade at birdcage walk in Sacramento Ca playing this. it was my favorite game there

  19. I loved this game as a kid in the 80s – it was my life every weekend!

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