Star Wars Arcade (1983) -

Star Wars Arcade (1983)

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♦ Title: Star Wars
♦ Publisher: Atari
♦ Published: 1983
♦ Genre: Space Simulator
♦ Format: Arcade
♠ Recording Hardware: Samsung Camcorder with tripod
♠ Recording Resolution: 720×480 @ 30 FPS
This game came out in 1983, and I believe it was one of the first games that was in 3D. Most of the games at the time were 2d side scrolling, or 2d isometric.There aren’t any textures in the graphics, but wire frame graphics. The wire frame graphics are very geometric in nature.

In early 1983, there was a complete console system called the Vectrex. Most of the games in this system were wire framed, like the Star Wars game. I tried the system in 1983 at my cousin’s house, and it was much better than the Atari 2600 which I had. The 3d wire framed graphics may seem primitive in today’s standard; however, if you compare it with the systems that were available at the time, it was very advanced. When I first saw this game in 1983 at the arcade, I was amazed with the graphics. The sound effects on this game were equally amazing, you couldn’t hear voices in most 1980s games until the advent of sound blaster cards in the late 1980s, and the early 1990s.

The game itself is very repetitive and short, but you can change the difficulty level on it. The uniqueness of the game are in the sound and visual effects, and the game is too predictable after you play it through a few times. It is a piece of gaming history, and I recommend anyone to try it out on the Mame emulator.
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  1. Yeah, the soundclips were the best on this one!

  2. It's very fun by today's standards, it is a bit repetitive.

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