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Spider-Man: The Video Game Longplay (Arcade) [QHD]

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Developed and published by Sega in 1991

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I really wanted to like this Sega-developed game starring Marvel’s web-slinger, but the truth is, despite the attractive graphics and animation, it’s a pretty dull game.

Yes, there are four playable heroes to choose from, and playing with friends probably does earn this System 33-powered brawler bonus points, but as a single player effort, the limited roster of moves and cast of uninspired enemies does little to make you FEEL like a crime-fighting superhero. Even Spidey himself looks fed-up with life, given how he shuffles nonchalantly across the screen!

I guess for 1991 the graphics and Marvel licence would have been a draw to arcade-goers, but compared to the likes of Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man is just a bit too much of a snorefest to recommend.



  1. I loved this game. Namor was my favorite to use. In Captain America and the Avengers Vision was my favorite. And in X-men Colossus was my go to. And can't forget about about the Punisher game, Nick Fury was cool, but it just seemed cooler playing as Punisher. Anyway love these game play videos, brings back fond memories of the Arcade.

  2. I would love it if this game would come to modern platforms

  3. Good God, those ninjas are SO FREAKIN' ANNOYING!

  4. The same engine was used in X-Men The Arcade Game…

  5. I remember playing this in the arcades as a kid. I wish this game was released on consoles

  6. quarter munching game i hate games where your life drain no matter what you do

  7. This should have been ported the 32x and Saturn

  8. I thought Dr. Doom is the sworn enemy of The Fantastic 4

  9. NGL; @ First Glance, This cabinet came off as the bootleg arcade & Avengers the real MVP. But the more you play both games: Spider-Man was the Real One! Albeit the cast of selectable characters. At least Hawkeye got his spot in both 😎

  10. Is there difference in the story if you play others characters? Pretty long game.

  11. A beat em up and a platformer…. double the fun.

  12. I hate the spiderman pose and walk cycle.
    It could have been a great game but why in the love of fuck they draw him like an old hunchback?
    What a shame

  13. The graphics tried to simulate the 70-80 comics looks. Similar to Data East The Avengers. Love the huge sprites and scaling bits, but not that much some animations. Specially Spidey's stiff walk and stance. Konami did better job animation with the X-men and capcom above them. Great video!✌️

  14. That's funny because I really love this game for the very reasons you don't like it.

  15. Remember this on the arcade machine in my local chippy lol. Graphics and aesthetic are lush- especially for 91' – even facial expression details, lot's of creative sections, music and fx are cool too – but dang – just wish it had that little extra more variety in the attack repertoire and variety of being attacked by the general sprites too – then it would have been special. Think the person who designed the general gait of the protagonist needed a quiet word in his ear early on in production too lol. Still a really playable game, especially at the time – solid effort and really stood out compared to some of the arcade games out at the time, even Golden Axe 2 graphically and the feeling of range was really good.

  16. Spiderman stands and walks like he's busted his back and he's constantly trying to walk it off

  17. Some of the artwork is so so good
    The backgrounds especially
    The scaling in/out also looks surprisingly good

  18. Так, ребята, я сюда с пикабу пришел

  19. The graphics is good for arcade game 👍.

  20. I dont understand why, but i find Namor’s upright stance and walking gait in this game to be absolutely horrific and it bugs me to no end…..

    Even Spiderman walks around like he is an out of shape fake, cosplaying as Spiderman lol

  21. Spiderman walking like he has 3 kids and a mortgage

  22. I have played few times and yeah I enjoyed this!

  23. Spidey's debut to the arcades and for his first game it isnt too bad. I love the music, the graphics complement the comic style really well, the voice acting is great for the time apart from Venom, its has all the best villains that Spidey faced and the gameplay is strong. If it had a faster speed, more varied ai attack patterns along with various mixed up attack combos and grapple moves for all the characters it would have been perfect.

  24. Spider-Man meets Power Rangers clay mobs… Strange game!

  25. Is it just me or do I hear some of the music that was used in Quartet in some places? If so, that's pretty cool.

  26. Spidey's gait encapsulates this game pretty well…..uninspiring. Shame Konami or Capcom didn't secure the licence.

  27. Looks like Spiderman has seen better days, by the way he walks, like and old man.

  28. i had this game in the arcade I worked at years ago, I never noticed the life count goes down on its own. that's crap.

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