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Spider-Man: The Video Game arcade 4 player Netplay 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps (only available on HTML5 player). I’m player 1, fishmahboi is player 2, Drakendite is player 3 and vhr2121 is player 4. Links to their channels below.


  1. How bad is Namor jobbing in this? He is not street level lol.

  2. Why does your life bar go down when not getting hit

  3. You can play as Namor and Hawkeye but not Venom…

    You can play as Namor and Hawkeye but not Venom…

  4. Namor sucks! Everyone else is good. They should have iceman or daredevil instead.

  5. I remember playing this when I was 8 and I beat it all by myself

  6. All good characters in marvel namor is in game he’s pathetic Johnny storm , captain America , iron man, hulk, thing, should have those guys take place of namor

  7. I can still hear the HOOOooooo from the arcade at the hotel we would stay at in Cape Cod.

  8. This game was actually my introduction to Hawkeye, Black Cat, and Sub-Mariner.

  9. I would expect Daredevil to be in this game not Namor, since Daredevil occasionally teams up with Spider-Man.

  10. When the makers of this game were thinking of what superheroes to put in it.
    Why would they choose Namor?

  11. Someone needs to make a parody cartoon of a beat em up. You're just casually walking down the street and fighting floods of henchmen.

  12. of all the friends he could've brought…sigh

  13. 50 years old Spider Man. He looks so tired.

  14. Sega should update and rerelease this game

  15. Anyone excited for Arcade 1up to do this game after the TMNT cabinet? They can finally do 4 player arcade games now.

  16. Love how nonchalant the music is…sounds like something outta Napoleon Dynamite

  17. Spiderman looks like he has a broken back! XD

  18. TBH this game always felt like they employed a random guy dressed in a spidey suit who can fight a bit.

  19. I love how spider-man walks in this game.

  20. Can you play as the same character in this game? For example could two to four players be Spider-Man?

  21. weird line-up. I know this was before some of the spider spin-off characters(scarlet spider), but Daredevil, Powerman(luke cage), or Iron fist would have been a way better fit than Namor.

  22. I hate the fact that they can hit each other

  23. Just noticed that the second stage borrows music from Quartet.

  24. Namor being in this is totally random. lol I can understand Black Cat..and Hawkeye cuz of Spidey's ties to the Avengers..but why Namor?

  25. My only complaints about your playthroughs are that there is no losing. You guys just keep respawning. Should start with the same amount of lives each as if you paid for one credit at the arcade. No matter what you beat the game from the get-go.

  26. I undetstand Black Cat being there since she's a friend of Spiderman, but why wasn't Daredevil one of the playable characters?

  27. 45:02 in simple words with great power comes with great responsibility

  28. Oh I wish they put this game into Nintendo Switch

  29. It's been so long since I last saw this game that I forgot Namor just straight up yeets the people he throws straight up in the air instead of shoulder throwing them like the others..

  30. Who da hell is Submariner 😀 😀 Never heard of him..

  31. Spiderman walks like he's gonna rent some vhs after collecting his unemployment check

  32. I remember playing this game at a camp site in Wildwood, NJ at the arcade they had there back in the day. Good times those sure were too. The now demolished Shore Mall in Egg Harbor Township, NJ also had the game in their arcade there for a brief period of time a little over 15 years ago as well.

  33. Why Hawkeye though? It should have been Iron Man or Captain America.

  34. 2:15我勸妳離我的小八遠點 不然我會給你顏色瞧瞧

  35. Esta buenicimo. Se puede jugar online con amigos

  36. I am sorry but why the phuk do those brown beer-bellied mohawk guys look like their ass is facing the front for….

  37. Very underrated game. This is one of Spidey's hangover days, when the bad guys suddenly showed up, and Spidey's unemployed friends came into the rescue.

  38. I would have swapped out Hulk for Hawkeye. Every arcade beat'em up should have a token big guy character.

  39. how did you not only get this game to work this flawlessly, but play it online??

  40. Note for 1P: Can you play as Spider-Man?

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