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Spider-Man (Arcade) All Bosses (No Damage)

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Spider-Man (Arcade) All Bosses (No Damage). It is a 1991 arcade video game developed by Sega based on the Marvel Comics comic book character Spider-Man.


  1. namor and hawkeye were interesting choices……..black cat makes sense tho

  2. Spider-Man walks like he's on his way to go to court to fight a paternity test. And that giant Venom at 1:40 scared the crap out of me as a kid! He's standing like a pedophile waiting to pounce on kids.

  3. Jajaja i remember this game ..i liked it..but always said spiderman body looked like richard pryor on that kid movie with the spider suit..

  4. Why Namor and Hawkeye are here? Who want to play with these jackass?

  5. Kingpin's helicarrier goes from NYC to Eastern Europe in like 3 minutes.

  6. This game is pretty good. It's way better than the avengers arcade game. That game looks like crap and is no fun,they didn't even try. Hawkeye not being able to use his bow and arrows in this is a travesty.

  7. Looks like Spiderman has a web shooter stuck up his ass

  8. I'm shocked Sega never ported this on the Genesis

  9. Can we all agree Namor is like the most underappreciated superhero out there?🙃

  10. 14:07. Good news: It's not the Green Goblin.
    Bad news: It's the Hobgoblin.
    Worse news: He's trying to both kill you and get you interested into investing in his supervillain franchising business…if you survive.
    "Ever tried franchising your costumed identity out to others? Think of the opportunities! I made quite a profit letting some patsies…I mean…."interested parties" become the Hobgoblin for a fee. Just sign the necessary forms before my Improved Pumpkin Bombs send you to the hospital and we are good to go."

  11. spiderman walking like he is 70 with rhomatoid arthritis

  12. Lmao.

    Loved this as a kid, but now this looks hella dumb.

    Why does Spider-Man look like he's late middle-age? Why it Black Cat more athletic than Spider-Man? Why does Namor get to shoot lightning, but Hawkeye can't shoot arrows? And who are all these alien motherfuckers that sound like baby wolves when they die???

  13. This game needs to remade with better sprites and switch Hawkeye for Daredevil and Namor or with Moon knight

  14. Also surprises me how many animations and mechanics at least look to have been reused for the Maximum Carnage game that came out years later. Some of the walking and throwing animations as well as some character models. Heck, even Spidey's stance only straightened out a little.

  15. In fact this game have some issues that don't fit in these kind of games, that switch between beat em' up and 2d arcade was really revolutionary and fun to play. Thanks for sharing this. I really love this game.

  16. I'm just in awe of all the amazing things packed into the background details!

  17. My favorite part about this play through is it feels comic-accurate…hoards of mooks but nothing touches our heroes

  18. Fights SpiderMan as First Boss
    Fights SpiderMan a 3rd time as Final Boss. Classic Bowser Battle in 2D Mario Games.

  19. Venom looks like a grizzly bear with those beefy proportions

  20. Please! I need an emulator and this room. I don´t find this room. Thanks.

  21. You might not have taken any hits but your health keeps decreasing. At least this isn't like the other version where it costs you health for those dive attacks in the air.

  22. Loved this game as a kid. Forgot how great the music is.🤘

  23. Best arcade game with the best boss music! I have it on my phone using the Mame app!

  24. That constant WHOO! and EWOO! of those clown mime ninja things did get annoying after a while, otherwise it was a good arcade game

  25. I personally think that Hobgoblin should've been the last boss. He's not even in the game.

  26. Spiderman was 56 in this game and couldn't be bothered to pull off any of his signature poses anymore; just needed the job done.

  27. I wish there was an emulator that could play this as a rom. I’ve always looked for it but never found a working one. Please someone

  28. Tobey Maguire = Spider-Man Trilogy
    Andrew Garfield = The Amazing Spider-Man Duology
    Tom Holland = MCU Spider-Man Series

  29. If should be better if Carnage was the final boss

  30. Troy Walker The Progressive Precarian says:

    0:12 thats not how spider sense works

  31. Troy Walker The Progressive Precarian says:

    0:20 the spidey rendering looks like jim starlin's take on spidey

  32. Lol, you walked over and stomped on the symbiote after beating Venom the final time. Nice.

  33. Always thought it was kinda BS that your health is steadily dropping as you play. Still a fun beat 'em up.

  34. Fun Fact. Electro, The Lizard, Doctor Octopus & Green Goblin Make an Appearance in the Upcoming Spider Man No Way Home Movie.

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