SOMETHING - An SCP Inspired Reverse Horror Game Where a Monster Escapes From a Containment Facility! -

SOMETHING – An SCP Inspired Reverse Horror Game Where a Monster Escapes From a Containment Facility!

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SOMETHING – An SCP Inspired Reverse Horror Game Where a Monster Escapes From a Containment Facility!
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  1. game just starts and there's already two people calling me ugly… just like real life!

  2. Love reverse horror! This should be really good

  3. Hey ABG theres a game called "CARRION" you might like, kinda the same concept of being the monster and escaping a facility, not sure if you've made a video on it before but its honestly worf it to try

  4. Love the idea of horror game where you are the monster, but other monsters are still trying to kill you. Shows you that even for abominations there a food chain.

  5. I love how the two guards at the beginning just knew what was gonna happen and accepted their deaths

  6. Why must you kill these poor scientists.
    I find it very strange that despite being a monster yourself, other monsters kill you effortlessly.

  7. Aww, I wanted to see the Cactus dude let out.

  8. what did Kyle do? i feel like we shouldn't know, but i'm very curious

  9. I wonder what would happen if you didn't kill any researchers

  10. power outage
    "Huh you know what that means, it was nice knowin-"

  11. AAC foundation. An alternative reality of the SCP foundation

  12. I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you really want financial freedom….

  13. intro into splash screen of the game was EXTREMELY sick

  14. Treeman was a man
    I mean, he was a tree-man
    I mean, he was only a tree
    Wait no, he was actually, treeman

  15. Pablo sounds like a really lame SCP. Which is impressive considering all the lame SCPs that already set the bar.

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong but as soon as you escape ur cell the paper on the desk reads that you are the thing that has an upside down face and 3 arms yet you are killed by the exact creature at the end…?

  17. I think this Game need more little details

  18. I've heard those bloody sound effects before…

  19. Will you play the monster nice that bit nice knowing you that was hilarious lol 🙂

  20. this game is labeled minecraft, and i like the games idea

  21. 8:32
    From the description of the file.
    I assume that is what you look like.

  22. Sorry wanted to add can you actually die if you get shot and also those scientist trying to run away from you oh yes the one to typical jumpscare of course was that meant to be the boss that the place that died come a ghost walking around watching as old and grainy the design is actually quite like this game long shot but are there multiple endings if you get everything and free them all? Never turn your back on a banshee h u h

  23. The graphics are a bit crude, if anyone wants my opinion.

  24. The Arizona Anomaly Containment Foundation: We’re like the SCP Foundation, only more pixelated!

  25. Is there more to this game? Seems like there should be if you freed the other non hostile subjects

  26. I’m a bit confused that the other beings can attack you even though you are one of them.

  27. 6:14 Kyle is that type of guy who will bonk just about anything with orifices, including the exhaust of his car.

  28. Why didn’t you free the ones the descriptions said were friendly towards you?

  29. Wait, what about the tree guy? That didn't seem to try to kill you.

  30. I understand the soldiers but the scientists too? Lmao

  31. I release you guys and the thanks I get….being killed by you guys. middle finger

  32. "It is relatively harmless, but will attack when provoked."
    ABG: Everything is a threat!

  33. 4:15 Ah yes. The obligatory "kills you when you don't look at it" thing.

    Every SCP-inspired stories seem to need one of these.

  34. So you weren't Something.

    But what were you, then?

  35. Am glad you are back! You seemed to be a couple of days behind Manlybadass hero with game choices lately, you used to be first every time!

  36. Lights Off
    Monster: Breathes
    Researcher: You know the rules and So Do I

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